bout four of the attackers were on the ground and no doubt would never move again, and two more were standing by the wall hands in the air.  Ginger and Amy were the first to meet the intruders, and had both been shot.

But, both had taken down a man too.  The remaining attackers were attempting to locate get their targets, but the targets shot first.  They didn't realize there were only two, and both were alread on the ground.

All the attackers had been strip searched, and marched off to the brig.  There they would exchange clothes for prison garb - their clothes searched very closely.  Then the interrogation would begin.  Beau went back out to the forest where he had left the backhoe that time with the idea of piling huge rock and dirt on to seal the hole.

Just as he finished he heard several impacts all around him, and looked up to see another six men coming his way.  He jumped down and made a beeline for the entrance, but he was not going to make it.  He threw himself down behind a little berm, not much higher than his body thickness.  He would make his stand here.

With his AR he took out two of the guys, and a third had been hit, but still coming.  All of them were shooting at him, then suddenly, they were hit with a grenade from their flank.  Two died instantly, another was down bleeding, and another was just knocked out.

Beau ran up to the guy and removed his gun.  He heard a movement behind him, and saw the blossom of a gun.  He shot while still in his spin to address the shooter, and killed the guy.  And the guy on the ground he tied up with his own belt.

Beau thought he could hear running behind him and he clumsily turned around to bring his AR up, but it wouldn't come up.  For some reason or another, it was just way too heavy.  And then he slumped to the ground.  Several hours later, he awoke to the sound of a very hard rattle in his ears and a vibration through is body.

Lyndal was flying the DeHavalind with all three of his wounded comrades aboard, and he had it shoved to the dash.  He needed all he could get out of this puppy, because Beau was hit bad.

Ginger was hit pretty bad, but she was still holding a bandage to the chest of Beau.  She did not know if he was going to make it.  They'd done all they could for him at Penn II, and Doc said bring him home.  He had the facilities and the wherewiths to help him.

Within an hour Lyndal had made his approach calls, set his tronsponder to the friendly codes and had lowered his altitude.  He was still coming in hot and at the last minute pulled his throttle back and his nose up.  When his speed had dropped considerably, he set his flaps and did a short landing and roll out.  The hangar doors were up, and the down button was pushed before he even got all the way through.

A crowd of people were waiting on them, and Doc was snapping orders.  The first thing he wanted to do was get an IV into Beau.  Through another IV, he began transfusing him.

One of the best things that happened with the new bookkeeping service that Sharon had now taken over, was the recording of blood types and medical info on each person there.  That single improvement would save several lives to recuperate and fight again.

By next morning Beau was coming around and was trying to sit up so he could join the fight.  "What fight?" he was asked.  It took him a few seconds to realize where he was, and then he laid back down exhausted by the effort.

It was a good thing that Beau was outside.  According to Adelaide, and the description of the leader of the group, Ormand, (Serpent), was a man who would not take orders, neither would he do things by the numbers or time schedules.  He has several scars from fights, and one was very prominent, down his left temple ending near his left ear.

Being too antsy he did not wait on the other six men, and led his men into the foray.

Because of that, he'd gotten four of them killed, himself being one of the dead.  He effectively cut down his group size by half, thereby losing him the battle.  While was certainly a fighter, his impatience got him and a lot of his men dead . . .  Very dead.

Then when the other half did show, they were surprised outside by a superior soldier, and lost all but one of them.  That remaining merc and the two from the first group that survived made the trip to Bunker securely restrained, blindfolded and gagged.  And, they had their teeth checked for caps.  If they had a tooth with a cap, it was simply knocked out.  Two lost teeth that night although no cyanide capsules were located.

And now, they had been marched to the brig, and were already in interrogation.  They confirmed all that Abigail said, and also told of plans to attack this place.  They revealed several items of interest about Bunker Hill unknown to any of them inside, which was confirmed.

Hayden was searching everywhere.  As soon as he found an anomaly, he would assign men to start exposing the cavity, but never through the door.  The place was beginning to look like a war zone inside.

And, Beau had been spot on.  The entire place had been wired with explosives.  Each time the charges were carefully dismantled.

General Randolph came by to speak with Haydon with some inquiries as to the huge drones they'd found.  He took the Gunny back to the room where the huge drones were located.  He had found the transmitters with which to run six of them simultaneously, and did he think we could launch one?

"Yes Sir!  I've had one in a back cavern experimenting with it.  They don't have enough power to launch themselves, but we have the wherewiths to launch them" he responded.

"Good.  That's what we were wanting to hear.  Get started training of several men to run those things, and, get some out to run the little ones.  We think they're going to be the only thing that saves us in these next few weeks.  Are they armed?  Or, at least have the capability of arming them?"

"Absolutely.  There were plans, manuals and all kinds of support stuff in storage with them.  I'll do my dead level best to have a couple ready to fly within a week.  One problem I came across while working on them, was a separate radio receiver.  If I'm correct in my guess, I believe it was an add on that would allow another to take control of it.  That would be disastrous, so I eliminated it and the matching receivers."

