agree William.  The ultimate priority in our whole and entire subsistence depends on moving and rehiding this ordinance.  I say we repair to the ready room and starting with our most trusted men, lay out a plan to remove and restore in other locations within this facility."

Even after this discovery the Old Patriots had no idea as to the awesome responsibility they had to the Nation and to their cause.  It would pay to keep as much of this as possible under wraps to the common knowledge of those who had taken refuge or was a member of the militia within their midst.

The hours per day everybody worked was getting longer.  Each and every day the find was going up.  Gunnery Sargent, Hayden Maxwell, had located another thirty three offshoots of the tunnel between the Bunker and the Hilton.  And, three of them had offshoots of their own as well.  And when it came time to explore the door through which the Clinton had gained access, they learned of a whole new situation.

One wonders if there will ever be a stopping point.  This stuff was not obsolete surplus from a bygone era.  This was current stuff.  Probably less than two years old.  William began to address the same gnawing darkness that was in his mind prior to the elimination of Harrington.  Who put this here?  Who owns/owned it?  And who is going be coming and claiming it?

He understood the inheritance factor with General Sherman Randolph, but the ordinance came after that but prior to them moving into the bunker.  There had to be a way to learn about this stuff, how it came to be here, who put it here, where it came from.

And he knew all about theft and low-life soldiers who would steal, but the amount and types of materials found here were not brought in the trunk of someone's car a piece at a time.  This ordinance was intended for use by an army, and they were sitting right on top of it.  The problem with that is the simple fact that whoever had placed it here would be coming back to get it whether it be military, militia or civilian.

William had a growing suspicion that the General was placed here for one thing: to guard this facility, then when they were ready, he would just be disposed of.  William also had a suspicion that whoever was to do the dirty deed was already in their midst.

Sharon came into the ready room and stood by waiting for William to recognize her.  After a couple of minutes, he motioned her to him and asked what was on her mind.  She brought some papers out of a folder which she carried and said "I thought you might be interested in what Corey Sue was carrying out of here that night."

She placed a stack of paper on the desk in front of him and just stood back to allow him the ability to peruse them at his own speed.  He stopped and looked up at her, then handed the paper to General Sherman.  Laid out before him was parts of the mine system they'd never seen before and were not on the maps they had.  Neither were they going to find them with the Gunnys' machines.

But the amazing part was every room, most of which they'd never even known existed, were full of ordinance, vehicles, small planes, bombs, drones, survival supplies, medicinal supplies, food supplies.  The ledgers were extremely detailed, and had been kept hidden.  Secured and accessable where only those who knew their locations could retrieve them.

Another vast bit of knowledge was revealed on the pages.  Two of the other facilities had similar rooms and loads of military ordinance comparable to what was at Bunker Hill.

There was a general feeling of impending disaster rising up their spines in a chill that only death can equal.  Now they knew why all the extra attention, the surveillance; the feeling of doom was heavy upon them.

"I think it's time to get rough with these ladies and find out what they know.  Death is no respecter of persons, and neither should we be when it's our necks on the line."

"I'll wear a wire to record the session, and if we have to we'll work them all three over.  But it is time to get some answers and plot a defense."

William stood up and was putting the bug in his ear when Gunny walked in.  He was about to give a report when Beau walked in and sat down.  He looked at William and the General and said "Michelle is dead."  There was a cap off a tooth lying on the little shelf by her bed. Obviously she had a cyanide tablet in one of her teeth."

"I checked the other two girls to make sure they do not have any caps on their teeth.  But I'm thinking that Adelaide is the top priority at the moment.  She knew Michele took those files from resources unknown to us.  Those resources have not been found by us as of yet.  I think it's top priority and needs to be located ASAP.  I just hope she didn't destroy any part of the files"

"You think there's any way to get her to talk?" William asked.

"William, I don't know what I think at this point.  But we have most assuredly got to get that information so we know what we're dealing with and how to disable it.  Our lives are certainly worth nothing compared to the discoveries we've made."

William walked out of the room toward the brig.  He would talk to Abigail first.  When he stepped around the corner to speak to the guard, he got another shock.  She was laying on the floor bleeding, and her eyes were beginning to glaze over.

He quickly sent an emergency alert to Doc Wilson and those in the ready room.  There was a surge of anger, bewilderment, confusion, helplessness that washed over him time and again.  There just had to be a way to fight and conquer this thing.

The guard at the brig stated "I just walked by her less than five minutes ago.  She was fine then. He opened the door and examined her.  She had bitten through the arteries on the tops of both wrists.  He figured she was too far gone for Doc Wilson to do anything with.  But Doc brought an I.V. some bandages and some other medical equipment.

He already had quite a blood bank from the donors of the OP and brought a kit to type her blood with.  Ladasha was waiting for his signal so she could bring the proper type.  She wouldn't last long without fast medical emergency aid and blood.  Doc was glad to learn she had the same blood type of his own.

Within seconds he had hooked up a line between them and was transfusing her with his own blood.  Ladasha hurried in with the blood and quickly started setting things up.  It looked like she was going to pull through.  But she's not going to be a happy camper when she comes to and is restrained.  She had really made life much harder for herself than it needed to be.

With a sick feeling in his crawl, William jumped on one of the donkeys and headed to the Hilton.  He sure hoped that Adelaide would be ok and willing to talk with him.  She didn't seem to be much of a threat coming down the hall that night with the group.  That ordeal had really been close for a few minutes.  He was positive that he and Sharon both would have been killed.

When he stepped up to the guard, a nice but tough girl named Lisa, he asked how things were going, and then motioned her around out of earshot from the prisoner.  He apprised her of the situation with the other prisoner, and instructed her to keep a close watch on her charge.

Adelaide was on suicide watch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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