lmost in the same instant another hidden door busted open to the right of the elevator.  Two militants rushed in from the wide hall with eyes blazing, joustling in the attempt to muster their guns for a shot.

The one on the right let go with a burst before he was any where near turned in Beaus direction.  Beau had the advantage because he was standing to their left flat footed on the ground spinning to greet them with some honey bacon grease dipped ammo.  They were at a sore disadvantage as they were attempted to gain a chance of a shot on him while running full out.

Beau heard the door as it first began to open, spun and fired two shots into each dropping them before they ever cleared the door.  The thunder of the reports had not even stopped when a third rounded the corner and he caught one between the eyes also.

On his chest pocket was a logo of a blue Coyote.  According to the Doc Wilson, this was a cousin of Aisha also known for his viciousness in dealing with prisoners.  He usually didn't have prsoners very long.  And he'd never freed a prsioner.  He merely "dispatched" them, his manner known as saying with a chuckle.

All this had taken place in less than ten seconds.  The door to the elevator parted from the middle and Lisa was still cuffed to the wall.  A look of total surprise was on her face which proved the horror of a much different outcome than she had figured on.

Her voice was loud but steady, almost sounding as an accusation toward him.  "Aisha had never been beat.  Not at fighting, at sports, in debate, in beauty, in horse racing, piloting a plane, in love making nor in the use of weaponry!"

Her ranting became louder.  "She had never come up second place in winning the affections of any person, man or woman.  Until now.  Lisa was thunderstruck and Beau thought she would collapse.  He didn't feel any sympathy for her, especially when he considered the little chrome 380 of hers which he'd placed in his pocket for the time being.

He strode over to the elevator and produced the key with which he unshackled one wrist and she wrenched herself from his grasp, quickly stepping around hem and covered the area across the office in a heartbeat flinging herself to the floor where Aisha's body was still bleeding out.  She went into deep sobs as she moaned and cried with her face buried into Aisha's bosom.

Now it was Beau's turn to be dumbfounded.  He walked over close to her and said "Lisa, it's time we were going.  C'mon.  Pull yourself together and lets vamoose out here.  A whole new crew will be arriving shortly.  They will take over this facility and use it for the right purpose and the right people.  You coming with me or are you staying?"

It took a couple of moments while Beau stood by as she quieted herself.  Then, she raised her head.  Still on her knees she turned to face him with demonic ghoulish eyes, said with a vehemence that few women can muster.  More of a throaty growl than human voice.

"I'm staying here and I'll destroy this place before the likes of you can ever use it.  Beau simply turned and strode back toward the elevator.  He heard the Glock as it raked the table when she picked it up and he spun and fired two rounds.  She looked at him in complete surprise.  "I was second only to Aisha."

How she was even still standing Beau could not even fathom.  His first shot hit her in the left shoulder just under the collar bone.  It was a clean no-kill shot and performed while spinning to meet her threat.  The second was square through the pocket on her left chest.  The Glock clattered to the floor as she clutched her chest.  Then her arm slowly fell away.

The Fox

Something caught his eye he hadn't seen before.  She had been wearing a medical tag on her blouse pocket which had been torn off as she sobbed over Aisha.  Under it, on her pocket was the logo of a red Fox.  She quickly followed his eyes to it and only spoke once more. "You have no idea what you've done.  You've killed the last predator of the pond."

Lisa slowly crumpled to the floor, giving up the last of consciousness as her brain starved for oxygen rich blood.  She fell down beside Aisha who was her lover.

The tone announcing the arrival of the elevator faded away as the doors opened again.  This time a very bearded man who obviously was in charge of the place, possibly the owner, held his own Glock aimed at Beaus' heart.  "You are quite impressive to say the least.  Did Doc Wilson send you here to kill his own wife and Aisha, her lover?"

Beaus' jaw dropped as many parts of the puzzle finally slipped into place.  The man laughed as the intended effect of his statement shocked Beau.  The final piece was dropped into place by the last sentences the man ever muttered.  Beaus eye caught the logo on his chest.

The man noticed Beaus eyes drop to the logo.  "Ah, you thought you'd already killed the Bear.  Not so, he was merely an actor used to set you up in the attempt to learn how much you knew.  It was a long shot, but hopefully you would lead us to the huge cache of arms your group took.  By the way, did you kill Royce Harrington?"

"Yes sir.  I was the trigger man that cast him to hell."

The man shook his head then changed the subject.  "Aisha was free and clear for another romance once Lisa disposed of Dr Nikhul for her.  He was the final obstacle to her romance with Aisha, and under Sharia, she could not kill him because he was a moslem; dhimmi - yes  He had converted.  Also, for your knowledge, before Lisa killed him, she used some of the same techniques on him as she did you."  Again he paused for Beau to assimilate the knowledge.

"He was not the hardy man you are.  And now, the Marine who took out the entire line of predators of the sitting ducks on the pond.  Subdued by a lowly clerk.  Allah be praised.  You have no idea as to the number of CIA, FBI, NSA and other US government officials from "the Pond" have been interrogated as they were delivered here by your very own president."

Beau spoke in low tones waiting for his chance.  "It's really hard to keep the story straight when you people keep lying all the time.  I doubt if you are the bear.  You don't have the guts to be a bear.  You're nothing but a lowly mercenary soldier who has happened onto the misfortune of others."

"That's so rude.  You interrupted my story.  I'll start where I left off.  That is, with the exception of his last moments.  She always seemed to get an extra thrill out of squeezing a heart until it barely quivered, then stopped beating altogether.  She was about to do that to you, but Hillary intervened.  That's the only thing that saved you."

"Aisha got the glory for killing Dr. Nikhul, but in fact, it was Lisa, the Fox.  Was she not an excellent specimen of woman flesh?"

"And now to finish you like I wanted at the beginning in the desert.  You can thank Clinton again for that restraint.  Seems you were a cousin of hers, and she was sure that she could manipulate you.  There has never been a person with whom she's come in contact that was not used, manipulated or destroyed by her in some form or another."

Beaus' hand still gripped the big XD although it was pointing at the floor at arms length.  No way he could bring it up to front sight and center mass.  But the old man was enjoying his role at the moment.  He obviously liked the sound of his voice and just kept talking.  That is, until he rolled his eyes as he stated that last 'Hillary' comment.

Barely moving, but like a flash Beau raised the big old pistol and fired from the hip western cowboy movie "Gunsmoke" style.  The big forty five slug tore through the second button on the mans' shirt.  Within the same sound, his second shot ripped through the mans' throat turning him slightly knocking his aim off.

And now a sixth person lay motionless on the floor of the huge third basement.  The final three of the murderous ring of the Predators lay within yards of one another in death.  Beau went over and split the remaining fluid of the syringe between the six bodies.  "A good waste of bacon grease" he thought to himself.

He had not even taken the time to survey his surroundings in the room, and ambled around it now.  He retrieved the two .40 cal Glocks, stuffed them into his khakis, and picked his way through the mess on the floor.  Five moslems and a dhimmi lay in their blood on the floor.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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