he details of the "Hermie" case were coming out albeit too slowly to suit William.  And their place in the puzzle were being revealed even slower.  The clock which Beau had seen on the shelf in Williams headquarters did have an explosive charge but hardly large enough to wreak large damage.

The real power of the Hermie was in its camera, which live streamed its video to the satellite phone in the mess hall.  That phone had been programmed to connect and and upload the report three times per day.  When the three charges were removed and destroyed, the phone instantly connected it's host and reported all three charges had went off.

However, it did not report how they had exploded.  The only hint something out of the ordinary had happened, was when a black leather satchel had been placed over the charges removing their ability to record what was happening.  But it was enough to alert the monitors to the fact that the operation was amiss.

Jesse had retrieved the phone and was back tracing the phone numbers which originated in New York.  A firewall of another satellite phone was used to prohibit back tracing.  And they did not have access to that phone so the search stopped there unless they could hack into it.

Jesse, William and General Sherman were mulling over the facts on a white board trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.  The information concerning the three nuclear warheads was disconcerting to say the least.  If there was a third floor then it was absolutely possible that there was a whole lot more involved than just the three warheads.

But one thing they did figure out.  That there was something they wanted much more than just the property.  One question kept nagging at Williams head.  If they knew about the Old Patriots Militia, and they were slick enough to have three operatives placed into their midst . . . then why hadn't they attacked the small group at The Bunker and just wipe them out.

Why indeed?!  While the Old Patriots had searched out an enormous cave system linking The Bunker and the Hanoi Hilton, William, Jesse and General Sherman only then incorrectly ascertained this one fact:  There was more to the system than they were aware of in the way of levels.

The thought had never crossed any of their minds.  Most caves have different levels.  Were these on the maps they had or were they shown on additional maps?  Beau had cleaned out Harrington's bunker of all engineering data: maps, blueprints, calculations, additions, retractions . . . any printed material before leaving it to a daughter group.  But that bunker was not connected to a cave system . . . or they'd never found any indication of an adjoining cave.

Remembering their surprise upon learning small rooms had been concealed along the donkey trail, Beau had taken an x-ray machine and scanned the entire wall surface.  There could not be more hidden rooms in the Virginia Bunker.

But at The Bunker and the Hanoi Hilton, some sixteen plus rooms had been discovered.  Beau was back on his feet but still a little shaky and dizzy from the blow to the head he had received from Talbert.  They were studying the maps they'd procured from Harrington has well as the two maps found in Gino's quarters.  There was definitely a continuation of the maps.

However, these maps had a different flavor to the manner in which they were drawn.  No doubt it was by a different architect.  William came into the Ready Room with Ginger and Sharon in tow.  Ginger saw it right off the bat.  Knowing her hangars and all their crooks and crannies, she noticed a form with which she was familiar.

"I've been wondering what that line was" she commented.  Now I know.  I believe there is a room directly under a portion of the hangar and is probably where they intended to load and arm the warheads.  It wouldn't surprise me if there were an elevator or a jack system with which to raise the ordinance up into the belly of a plane."

A thorough investigation was performed starting from the crack in the floor of the hangar.  Since the floor had been poured in concrete, the men all figured the lines was merely a 'control' mark to prohibit the floor itself from what is called 'surface cracking.'  It's a common practice in the concrete industry.

Beau had x-rayed all the vertical surfaces of the Hanoi Hilton/Bunker facilities, but had never looked at the floor - or the ceiling.  It was high time he did.

Within a half hour of searching, an anomaly was discovered.  There was a definite change in the rebar configuration.  Now, to open it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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