he hospital belonging to the House of Saud was hidden away in a small wooded cove in the New Mexican mountains.  One had to have explicit instructions on finding the place.  It was some two hundred miles from where Beau had been rescued.

Beau had been fortunate to have been easily rescued from their grip by the careless handling of Hillary Clinton.  All of her people had been captured and were in another bunker undergoing intense interrogation.  It was amazing at the amount of information that was coming from those of lowest integrity that will work and vote for a person of such low integrity.

So only a couple of her people had died before they threw down their weapons and surrendered.  There was no doubt whatsoever of her complete abandonment of the whole group.  When they saw she had deliberately and completely abandoned them, most of them began happily singing like canaries, and they had trainloads of information with which to dispense (all for a deal of course . . . once a democrat . . . . ).  They were especially co-operative upon learning that she could not reach them or arrange for their "suicide."

The Fox

Two of Hillarys' own men were supposedly there at the time Aisha had murdered Dr Nikhul.  Both had seen the logo of a Fox on her blouse.  They were the ones who surrendered all the secrets of the hideaway hospital to their captors who then relayed the information to The Old Patriots Militia.  Now in possession of same, Beau had a determination that he would right this wrong and destroy this person who had destroyed so many people.

Of one thing he had no doubts.  Aisha had not spilled her guts on all the details of her hiding place - or places.  The information she had allowed Hillary's cohorts to have would be low grade, less sensitive information.  Knowing nothing of the facility himself, Beau would consider himself most fortunate to even find her.

He doubted he were able to gain access to her; and if he did, it certainly would not be a surprise to her.  If she wanted to be found, then he would find her.

The woman had an uncanny sixth sense about her.  She could almost read minds.  Beau had experienced it.  And, she knew he found her pretty, seductive, and was drawn romantically to her.  It's just the romantic male animal instinct.  These were all in her favor and he found himself actually dreading the meet.

On more than one occasion he'd found himself thinking of her in terms and situations which did not include firearms and death and misery.  He had to forcefully shake his head to remove the thoughts.  These kinds of distractions could easily get one killed.  On thing that kept deriding his mind was the simple fact he'd seen the logo of a Wildcat.  And it was on Aisha.

In one portion of the nightmare he'd survived, he remembered seeing the logo of a Fox.  The reason he thought it was a fox is simply because it was red.  A fox, a coyote and a wolf are very similar in build, but their characteristics are drastically different.  But they are all predators and kill viciously when the need arises.  But he could place no face or name with it.

And now, the fact was, he was quite actually doubting his memory that kept telling him Aisha was the Wildcat.

But, her time of recompense was well on its way to coming back and bite her.  If he had any chance at all, he would complete the mission personally.  This may very well be his Last Mission Accepted.  But, accept it with honor and a vengeance he had!  He had been on missions before in which he was to take out very able adversaries.

And he'd already witnessed that she was a very able adversary.  His first encounter with this beast of a woman had nearly cost him life and limb.  But thanks to Sung Wu and his magic medicines, one could barely tell it.

Partially through anger, another part wanting vengeance, another part loss of pride, he'd practiced hours upon end becoming more proficient with his pistol than ever.  But somewhere in his mind, he really didn't think he'd get the chance to use his pistol.  He had no idea as to the hand to hand combat she was capable of, but he doubted very seriously that she would certainly not be a novice in that area.

Beau had trained long and successfully under Sung Wu.  And the ordeal at her hands had been the catalyst for the extra effort and training.  Many, many hours of hard work with the patience of Sung Wu.

Something in him stirred at the thought of her ability to discern his thoughts.  Beau was known for a poker face, but still, she was able to read him.

He had no doubt his drop into the courtyard of the five acre facility was being watched.  Probably even recorded.  There were eighteen men on this mission and they'd all dropped precisely into their assigned positions so as to cover the entire area.  According to the reports by the Clinton wimps, there were few military guards there and most of the facility was underground.

At this point in the game, they were of a mind to access this place even if they had to blow every door off it and dig it out like an anthill.  Quickly they perused the area seeking and confirming access points, airport, aircraft, artillery or ordinance.

The first charge went off with a muffled thud and allowed entry into a rear access door.  Three other entry points using explosives had been gained almost simultaneously.  The sound of light gunfire could be heard.  Beau motioned for one man to go to the left in the hallway into which the main entry abruptly ended while he launched right.

Footsteps coming hurriedly toward them suddenly ceased when they saw Beaus portion of the group blocking their passage.  Two of the personnel were in military uniform and three were in hospital garb.

Almost intently, all but one of that group died when the militants raised their rifles.  She had dropped face down on the floor spread-eagled and surrendered upon seeing Beau.  He hadn't recognized her, but she certainly recognized him.  She had treated him when he was so close to death.  With the torture he'd received, it didn't look like he'd even make it.

And he wouldn't have survived had not Dr. Nikhul give him extra care with meds he'd secreted in.  But Beau would never have the opportunity to thank him or return the favor.

Beau and the entire mission goal was to "take no prisoners."  The standing order was to "kill man, woman, and child of moslem nationality."  But this was a white girl, not a moslem.  She was crying and sobbing 'thanks for rescuing me.'

The Wolf

One of Beaus group had turned over the corpses lying there in the fresh blood they were still oozing.  He never ceased to be amazed at how much blood is in a human body.  After confirming all were dead, he looked up at Beau and said "looks like we got ourselves a Wolf."  Beau looked at where he was pointing with his rifle and sure enough there was the wolf.

Beau explained to her who they were after and she said "I can take you to her.  She's in the third basement and I have the codes."  Never once did she let on that she recognized him until a sentence only a little later.

By this time she had been lifted to her feet looking no worse for wear.  Upon hearing her response, Beau stepped aside and gesturing with his hand said "lead off.  One wrong move and we'll spread your guts on the wall.  We are not up to any monkey business" he finished.

She feigned timidity and ready to co-operate to the fullest.  Even so bells, flags and whistles were going off in his head.  Beau also had a sixth sense.  And his, being in the recognition of danger, was giving him some very strong and negative vibes at the moment.

She stepped past Beau and said "this way.  She said you'd be back for her.  But I think she is romantically inclined toward you and I see why!'  Beau could hardly keep his eyes off the eye candy as she walked in front of him.  She was a petite little thing with auburn hair, and walked with a grace few women can achieve.

Even with all that, his skin prickled screaming "danger" at him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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