ow what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this" Beau asked as he overrode his senses.  To get away from the distraction, he'd stepped up his stride to walk beside her.  She was a gorgeous little thing but he didn't trust her as far as he could throw a bull by the tail.

Instead of answering she responded with palm upraised and a "hold up.  I need to navigate this eye scan" and stepped up to the little slit in the wall.  There certainly didn't seem to be a way of egress there.  After a high tone sounded, she stepped back and crossed the wide hall to the other wall and touched what looked like a screw head.

A little panel slid up and a keypad swung down upon which she entered in a series of digits.  A couple of seconds went by and a thumb print scanner lit up.  She pressed her thumb on the pad and within a moment or so, a couple of clicks were heard, then a clank and a huge door swung away from them inward to a huge motel lounge like setting.

She led the way to another scanner located near a bookshelf across the room.  After the input of more information, she approached a painting on the wall and a couple of the panels slid out from the wall, one of on which the painting was mounted and slid apart exposing an elevator.  There was room for only one person but two people could squeeze in if they got cozy.

"Is there no other way into this place?" demanded Beau.  He was NOT liking this situation.

"No there isn't.  You have to realize, this is a personal elevator sized to accommodate one person.  And only my living eyes of this group can open it at the bottom.  "You see" she continued after a pause.  "I'm Dr. Aisha's number three personal assistant.  Dr. Nikhul was her second and he's dead.  The first was killed back there in the hallway."

She had paused waiting for him to get in first.  "You going or you gonna chicken out?"

He stepped into the elevator with Lisa following and she pressed the lower of the two buttons, waited for a second and when the top button lit up, she pressed it twice and the lower one twice.  The doors began closing together in elevator fashion.

"You guys find another way in" he said looking at Ronald.  The door closed and he looked at her and said coolly "Keep your hands where I can see them.  Raise them up here now."  As they came up in reach he swiftly cuffed her to the long handle on the wall.  Swiftly, in the tight space, he began to frisk her for weapons.

"Don't trust me?" she asked.  "Or this just your way of getting a cheap thrill by fondling me?"  Her voice had taken on an edge he didn't like and his suspicions were confirmed as he drew the 380 from between her thighs.  He now knew the reason for all the warning signals to his brain.

When they hit the third floor down, the tone announced their floor.  The door began sliding open and Beau dropped her with a swift motion to the side of her head.  He had no intentions of harming her, but he certainly didn't want her coming at him at a most inopportune time!

Looking into the room with a quick scan he saw her.  There, in a sheer blue nightie was Aisha - of the living.  She spoke first.  "I said you'd be back for me.  What was it.  My infamous beauty and sexuality that stirred the ancient animal instincts in you?  Do you not feel the call of the wild at the sound of my voice or the sight of me?"

She was taunting him and he knew it.  And she knew he knew it.  "Or was it to see if you could best me in some way besides firearms.  I think we already know the answer to that!"

This was one woman who was mighty sure of herself.  She was beautiful, she knew it, and she flaunted it.  This was also a woman who not only knew what she wanted, but had the ability to get and the financial means to back it all up, even to her largest desire.

Beau had the distinct feeling he was being monitored and that any wrong move on his part would result either in his immediate death by her or by those who could appear rather suddenly into the room.

All this one sided conversation took but a few seconds while she arose from her lounge.  She spun gracefully around exposing the fact that she was unarmed and only had the sheer nightie on.  Nothing else.  Beau swallowed hard.  "Now this was a beautiful woman!" he thought as he fought his desires and instincts back down.  "This woman has been cultivated in places others have been plowed under . . ." wandered through his mind.

And then he saw it.  His blood lust heightened as he remembered exactly where he'd see the logo of the Wildcat.  Aisha was the Wildcat.  And here she was cozying up to the man who'd killed the Bear, who was supposedly her father.  The rage was building inside of Beau.

The Wolf

Here, in front of him, stood the murderess herself.  Was she just attempting to use her beauty as another way in which to subdue him?  Or did she actually see a short romantic time before she killed him.  Then she would just continue on in her murderess ways.  Once a predator - always a predator . . .  How many had she personally killed?  He'd already been informed she'd killed Dr. Duard Nikhul.

"What's the matter?' she taunted.  "Can't think of anything to say?"  She paused with a very seductive look on her face, pursing her lips, turning of her face slightly downward in a simulated embarrassed expression to complete the seduction, all the while curling her hair nonchalantly around her finger.

He stood there while a thunderstorm of emotions whirled through his head.  He'd only met Dr. Nikhul less than a year ago, and he was a top notch person, doctor and a friend.  His own childhood buddy knew him very well and knew his family had been slaughtered, probably some of them, by the very woman who stood in front of him now attempting to subdue him.

She moved again.  Her finely crafted body shone through the sheerness of the nightie.  She took a step toward him as he stayed his ground.  Still, he said nothing.  He was amazed at how graceful she moved . . . like a cat.  Every muscle in perfect tone . . . (and shape!)

Another step, graceful, another with a sway like he'd never seen before.  Her eyes were locked into his, and he felt as if steam was emitting from his ears and all the way around his neck.  She licked her lips deliciously and was within a step of him.  She lifted her hands to take him in her arms, and pressed her warm, soft and luscious body next to his.

She reached up to kiss the lower part of his chin, taking the time nibble on it.  Eyes now closed, she was enjoying her power over him, a mere male.  She opened her eyes and look straight into his eyes, seeking for something.  Suddenly she yelped and jumped back in pain pulling back from the pain of the injection.

The Wildcat in her came rushing out like a volcano as she looked at him, cursing him with obscenities in her own tongue.  He doubted that she ever knew he could understand every word she was saying.

Like a flash, like a startled cat, she scampered toward the table by which she was seated only a minute or so before, raked back a kerchief from a Glock, lifting it only to meet the hot searing pain of the big forty five slug as it buried deeply her into forehead with the force and fury of which only a .45 can deliver.

Knocked back from the force of the big slug, the rear portion of her head was blown out, held in place by the long black hair.  Tangled in the fine hair were shards of bone, fragments of her skull, brain and blood.  The wall was spattered with blood as the spray fanned out on the wall behind her.  Aisha - of the living, the Wildcat . . . was very dead.

She would kill no more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Chapter VIII