one of the Four attended the funeral of Dale Hamlin.  Neither had they attended Randal's funeral.  They just could not justify jeopardizing the organization.  Much too risky.  Instead, they gathered together in the firehouse and toasted Dale for his service to his country; just as they had Randal.

They had gotten quite a surprise when they discovered the stash of military grade equipment from the location of the shootout.  Turned out the Quonset hut was their storehouse and several truck loads of gear which could not be obtained in America was stashed there.  They cleared the guns from the scene of the shootout in the house, drug the body of the man from the back of the Quonset hut over and dumped it with the others.

With the Quonset hut not seeming to have any connection with the house, General Randolph summoned the Chief of Police out to the scene.  Seems as though he'd ran across some kind of shootout.  The first question from the chiefs mouth was "Sherman, were you part of this?"

"Absolutely not Wayne.  Here, you want to check my gun?" he asked while reaching for his XD 45 service model.  Chief Wayne Stevenson took the gun, removed the mag and handed it to Randolph.  He then racked it and locked it back.  Randolph caught the round and pocketed it.  Wayne turned the lock, released the lock on the slide and let it down till it stopped, pulled the trigger and the slide came off in his hand.  He held it up to his nose to smell it, and looked down the barrel.  Clean.  He then checked the ramp and the trigger section.  Clean.

With that he quickly reassembled the gun, stretched his hand out for the round he racked out, slid it into battery, released the slide, and inserted the mag spanking it home.  He then returned the loaded and ready to fire pistol to Randolph who quickly holstered the piece, then let his shirt down over it to conceal it.

"How did you come across this scene Randolph?"  The coroner had pulled up with the meat wagon and rookies were taping the scene off.  This was going to be a long day.  In the meantime, William and the Four were renting trucks with which to move the ordinance from the Quonset hut to a 'safe place' of their own choosing.

The bulk of the stuff would go to General Randolph's' militia, and one of his officers were already rounding up men to load the ordinance as soon as the police left.  They thought it also might be very smart to have some extra ready firepower on hand in case the owners were to come up on them while in the midst of the move.

And that is exactly what happened.  Two trucks were already loaded to capacity, and two others were nearly loaded when a black Mercedes pulled up and a couple of men dressed in black suits and heavy long coats emerged from the vehicle.  They strode up to the door of the Quonset hut, and were priveleged to look into the dark deep eyes of a half dozen angry AR 15 M4's.

The look of the guns pointed at them were not nearly as fierce looking as the eyes in the faces behind the sights of those guns.  Almost instantly they felt the poke in their backs stopping them where they were as they started to back up away from the danger.  They were motioned inside where they stood still with hands raised, stripped of their clothes and searched.  The Mercedes was moved around to the back of the building and tarped.

It was also searched, finding loads of firearms, ammo, electronic communications equipment, and something very surprising.  Two cases of cell phones were in the back seat of the vehicle.  After the car was picked clean, it was rendered useless by a couple of well placed shots of a M1 carbine.  The tires were flattened with a stiletto to the sidewalls, the ignition was destroyed and the two men placed in the trunk of the car bound hand and foot and gagged.

They would be retrieved later.  With the knowledge of their own equipment in the way of bugs or tracking devices, all this was done without saying anything at all.  Sure enough, there were two tracking bugs on the car, and a hat pen GPS tracker / mikes hidden within the linings of both coats.

Both were carrying Russian made Makarov 9mm Pistols which was a gun that had been de-commissioned for use in the late '90's.  Since that time millions had been deactivated as well.  But thousands flooded the black market in perfect working order and were easily picked up for little cash.

Both pistols were dated 1975.  In lovely condition with original grips and crisp blued finish.  They were the classic cold war era pistol.  A favorite of the infamous Russian KGB.

One of the most famous KGB agents of all times is current Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.  Putin's KGB career begin in 1975.  After 10 years based in Leningrad, he was transferred to Dresden in East Germany, where he was involved in the attempt of recruiting agents.  The pistols he used also bore German markings.  Who knows, one of these may have passed through his hands!

With the six trucks all heavily laden, the convoy started out.  The men of the Mercedes had been adorned with American camo, and were marched into the back of the Ford van driven by William.  They were secured with shackles and also had a guard.  The guard was especially the correct man for the position.  His uncle, Dale Hamlin had died just that morning at the hands of those who were connected to these two men.

