illiam stepped around the corner to speak with Abigail and she seemed very glad to see him.  Lisa opened the door for him then bolted it back making sure the lock was snapped into position firmly.

William sat on the cot that was fastened to the wall, and began to inquire how she was doing, and then for almost two hours, he talked to her just casually, finding out about her parents, where she was from, her school, her hobbies, her boyfriends, military training, marriage, children, her connections to the group . . . all the while leading her deeper in her trust of him.

He even went into what was going on in America, and what they were doing to countermand all the wrongs going on.

Finally, he paused for a second and said "Abigail, we need your help desperately.  We're trying to save a lot of lives, at the same time eliminating the troublemakers who are out to destroy America.  It is those people we are trying to defeat" he finished waiting on her to respond.

She promised to help to the fullest in any way she could and proved it by giving him answer after answer.  He tried to trick her up by asking the same questions in a variation of ways.  But she was giving some straight answers, and the information she was relating to William was extremely valuable.

He could see how easily she could be duped, not thinking she was being stupid.  Nor did he think she was holding back answers to these questions.

It was true that the Clintons had their hands in many things that were ill-affecting America, and the biggest part of what was in Hilton Bunker belonged to them.  Or at least they had made the orders for it to be stored here.

It was true.  Abigail was a blond.  And in some ways she was ditzy to say the least.  But, she had a smart edge to her as well.  William knew the information she detailed to him would be very helpful if it could be confirmed.

If he was right, this ordinance was stored here with the intent of using it to subdue Mr. and Mrs. Joe Public.  One of the caverns located on this day had upwards of four thousand containers of napalm.  This is the stuff with which Japan was firebombed prior to the atom bombs.

Most people are not even aware that extremely hage parts of many cities were burned prior to the atomic blasts.

Most of the houses of Japan in WWII era were of wood and paper and in very close proximity.  General Lemay, head of the newly formed Army Air Corps, dismayed at the poor results they were getting with bombs from high altitude changed to low level night strafing bombs of napalm.

Each night they bombed the cities with napalm, several square miles of each city would burn, killing thousands of civilians.  And here, was enough to bomb several hundred US cities.  Whoever had secured this stuff would be fighting to the death in trying to retake it.  Both sides had the same ideas though:  Each would destroy it to keep it out of the hands of the other side.

But how in the world do you destroy something of this magnitude without attracting an immense amount of attention?

And if Abigail was right, they would attack the Penn II on the morrow at 0830 hrs.  There was also a much bigger place the most of which they had never heard.  It was within a block of the Russian Embassy and there was a underground corridor to it.  William had to move fast, and, he was going to be right in the big middle of it. (The Gauntlet)

At earliest warning William had sent a dispatch and started flying men over.  The night they learned of the impending attack Amy, Beau, Ginger and another of the Generals men, all took a load over and dropped them in, the next night had done the same thing for a total of forty-eight extra top notch fighting men.

With them they had carried several sets of plans which had been stowed away in the secret compartment at Bunker Hill.  Tonight another group of planes were leaving out for the Washington facility.  Another couple of sets of plans were in the room for that facility.  Plans for the Russian Embassy bunker was among the plans, and appropriate measures would soon be taken to eliminate its occupants.

They were going to have to strike hard and fast, then regroup for he counter attacks.

The General thought it best to use men of another detail to put into the Washington bunker deemed POTUS Bunker.  The planes taxied in to three temp bases to refuel for the next leg of the journey.  Flying at night had it's advantages, but it also had its disadvantages.

While the group was flying, William, General Randolph, Sung Wu and several others were on high alert.  They didn't know it yet, but they were getting ready for the fight of their lives.  But it was going to be very possible with all the alert systems and communications Hayden Maxwell had set up.

And he was able to use the systems electrical wiring network by placing little receivers and transmitters throughout.  That one thing had saved them the night Adelaide's group had come in via unknown routes.  And it was a fluke that William and Sharon were even out there to start with.

William, Sharon, Sung Wu, the General and six of his men were munching on some dinner from the mess hall which had been brought into the ready room.  The raid into the place to remove high level plans and information on the themselves and the group had been stopped, but, William was bothered by something.  The General was talking to him, and Sharon had to shake him to get his attention.

"What's bothering you William?" the General asked.

"I'm beginning to smell a rat here.  Do you think Adelaide and Corey Sue were placed here as informants?  Are they still being communicated with?  Are we being maneuvered on the sly?  Why did Adelaide nor Abigail not try to fight?  Why has she been so co-operative and telling us of things she would have no idea of knowing in the first place?"

"With this whole place wired to go off, why has nothing exploded?  We know for a fact that two of the rooms had been booby trapped.  Were the destructive systems on these rooms too easily bypassed, or turned off . . . or fakes?

His mind went to the NORAD tunnel which at one time was an early warning governmental system.  In comparison to it, Bunker Hill was not even an outhouse.  While this place is certainly no Cheyenne Mountain, it did have awesome caverns and it did go a long way back into the mountain and down.

But William had yet to see a blast door.  This facility would not survive the heavy bombing that NORAD would.  A chill went up his back as the thought of the results were a bomb to set the ordinance ablaze.

After lunch he had resumed work in the ready room when he received a call from Beau who was at Penn II.  "An attack was happening right now.  All the planes had been secured and readied for take off, but while they were briefing the staff of the situation of the recent developments, they heard a blast outside and assumed general quarters.  The problem was, it was an entry way not shown on the plans we perused."

William had set the phone down with it on speakerphone, and they could hear some of the blasts that was certain to end the lives of several there.  Ginger, Amy, Beau, Lyndal . . . All vital to the O.P. as well as the planes, would all be lost if they failed to hold out against the attackers.

Something did not set well.  William was told the attack wouldn't be until three hours later.  And here it is, nearly 0500 hrs.  William would check Adelaide's story again before going to talk to her.  The phone went dead, and they were all wondering what was happening.

Three hours later, another call came through.  Lyndal and Beau had gone out the entrances to see if they could flank the attacking force and get an idea as to the strength of the attacking forces.  The problem is, there were no armies.  Only a small group had come against them . . . probably less than half a dozen.

They quickly located the blast site, and entered with the intentions of being at the rear of the attackers.  But when they were close, they were amazed at no gunfire.  As they turned the corner, they got a dreadful sight.  Ginger and Amy both were down.  Amy's wound was minor, but Ginger's looked pretty bad.  A couple of their own guys came rushing up to work on Ginger, then they heard the rest of the story.  That's when Lyndal made the call to William.

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