"Good deal.  Carry on soldier!"

The next week, William was sitting right seat in the DeHavalind as it lifted off with one of the huge drones under her wings.  It was quite a sight.  They would climb to three miles and release the load, then return for another.  In less than an hour, they were back on the ground loading the second drone.

General Randolph was in the control room for the drones watching the whole thing take place.  They timed the whole situation for further use if needed.  They would keep at least one in the air at all times doing nothing but surveillance on the twenty five square mile area of the Bunker Hill facility.  They were considering the setting up of another at Penn II.

Within two days of launching the first large drone, a contingent of four military transport trucks were seen heading straight for Bunker Hill.  Alert notifications sounded General Quarters, and men were scrambling everywhere.  Each group had their location, and it wouldn't be long before one of the doors were breached if the attackers were't stopped.

With RPG's (rocked propelled greandes) an attacker does not have to be up close.  So the attackers could commence the attack from a quart-mile away.

William nor the General would allow that to happen without a fight.  The drone was keeping them in sight, and watched as they pulled into the woods north of the facility about six miles.

As soon as they were under cover, they dismounted the trucks, and started hoofing it toward Bunker Hill.  The General had time to place about twent men shielded from the view of the approaching force.  There were less than seventy five of the intruders, but they had some big ol' guns.

The defenders were right at a quarter mile from the door in the mountain.  They would take as many men as they could, but those that wanted to fight, well, they would die.  In the meantime another man drove a vehicle laden with enough Bunker men to steal and deliver the attackers trucks back to south end of the Bunker property.

Yep!  It was a dirty trick.  But this was war.  Besides, it was best to take control of them their own selves instead of allowing some thugs to steal them.

The trucks were quickly searched after getting them away from the dismount area. cavern all by themselves.  Bugs pulled out and destroyed, ordinance unloaded, supplies and medicines transfered to Bunker trucks and all scanned for bugs.

Within a half hour of the trucks being secured, Lyndal spotted his first attacker.  He and his whole group had taken good cover and they could see that this was no trained military detachment.  Yeah, sure, they had camo, and the boots and the guns, but the uncoordinated efforts proved little if any training whatsoever.

Finally, he spotted the "Commander" and what a mess.  He was one of the Obama rentacops who must have taken his training from Kommandant Klink of Hogan's Heroes.

Lyndal sighted in and squeezed the shot off.  The rentacop commander instantly fell to the ground, his heart blown out his back.  At that, the group scattered and started running in all directions.  It seemed as though they'd lost interest in the mission.

He was astounded and disapointed at the same time.  One shot??  One shot had actually broken the back of he attack!

Few of the defending force of men had a chance to bring down someone.  But those that did shoot - wll, the targets were certainly not going to be included in another attack.  About half of the original group had gotten clean away, most never firing a shot, nearly all leaving their rifles and ordinance.

Within two weeks, Beau and Ginger both were on their feet doing itty bitty menial chores.  Seems as if they been hanging around a lot together, taking walks through the romantic dark halls of Bunker Hill.

The men taken captive at Penn II also had no military training and it was time to let them go.  They were bound, gagged, and blindfolded, and delivered into town about three a.m. one morning.  They were unloaded and marched to the back side of a building, placed up against the wall to be shot.

The charges were dereliction of duty, failing in their mission to take over and kill all at Penn II and Bunker Hill, desertion, and collaborating with the enemy.

They were all quiet as the charges were read, and they were asked if they wanted a smoke before the firing squad did their duty.  None did.  The men in charge knew if this was their own men, that this is exactly what they would be going through were it them instead.

All were still blindfolded remaining bound with hands behind their backs.  The group of six men who'd guarded and delivered them close into town were to be their executioners now.  Lyndal gave the orders, marching the squad into position and Halt!  Right face!

The sounds of the steps, the guns, the orders were all crisp and clear.  Ready!  The rifles came to bear on the targets safeties clicked off.  Aim!  Fire!

The sound of all the rifles firing at the early hour was deafening.  And the guys by the building all fell down.

Then, Left Face!  Forward - March!  And he marched his men around the building leaving those men where they fell.  Quickly the guards entered the truck, and it was driven off.

Within a minute, all of the men were laughing at the joke they'd played on the detainees.  They'd all fired blanks!

Back at the place of 'execution,' the "dead" were stirring.  One of them said, "Frank, you all right?"

"Yeah, help me get untied, I don't never want to see any of those guys again!  Talking about lousy shots!  They missed everyone of us!

"You fool!  Don't you think that for even a minute!  They simply let us go!  One of these days, I'm going to meet those guys, and I'm going to ask if I can join them."

Things were to cool off around Penn II and Bunker Hill for a while.  The mission to go to the White House was once again the top priority.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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