illiam made contact with the Four and they rallied at the coded meeting place.  This time it happened to be at an old fire station building.  It had been used previously by some contracting firm before they moved to their new property and William had purchased it as an investment several years prior.

The building wasn't worth much unless one wanted to live in an old fire station.  But the property itself was quite valuable, and he had gotten it in a great deal.  William liked it because it was quite a distance from any other building, in a commercial development, and close neighbors were non-existent.

He'd considered making it his headquarters and still might.  It was centrally located and was quite heavily built.  But ease of secret ingress was the main reason it appealed to him.  He had found the opening by accident one day while tracing some wire.  It was out the north wall of the basement, and exited behind some bushes at the base of the hill.  Someone had spent a lot of time and money creating the one hundred foot walkway underneath the berm which surrounded the building on two sides.

The coffee just finished brewing as the men entered the room, and the aroma filled the air.  They would need lots of coffee this morning for they had a lot of work to get through.  At the top of the list were questions concerning App-0101e.  As William looked at the sparse information on the agent, he noticed something of import.  This was a little different than the others.  The man was very small.  Barely five foot five, and weighing in at only one hundred and ten pounds.  He was listed as Para military.

"I was sure the information had been recorded wrong" Dale was saying.  "I was wondering what could he be used for.  Because of that, he's been on the books for some time."

"I say let's run a sting on him, and bring him in.  We can figure out where to go from there."  Hazard quipped.

They figured he would have backup to grab anyone they thought was connected to the job he was on.  If nothing else, he would be made to look like a fool.  And so it was.  Instructions were laid out for him to deliver some flowers to a nice old lady.  His instructions were written in a way which seemed to be so much more sinister.

None of the Four nor William would be present at the 'hit,' but a place known for its video surveillance was chosen.  The entire 'hit' was set up in the same manner, the instructions obtained in a way which smacked of espionage.  The 'hit' would go down on Friday evening as the 'mark' was dining.  The 'mark' was a nice lady who was known to do things for folks all around who were less fortunate than her.

Precisely at 6:59, App-0101e ordered his meal, and sat in the booth next to the 'mark.'  When his meal was delivered, he hastily ate it, then stood up from the booth, picked up the 'poison flowers,' stepped to the side of the 'mark,' leaned over and said "these are for you."

The surprise of the 'mark' upon receiving the bouquet was genuine as she gave an incredulous "thank you" numerous times.  App-0101e then strode to the door, and hastily beat a retreat to his ride.  A man in the drivers seat quickly started the vehicle and they exited the scene.

Williams crew had gathered information from the license plates of the vehicle and had followed it via tracking device to a building which proved to be rented out to one Ryan Grayson.  Further investigation proved out that Ryan was an agent of the NSA, Hamas division.  George Gacy and Dale Hamlin it was decided were to pay a visit to Mr. Ryan Grayson the next morning.

The location of the building where Ryan Grayson led the Old Patriots was in a manufacturing complex.  It was directly across the road from a row of buildings, the closest one being a Quonset hut.  They noticed the door of the building in question was ajar as they approached the house, and bloody footprints leading out of the house.  There sitting against the wall minus his head was App-0101e.  One look at the body told you that this was definitely a Muslim hack-off.

"These guys are playing for keeps huh?"  George asked Dale.  Dale stepped back outside to make the call to the authorities and the bullet which hit him slammed him up against the wall.  He half fell, half crawled into the house, his arm nearly blown off by the impact of the bullet.

George hit the ground and crawled over to Dale, who quietly said, it came from behind the Quonset hut across the street to the right.  He quietly expelled his last breath, relaxed, and closed his eyes.  Someone was screaming over the phone.  "What's going on out there?"

It was Hazard.  George quickly told of the situation and checked his XD again.  This might be his last day too, but, it was only going to be after he'd created a pile of empty casings.  He belly crawled into an adjacent room, and carefully peaked through the curtains.  There were two men he could see, but only one rifle.  He didn't know how much he was going to be able to do with just a pistol at this range, but he was sure going to make them take cover.

