esse returned to the ready room from a visit to Link.  All conversations were recorded and had several listeners while they were being recorded.

Jesse spent an hour in Links room as well as Joe and several others.  The General, William and Doc Adams were discussing their views and opinions.  Link was young and foolish, and his answers varied.  It didn't take too long to figure out he was a very low man on the totem pole and he was lying like a dog.

Within thirty-six hours after being attacked, Beau was up and "at'em" again.  He'd heard a story of a female detective getting a perp to singing like a bird.  He was begging and crying for the Chief of Police to get her out of his cell.  He had an idea.  With Link not knowing this woman's identity he could see red haired Ginger pulling off the same thing.

Beau dropped the hint as to what was coming when he left Link's cell.  A woman was going to come and question him next, and, she would be the final person to question him.  After that, if he made it through the questioning . . . he would be put through military tribunal to determine his fate.  If he had anything that might give the jury a reason to save his life, he had better spit it out before midnight.

Link just sat there.  It seemed as if that last statement rang a bell in his head.  Beau closed the cell door and the guard locked it, then backed up and sat down in the chair across the hall watching the prisoner.

At precisely eleven-thirty one, he heard the unmistakable footsteps of a woman in high heels.  Standing up from his bed he walked to the window in the door.  He saw this gorgeous little red headed woman walking with a determined gait toward his cell.  She spoke to the guard saying "the prisoner and I are going to talk.  Unlock his cell, and leave this door open.  Then you are excused from this area."

"Should I bring a litter and some help back with me ma'am?"

"Not a litter soldier, a gurney and a body bag.  No need to bring a doctor back.  Just make sure you have help and gloves.  That will be all soldier."

The cameras had been adjusted to the bed of the prisoner, and mics were hot.  Ginger waited for the door at the end of the hall to shut, listened to the keys as they rattled against the door, the door being checked one last time, then silence.

"Hello Link, I've come to hold your last interview before the tribunal.  The last two people that I interviewed were tried and sentenced in absentia.  Their trial was over in about three minutes.  They had the same chance as you to save their rotten hides, but they couldn't or wouldn't . . . . give up the information."

She pulled on a white Physicians jacket carried on her arm, and looked quite stunning standing there even with the jacket on.  She was hoping that all she was revealing would help him remember his information.  Slowly she pulled on elastic gloves, then from her bra a stiletto.  "You can make this easy, or, you can make me work for the information, but when I leave here I will have the information you possess.  Or, you'll be assuming room temperature.  Your choice"

The fear in Links eyes was very readable, and Ginger stepped a little closer to his bed.  She pitched a pair of handcuffs onto the bed beside him and said "shackle your wrists to the eye in the wall behind you.  No need to undress.  I'll do it for you."

Link was trembling.  In fact, he could barely operate the simple cuffs.  "What do you want to know ma'am?" he asked with a very timid and shaky voice.

"The first thing I want to know is who else besides you and Talbert have been placed in this facility?"

"I don't know ma'am.  Really, I don't."

Ginger raised the stiletto to view down it at Links chest, and pushed the button.  It snapped open and into position very noisily in the quietness of the room.

"That's not the right answer Link.  That's one."

She took another step toward him, paused and asked "what are your superiors names and ranks?"

Link sat quiet for a very few short seconds then said "Talbert was over me, and Means is over him.

"What's his full name soldier?" Ginger asked.

His name is Greg.  Greg Gene Means.  Everybody calls him by a variation of his middle name, Gino.

"And where is Gino currently?" she asked.

"He's in the mess hall.  That's where he works.  He has put poison in the food a little at a time.  He was supposed to take out the whole staff on the last day of April."

Jesse, along with Beau headed post haste to the mess hall.  There were a total of nine cooks, three being on a shift of eight hours at a time. His shift was graveyard, but it started at ten o'clock.

Let me rephrase my first question.  How many people can you name that has been placed here by your top boss?"

Link responded with, "I already told you, Gino and Talbert and me."

"Where and how do you get your orders and communications?"

"Over a satellite phone located on top of the drinks frig.  It's stashed inside the ice maker."

"What was your mission soldier?"

To render the whole facility incapable of fighting, then to take it over after massacre of all.

And when was this supposed to happen?

May one.

Who is Raul Lyons?

"Raul is a crazy beast of man with no regard for anyone.  If he has a job to do, he does it without regard to anyone or anything.  Collateral damage means nothing to him.  If you offend him in some way he will kill you.  I've seen him knife a man one time because he made light of a firearm Raul liked

A loud noise interrupted the train of thought and caused Link to look toward the door.  A peck on the heavy glass in the door leading into the hall drew Links attention to the window and who stood behind it.  Gino was there looking at him with a demonic scowl.  Link knew if he were to survive this ordeal he would be killed, probably with Ginos' bare hands.

The look on Gino's face did almost as much to rattle Link as did Ginger.

Ok Link.  Looks like you're going to be a dead man.  We can save you from Gino.  But your information had better be good, plenteous and right.  One little mistake now can get you the firing squad.

Link opened up and began his tenure here at the bunker.  It was Talbert who'd set the explosive charge and camera in the clock located in William and Sharon's quarters.  I thought Beau had discovered it when he was nearly killed by Talbert.  There are three more explosive charges.  One is at the mess hall, one at the Bunker door leading to the outside and one is under the starboard wing of the C130.

Jesse, back by this time in the observatory panel of the brig immediately sent Joe in search of the first charge, Beau in another

Link then added a chilling detail.  All the charges were keyed to the satellite phone in the mess hall.  If it powered down and did not have a password put into it within five minutes, the charges would all blow.  So the charges had to be removed and taken to a safe spot.  Don't even try to dismantle them.  Just pry them loose from their location and get 'em outside.

Jesse was immediately contacted by William of the information.  When Beau had deposited the charge he'd retrieved under an old car in the woods, he returned to inquire as to the other charges, then grabbed some paper and a pen.  He walked into the Brig close by to Gino's cell and sat down on the stool there.  One of the first things he said was "Link has ratted you out man.  That's how we knew of you and your satellite phone and the charges."

"You want to try to save your skin and tell us who your superiors are?"

Gino wouldn't even respond.  "OK. he said.  We'll have the redhead come into your room next.  When she starts cutting she won't quit until your heart quits.  She's known as Bloody Mary, but her real name is Ginger.  You see, the people you work for were instrumental in getting her son killed by the moslems.  I wouldn't want to be in your shoes."

He stood up, placed the stool back over against the outer wall of the brig, and headed for the door.  He pecked on it and soon heard keys rattling against the plate on the outside.  When the door opened he said to the guard, "Bloody Mary will be here within the hour if she hasn't started cutting on Link.  Before you retire for the evening, bring in a gurney and another body bag."

"Aye sir."  The guard saluted as Beau stepped through the door.  The door shut, then the keys rattled again.  All was quiet except the pain-created howling of Link.  Then suddenly it ceased.  Within five minutes Gino heard the rattling of a gurney as it was pushed by the glass in the door.  There was a body in the bag.

Gino swallowed hard.  "I'll disable that woman, rape and then kill her" he thought to himself."

He leaned back with a look of smug satisfaction on his face.  At least he'll get their main pilot, and closed his eyes for a quick snooze.  But disabling "Bloody Mary" was going to be a much harder chore than he could ever have imagined.

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