oc Wilson and Ladasha were waiting at the airport for the men to disembark.  Beau saw them standing beside the gurney with a couple of other attendants.  They did not approach the plane until the huge hangar door had closed, and the all clear buzzer had sounded.

It was a standing order for all to stand clear of the huge doors while six armed guards stood ready to prevent any unauthorized entry.  The hangar doors were never open for more than a few seconds, usually never lifting until the plane was closing in.  Then it was shut abruptly.

In the completion of this mission, only one man was wounded slightly.  Seeing his load would be light Doc Wilson said "LaDasha, would you see to this?"  He then looked straight at Beau and said "walk with me."

They were quite a ways walking through the donkey tunnel when Doc finally spoke.  So, I guess you were successful in the injections?"

"Yes, but there's something you need to know about the story of Dr. Nikhul's death" Beau answered.


"Yes.  Aisha did not kill Dr. Nikhul."

"But she gloried of doing such a thing.  Why do you say that?"

"Because the old man, the owner of the House of Saud told me so himself."

"And my guess is he gave you sufficient information to prove this?  If she didn't kill him, then who did?"

"He gave me ample confirming information.  He informed me that her secret lover performed the deed.  It was only the secret lover who'd ever murdered someone by literally strangling the life out of a persons heart.  He was the only obstacle standing between her and Aisha."

"And, if I assume correctly again, the gentleman identified this woman?"

"He did.  He also expressed his surprise that I actually took both of them with my pistol.  He was the last to die that day, but I really doubt he was the real Bear."

Their steps sounded briskly in the long hallway back toward the Bunker.  Doc Wilson was mulling over the information he'd just received.  It was quite different than his original information.  He was the first to speak.

"So you met this woman?  And you conversed with this woman?  What did she tell you?  Did she speak of anyone outside of that compound?"

"I did meet her.  We conversed as she led me through the maze of eye scanners.  Aisha was banking on me to return and had stated same.  This woman, this lover of Aisha . . . was as stunningly beautiful as Aisha, with beautiful deep auburn hair. She wore the Fox on her blouse.  The last thing she said before she died was 'you don't know what you've done.  You've killed the last of the predators.' "

Doc Wilson stopped in his tracks, a blank and disbelieving look on his downcast face.  Beau held out the chrome 380 which he'd taken off Lisa when he frisked her for weapons.  "This belonged to the Fox" he said.

Doc Wilson was clearly shaken.  He muttered only one word of surprise and then the question: "The Fox . . . . . . . . . .    was Lisa!?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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