ll four groups, Old Patriots (more commonly known as The Four), The Fightin' 9's, Arnies' Apes, and General Randolphs Hawks were in the midst of planning a joint venture with which to combat The Storm.

It was coming.  One could feel it, sense it with with each development coming out of the Out House.  It hadn't started with the pig moslem sitting in there as POTUS currently.  It actually started with Carter then became worse with each succeeding puppet being placed.

The Storm that the US was already feeling the effects of had taken a great leap ahead in its formation when GHW Bush was placed as puppet.  He started almost immediately with the One World Order verbiage.  His father, Prescot Bush, intermingled with the Nazis in France.  He actually helped Hitlers' rise to power.

Prescot Bush

Clinton sold us out to China, then Bush Jr. took over.  It was common knowledge that his father, GHW Bush had been a Nazi sympathizer as there are photos existing with him in a German uniform.  His grandfather, Prescott Bush had been Hitler's banker in the US during WWII.  He'd made a huge part of his fortune selling arms to the Nazis as well as the US.

George Bush Jr, Jeb Bush and a whole slough of other bigwigs in the Bush cabinet were involved up to their necks in the 9/11 World Trade Center demolition fiasco.  That was close to turn of the century.  After his time of messing in the White House, the pig moslem puppet by the name of obama was placed.

Obama was a loser in the worst description of the word.  Homosexual married to a transgender male, a large part of his cabinet were either moslem or sympathetic to the moslems.  He ran guns to ISIS and literally gave them $billions in cold hard cash.  He forced obamacare down the throats of American taxpayers, then fined them through the IRS if they didn't purchase his over expensive "free medical for everybody."

Scandal after scandal rocked the American government.  Hillary Clinton and her DNC were making millions and padding the pockets of her sympathizers from both sides of the aisle (Republican as well as Democrat).  About all the Senators and Congressmen were in bed with her being partakers of the scandals through illegal payments and favors.

Congressmen were getting rich and voting themselves raises and after one year, had their salaries guaranteed the remainder of their lives.

The obamacare medical insurance shredded the medical industry of America.  It was nothing but a rewrite of hillarycare, and even included the paragraph containing the word Dhimi which was the term for all those who converted to islam.

The term was actually slave and that meant in every sense of the word.  Hundreds of pictures show slaves who were mutilated, noses cut from faces - male and female - who lost whole arms simply because one of the animals they watched over got out of the pen.

Africa is full of one handed, one armed slaves.  Your child joined their army or you lost a limb.  Many a child would lose both hands.

The pig moslem president sought to enhance the Agenda 21 takeover of American lands including same in many of the over 1100 Executive Orders he wrote.  Now he was going for the the teeth of the resistance in America: the firearms of the individuals.

George Jr. had signed into law the Patriot Act which prevented Americans from "being mean to our muslim Americans . . ." right after the 9/11 fiasco.  Then, he launched a gun seizure (excuse me - gun confiscation) immediately after hurricane Katrina which devastated New Orleans late 2005.  That storm left hundreds of homes flooded; stranded, and were systematically looted as were hundreds of businesses.

It was decided that most of those holdouts, using firearms to defend their homes and families from looters, would have their firearms forceably removed.  Any citizen caught with a firearm had them taken at gunpoint by "officials wanting to protect them . . ." would be shot!  Young National Guardsmen were shocked.

Note: These are not
the men who beat this woman.
Her bruises do not show as of yet.

What a crock!  This author believes it was a test to see how easy it would be.  The story (with pictures) was reported of an older lady beaten unmercifully by a huge bull weighing in access of 300 lbs because she refused to hand over an old .22 pistol.  It didn't look as though the thing would even shoot!

Other reports of whole collections of firearms taken, ("confiscated" (stolen) by the 'officials' of Homeland Security) and hundreds never recovered.

Without a doubt many of those now grace some of the 'officials' homes now.  But the amount of arms taken in that area alone was enough to fill a couple of Sea Train containers.

Because of these incidents it was believed that the whole of America's citizens arms would taken by force.  That was The Storm that these men felt.  And it was evidenced by threat of sitting wannabe POTUS, pig moslem barak obama when he started going outside of the Constitution of the United States of America to deal personally with the UN to bring in forces to do just that.

Add to all that the doubling down of security at the airports brought on by the scandal surrounding the "Official Story" of how the World Trade Centers were demolished when a couple of 'hijacked jetliners' were flown into them by Muslims . . .

Gen Yamamoto

Then America turns right around and votes into office the moslem barak obama?!?!  What a lie!  What a SCANDAL!  The simple act of placing obama into office was the single most disgusting act causing the waking of America's patriots from their slumber!

Firearms sales soared.  Patriotism started being displayed.  America, the slumbering giant was shaking herself awake and aware of all the pests which had bored into her very being and began the attempt of routing out the parasites.

Remember what Naval Marshal General Isoroku Yamamoto replied when urged to invade America after the Dec. 1 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.  I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.  Japan couldn't invade because there wold be a gun behind every blade of grass . . .
note:  It is reported the quotes directly proceeding are bogus . . . although they rendered the Generals sentiments well . . .
Note:  While the characters and the situations in this series are merely fictions of the authors' imagination, the preceding paragraphs of this entire page are easily confirmed facts of history.

Now, back to the imaginative story . . . .