Gaylon Hamlin, nephew to Dale, asked for the privilege of 'offing' them.  "General Sherman warned him not to kill the men, as they would be questioned and judged to their worthiness of living by their answers.  As of yet, neither had spoken more than a couple of words.  The guard noticed one of them was doing something with his tongue and realized he was trying to get at a cyanide suicide pill just under a cap in one of his teeth.

He moved over to the man and instantly knocked him out with a blow to the head.  That would prevent him from offing himself for now at least.  The other man looked at Gaylon with eyes of hate.  He should have not done that.  Gaylon dispatched him as well with a well placed blow to the head.  The blood flowed freely from the wounds of the two men.

William figured out what was happening and kept on driving.  If they were discovered by the law to be moving this kind of stuff they would all go to prison . . . well, that is, all that lived through the exchange of resulting gun fire.  If they were discovered by the owners to be moving their stuff stolen from them, there's no doubt it would be another fight to the finish.

Within an hour the woods loomed around them.  General Randolph had a place with several buried bunkers in which to store just this kind of stuff.  The trucks were offloaded and on the way back to the city a couple of hours before dawn.  A rough estimate of worth was somewhere between two and three million dollars American.

Everything to wage a full fledged war was there.  General Randolph wondered how many such deposits were stashed all over the US.  Well, he would see how much he could get out of the men in the back of the Ford van.

One of the men had messed himself and the van reeked when William pulled it around to be unloaded.  The one with the loose cap had roused and managed to get the cap off and bite the cyanide pill.  He had died a very violent death within thirty seconds of the time he punctured the capsule.  The second man was not so lucky.

The dead man was ex-KGB, the live one was genuine Russian thug.  He was hauled out of the van and instantly tried to run even with the leg shackles.  He stunk to high heaven with his own excrement, and was screaming in Russian with all his might behind the gag.  A swift blow to the back of the head stilled him and he was dragged into the underground barracks.

When he awoke he was firmly secured in a huge chair.  The man close to his right side was pulling liquid into a syringe, thumped it to rid it of air bubbles, and started toward the Russian.  "Ha, you think you can get information out of me?  You would be better off to kill me now.  I will tell you nothing," he sneered.

The man with the needle acted as though he hadn't heard what the Russian had to say.  The Russian should be singing like a bird in just a few minutes and slumped forward as the medicine took hold.  At that the man with the needle flipped a switch, and a cooling fan came to life in the back of the electric shock machine.

He attached the alligator clips to the terminals on the metal bands with which he was secured.  And pressed a button.  The Russian jerked with the amperage of the shock.  General Randolph and William entered the room at the call of the Doc.  Randolph spoke first.

"Is he ready Doc?"

Doc Wilson answered, "Yeah, he's as ready as he will ever be Genereal."  His heart is monitoring wacky though and I don't believe he will take much before he augers in," he finished.

At that, Randolph lifted the man's head by the hair and slapped him hard.  "I've got some questions for you," he stated to the man.

"Screw you and the horse you rode in on," the Russian said with a snarl, his eyes never even opened.

"I wonder what good ol' small American town he got that line from?" he asked mostly of himself.

After a few more slaps, some electric shocks, and another dose of truth serum, the heart monitor suddenly alerted, and then the beeping ceased and turned into the steady hum of a flat-lined heart.  The Russian was dead.  And not one scrap of information.

He hit a button by the side of the door and presently a couple of men strode in. "Get rid of the two Russians," he said. Then, "but wait a second." He lifted the head of the Russian, pried his mouth open with a screwdriver and inserted a plastic block with a hole used for scopes into the teeth of the dead man.  With the heal of his hand bumped the screwdriver against the tooth with a silver cap.  He pried the cap loose and in the tooth, smaller than a grain of rice, was a capsule.

He tweezed it out carefully laying it in plain sight on the counter.  Had the Russian been able to get anything at all in his mouth with which to pry that cap loose, he would have died long before now.  As it was, the other man was able to get his off and bite into it.  The Russian and the German officer hierarchy both used these pills extensively.  But more than one had died accidental deaths when the pill was punctured inadvertantly.

Although General Sherman Randolph and William both were disappointed, they'd still managed to obtain other information as to the whereabouts of other cells via some maps in the car.  Now, it was up to them to destroy as many of them as they possibly could while saving as much ordinance as possible.  The job that loomed before them was much greater than what they had accomplished already in their war for America.

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