eneral Randolph must know everybody that was ever in the military" Amy thought.

General Randolph was speaking now:  "If it is Lt. Hall, I'm thinking we ought to return his bike.  Another thing.  If those guys are down there without much in the way of arms and probably even less in the way of transportation . . . well, they're sitting ducks and I think it's our duty to help them out."


"I agree with that wholeheartedly" added William.  We've got more arms that we will ever use, plus, we just gained a right smart of firearms from the trunk of Linda Salter plus those from the Wimberly safes.

Jesse had returned and caught the tail end of the message.  He asked "General, wasn't the leader of that group called the Fightin' 9's under a guy by the name of Arny Turschak?"

"No.  You're thinking of Arnies Apes.  General Joseph Arny Turschak was the Commander of that group.  Now there was an unruly and ornery bunch!  Absolutely a bunch of animals in a firefight.  I think they were more thugs than anything.  But they all seemed to have clean records and good reputations."

"When the country started it's downhill slide after 9/11, they resurrected and reformed the group."

"General Barlow Winchester Bradsher III was Commander of the Fightin' 9's.  And he was extremely protective of his men.  In his group were several men that came back from Desert Storm.  Caught in a cross fire they fought their way out of the situation losing all but nine of their men.

Ffightin' 9's Patch

As soon as they could get some reinforcements they fought their way back in, retrieved their fallen, then fought their way back out to bring their fallen brothers home.  After their return home they formed a club called the Fightin' Nines and made a commitment to each other they would reunite once a year."

"After 9/11 they realized our country was headed in the wrong direction."  The Fightin' 9's were as unruly a bunch as Arny's Apes.  There was a couple of guys that had to be brought down a notch and one of them, Alexander Baldwin, braced one our guys once and exactly that happened.  But they were all very patriotic."

"When the pig moslem was placed into office of POTUS (President Of The United States), they could see the Storm that was coming and started organizing seriously.  With all the talk of the "changing the US" and the talk of a New World Order, they realized that the mostly moslem government were working toward the take down of America.

"Yes sir.  They helped me out of a scrap of trouble about a year ago.  I think it's about time to return the favor" General Randolph replied then finished with "I knew his dad very well.  Good man.  And he had a good group of men as well."

He turned to Jesse Orozco and asked "Jesse, were you the one with whom the request was made for the antibiotics?"

"Yes sir I was.  But they didn't go by the name of Lyons Brigade General.  I think they went by some other name.  The Lyons Brigade was the name of a Harley Motorcycle Club."

"Hmmm.  Then the group with which the members of the Patriot Lyons Brigade in their ranks was different.  Could be a man by the name of Philbin.  The Sabres . . . " he finished wistfully then added.  "Another good man!"

Philbins Sabres

"See if you can make contact with that guy again.  See if they need some supplies.  Also, inquire about the Commanding officers name." he finished.

"Yes sir!" replied Jesse.  He saluted then headed out of the Ready Room.  In less than an hour he was back and had contacted Andrew.  Turned out he was part of the Sabres.

"Beau" William said.  "Load the 130 with a couple of 2 tonners, a couple of Jeeps, small arms, RME's and some meds.  See if Doc. Wilson would be able to go down and look at the guy?"

"I think that is a must.  If need be we can bring him back here to recuperate.  Beau, are you up for all this?"

"Yes Sir!  I'll check in with Doc. to see how this trip fits him" responded Beau.

"See to it Beau.  Dismissed."

Beau started making calls to the Virginia Bunker of ordinance to be placed on the 130.  He would be there with a crew this evening late.

At first light the following morning the C130 Transport was loaded and had already been towed outside of the hangar.  Amy and Ginger, their flight crew and loading crew had flown over from the Texas Bunker in the DeHaviland last evening.  The biggest part of the list had already be loaded and secured before they arrived.

The trip back to the lower Texas border took even less time than with the DeHavalind.  Amy was flying left seat and set that big old bird down real quick to give plenty of road from which to launch her out of there.  The Harley was sitting right at the back and unloaded first.  In record time the big bird was unloaded and the loose ordinance was stacked off to the side.

When the Harley was rolled out Andy stood looking at in disbelief  It was kind of like a long lost child had come home.  He figured it had been destroyed long before now.  "Man, how can I ever thank you?" he asked.

And the firearms.  Many of them actually belonged to the Fightin' Nines.  Andy checked all through the stack of firearms they'd brought then looked up with a very disappointed look on his face.

"Something wrong Andy?" Beau asked.

"Yeah, my dad was a collector and had given me a little 1911 snub with a set of knucklets made into the handle.  Actually worthless for fighting or hitting a target.  Mostly a conversation piece."

"I remember seeing that pistol" Beau said.  But it was in one of the saddle bags of th Hog" he said as he motioned toward the Harley

1911 Snub with knucklets

General Philbin had walked up to stand beside Beau Adams and watched as Andy pulled the little pistol from the bag.  It was easy to see he cherished it like a newborn baby.  One could tell he set a lot of store by that little piece.

"Be sure to give General Randolph and Commander Travis our sincere thanks and much appreciation colonel.  Couldn't have been more timely."

"Will do General" Beau answered.  He turned to meet the man walking toward them.

"Beau I think you may remember Alexander Baldwin?" General Philbin asked as the man strode up and stopped beside him.  He looked a whole lot different than he had after Beau met him the first time.

"I sure do General" he replied.  Beau stuck out his hand to the soldier who'd won some decorations for his chest since the first time they'd met.

"How ya doing Lt. Baldwin?  Weren't you with General Bradsher and the F9's?"

"I'm doing great" he responded then added  thanks for all the help colonel Adams.  I have ties to both groups and I lend a hand wherever they need me."

One could tell there was still a stiff resentment in Xande.  Didn't seem as though he could think of anything to say to Beau other than the initial greetings.

Same with Beau.  He turned to General Philbin and said "Well General.  Looks like it's about time for us to shove off.  They're about to get them engines all wound up."

Beau shook the Generals hand, then shook hands with Xande.

"I still owe you one colonel Adams" Xande said as he looked Beau in the eye.

Beau didn't even acknowledge the statement.  He saluted General Philbin, then walked casually toward the still lowered loading ramp of the huge plane.  Hustling up it he located a seat amongst his men and strapped in as the engines began to sing in unison pulling the huge bird faster then suddenly toward the sky.  The ramp locked into place just before lift off.

Amy had been watching from the window wanting Beau to come on.  "Wow" exclaimed Amy.  "I wonder what that's all about."

Ginger laughed and asked "you mean to tell me you've never heard that story?"

"No.  But I'll inquire about it tonight from some of the men."

"Jesse was right there and witnessed the whole thing.  He as well as a Lt. Lane were questioned extensively about the incident.  Their stories matched and neither Beau or Xande wanted to press charges so the whole matter was dropped.  There was no doubt about the matter being no where near settled.  I think General Randolphs money will be on Beau in the rematch" Ginger finished.

"They're actually going to duke it out?  I wouldn't have thought William would allow such a thing" answered Amy.   She thought on if a few seconds, adjusting a few more knobs then said "you really think there'll be a fight? she asked.

"Trust me.  I know men!" Ginger said as she turned back to mind her business.

It was quite late that evening before Amy had the chance to inquire of Jesse the story.  She was even more fascinated of Beau when she heard the story of day the Fightin' 9's visited the Bunker.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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