The commanders and officers of all four groups were busily working out schedules, ordinance, location, placement and a hundred other details in their Dash for the Outhouse.  As training and to keep them fresh, the men had been sent out in small groups to reconnoiter a twenty mile radius of the Bunker.

One group was challenged by some of Hector's militia, or what was left of it.  Two of the Mexicans were patrolling in protection of the days mules (people to carry drugs) and serving as guide in a group of illegals.  The group of illegals was larger than most excursions and had begun the journey with several women and a couple of small children.

The duo proceeded to stop the two soldiers of Arnies Apes who'd spotted them and went in advance of the remainder of the group.  Thinking they had the drop on the Apes, they'd already bitten off more than they could handle.  Major Winston Church had given the radio operator the instructions to find out where the Nines were and flank the Mexicans.

It was plain to see that not all the "soldiers" in the group of militants were aware of the American patrol.

In less than twenty minutes Majors Thrasher and Baldwin moved silently in position behind the Mexicans.  Suddenly they heard a woman with loud voice saying "No!  No!"

Thrasher went to the left of the sound and Baldwin went straight.  Major Church asked one of the Mexicans "what's going on over there?"

The Mexican didn't have his rifle pointed directly at him, but close enough to know he was feeling threatened.  He smiled the traditional Mexican sneer and said in broken English "jes a lil friendship.  Not to worry.  I'll handle it."

The sounds of a man yelling in dire fear of his life was heard briefly, then what sounded like a very short fight, then silence.  Major Church took a step forward but stopped as the speaker of the two Mexicans pointed his rifle at him.

"Your presence is not wanted here nor needed Senor.  You go and forget what you heard."

"I'll only tell you once Seeenyor.  I'm going to find out what's going on.  You are playing with death when you pointed that rifle at me" Major Church growled.

"So you try to make Pedro afraid?  Juan, take their guns."

The guy named Juan never moved.  Pedro let out a few expletives in Spanish, then glanced at Juan.  Pedro recognized the look of fear on Juans face just about the same time he felt the knife at his own throat.  He simply let his rifle fall, as Juan followed suit.

Both men were bound and sitting on the ground after being searched.  Another man was shoved into the circle so hard he fell.  He was trying to keep his britches up with one hand and hold the other hand in the air.  He got up long enough to finish hitching up his pants, then sat down next to Pedro and Juan.

Xande came into the circle then pushing another guy who was sporting a fat lip and blood streaming from his nose.  "Major Thrasher is back with the women and children" he reported to Major Church.  He called for his radio man.  Within seconds the rest of the Nines came in, the Apes traipsed in as well with yet another man.

"Sergeant, see if you can get us some female help out here and a nurse.  Have them bring transportation for six and some extra water too.  I'll find out what I can about this group" he finished.

Turns out all five men were regulars on the trail leading groups north and packing drugs as well.  A fair amount of what they called 'angel dust' was found in each of their packs.  Didn't sound like anything the leaders of the Nines and Apes felt the need to get into.  The title 'angel dust' could mean a whole range of drugs illegal in the US.

Xande started questioning the women.  "They'd started north the day before coming through the Hole with five women and two children and two early teen aged boys.  The guy named Pedro had taken off from the group while they rested last night with a young girl probably in her mid teens.  When they left camp this morning Pedro was there but the girl was not.

Neither were the two young boys.  Major Church figured he'd get more out of Juan and all the other guys put together.  He said to him "Ok Juan, you and me are going to have a little talk."

"No se habla englis" he said.  Pedro thought it was funny but the other three kept their silence.

"OK, no problem.  We'll have Xande talk to you."  At that he keyed his mike and said "Xande, when you get the chance, we have someone here who knows no English.  Can you talk to him?"

"Be right there Major."

In less than two minutes he stepped into the small clearing with the others.  Major Church motioned toward Juan then glanced toward Pedro.  Unbeknownst to his captors Pedro had slipped his bonds, and made a quick move at Juan.  One of the men behind Major Church had caught him about to make his move when saw the glint of a shank  Before he could yell and warn his companions, Pedro lunged.

Pedro was too slow.  The soldier just to the right of Major Church dropped him with an extremely hard fist.  Juan just stood there but now his demeanor had changed.  "I can talk now, but it ain't going to be pretty."

Before sundown that evening they learned the fate of the young girl and the two teenagers.  One of the boys was a brother to the girl Pedro took.  He alerted his cousin to help him protect his sister.  When they found him with her, they attacked but both were killed straight out.  To protect himself from being identified later, he killed the young girl when he'd had his way with her.

All the men of the two groups witnessed the story except the two who stayed with the women.  In another half hour Major Churches two way sounded.  The rescue vehicles were on the road which lead to Hole in the wall.

"We'll be there in ten" he responded.  A couple of the Mexicans were given the chore of carrying Pedro's now limp carcass to one of the vehicles.  The women would be delivered as per their option to the Border Patrol, the men back to Mexico with promise of firing squad if caught again.

These were desparate times - and desparate times call for desparate measures.

One has to weigh the danger in comparison to the options.  Each could stay in Mexico and face the gangs there on a daily continual basis, be held responsible for the drugs which they were carrying plus the threat to whatever kin by those same gangs - or - take the chance of getting caught while making the trek to place where there is work and relative freedom.

What choice would you the reader make?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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