He sensed rather than heard the door move, flipped over and snapped a shot into the face of the man hunched in the doorway.  The man stiffened out, and Georges' second shot caught him right above the second button on his shirt.  His third shot was right between the eyes.  The man was done, but he had made a nice present of an AK 47 to George.

George belly crawled to the opposite side of the doorway and used a poker from the fireplace to retrieve the rifle.  A couple of rounds struck close as he pulled the body close to him with the strap of the gun which was over the shoulder of the corpse.  No problem, this afforded him a couple of mags of .223, as well as a Glock 23 .40 cal and two more full mags.

George had no idea as to the length of time, but he knew his time was coming to a close if he didn't do something.  He belly crawled back over to the window where he'd seen the two men before, and now only one was there.  He wondered where the other man had gone, and wondered how many more were out there.

The man with the sniper rifle was no expert, and was quite careless in the way he concealed himself.  Either that, or he was baiting George.  George was berating himself for walking into the trap.  They had obviously found the bug and knew someone would be coming.  George pulled a broken stool over away from the window and from a prone position, sighted the man.  He recognized him immediately.

He was one of the Russian thugs who had killed one of their first operatives and had killed Randal.  "Randal old pal, this one is for you."  George watched as the mans head exploded by the force of the round that hit him right in front of his left ear.  "That's two, I wonder how many more of you are lurking near?" he thought to himself.

He carefully rolled over and looked into the eyes of the man whom he'd lost sight of.  The man had him dead to rights, and had a nasty and wicked grin on his face.  With a heavy Russian accent he snarled "so, you old American Patriot Soldiers are not so smart as you think so . . ."  He made the mistake of averting his eyes toward the Russian made AK 47, and said "kick it away."

It was the last thing he said.  George snapped his XD up and fired before it was even level, allowing two slugs of 45 rip through the Russians' chest and throat.  He was barely moved by the force of the rounds striking him, even though they were both mortal wounds.  The man brought his own gun up.  George fired two more times, both through the head before he even fell.

There was an awful screech of tires, one from either direction, the sounds of motors being gunned, the tires sliding across the pavement as the emergency brakes were slammed home and the cars were allowed to stop on their own.  The sounds of gunfire echoed through the halls of the near empty house in which he lay, and two very welcome faces showed through the door behind readied pistols.

"Boys, I'm getting too old for this kind of work,"  George said in greeting.  William, Hazard, and General Randolph all stood there looking at the whole scene.  They all ducked when they heard the loud report of a 45.  As they all scanned outside for what was going on, Old Joe came in then stating the last man across the street had bought the farm.

"I'm sure sorry to see Dale die like this" William said.  "But at least he died doing what he wanted to do.  Defending his beloved America."

Later that evening, surprisingly, Dales wife seemed quite relieved at the news.  William had personally driven over to see her and told her of Dales' death.  She then stated "one week ago the Dr. gave him two months to live.  He was quite weak and had been experiencing much pain."

"That's news to us," William responded.  "He'd never breathed a word of it to any of us and he hid it well.  The man died like a man; with his gun drawn and ready for anything, even his own demise.  It was an honor to have known him and served with him."

"I know he sure talked highly of all within the Four."  Wanda said. "If you don't mind, I really need to lie down.  I'm really feeling faint."

"Of course, let me help you to the couch.  Who can I call for you?" he asked.

"I can do it with my cell phone on the cabinet there" she finished as she gestured toward the cabinet, then added "will you hand me that prescription and the water sitting beside it?  I can make it from here.  But before you go, I want to thank you for what you did for Dale.  You put life back into him.  A reason to live.  His self esteem rose back up to the point of what it was twenty years ago.  He felt alive again.  Joyous at having something he could do to help his foundering nation."

"The honor and the privilege was all mine," said William.  "Call if you need anything.  Good day Mrs. Hamlin."

"Although I hate Dale died in this incident, he doesn't know how much his contribution helped in flushing out some more of Obama's secret organizations operating within America.  They are multiplying faster than we can weed them out."

William was deep in thought all the way home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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