ar too many people were dying enroute via illegal entry into the United States.  It was a severe problem which the sitting lame brain wanna be POTUS (obama) didn't seem to care about.

It stuck in the throat of all the men of the Nines and Apes there that day.  It would be a day none of them would soon forget as the cadavers of the three young people were located and delivered to the Bunker where they were disposed of.

But the problem wasn't with just one incident in one alleyway north.  This problem covered the border from the tip of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California covering nearly two thousand miles.  And hundreds of alleyways, tunnels and illegal crossings - hundreds were coming in via those illegal paths on a continual basis.

The problem wasn't just Mexicans seeking a better life.  True, Mexico had relieved a huge portion of their prison burden by emptying the worst offenders into the borders of the US.  But others who had not the good of America in mind, namely the moslems, were streaming across in an endless line as refugees, soon disappearing once they were inside the country.

These problems were what all the higher ups who cared for America wrestled with on a continual basis.  America was being drained financially on many many fronts, throwing her into debt from which she will never recover if a huge change weren't made immediately.  It was all part of the deliberate ploy for one thing:  To render her unable to defend herself and thereby be taken over by some One World Order leader.

True Note:  When Hitler conquered Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway, France - his goal was to rule the world.  And he had an ally: The Vatican.  Even after Germany was defeated literally thousands of his war criminal officers, death camp personnel, Jew killing ranks were hustled safely out of Germany through the Ratlines posing as priests, or being hidden in monasteries and provided new identification, money, a new life.

Many of them lived out their lives in Venezuela.  After the initial trials at Nuremberg for those who were caught and executed, the search for them pretty much went cold.  But they were dispersed all over the world to begin again the Nazi idea of one race.  There are several large Nazi groups in the US today.  Many of them over-radical to the point of being ostracized.

Take the Skin head Nazis for example.  While at this point they are merely a bump in the road, the moslem population growth on the other hand is becoming large enough to take over whole cities.  They are in places of importance within the government and have Sharia law in place in several cities.  In more and more places they are attempting to replace the Constitution with Sharia law.

Yeah.  There was a Storm brewing.  There was a huge storm building and when that storm breaks out and goes on the rampage, it will be a deadly civil war.  The problem will not be two sides squaring off, but many factions fighting.  A common thought between all of them will be to carve up this great proud nation of states united into smaller areas.

Once that happens there will be continual war between those areas, different forms of law and government.  And the end effect, the goal - will be one world government.

In order to combat these ordeals America must go on the offensive.  Just a good defensive strategy will not keep the hordes out.  It's a lot to get ones head around.  Most choose not to think about it.  The ordeal as a whole is further complicated by those factions already in high places of government.  The largest part of the battle right now is being fought from within.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soon, the Dash to the Outhouse, or just Dash for short, will take place and the removal of the sitting wanna-be president moslem loving pig will be a start for the re-establishing of America.  But that will only be the start.  Next will come the work of cleaning up what has taken place for over a century now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The weight of all this, the responsibility for the safety of the team, the guarding and maintenance of the Constitution . . . all weighing heavy on the minds of the four Commanders at the card game late one night.  Even as they played their game wisps of the heaviness would come through their conversation.  And every once in a while, a light hearted moment would come to the surface.

Suddenly, General Bradsher brought a subject to the surface that another at the table was in step with.  "What we need is some good entertainment.  Something all our crews can get into and enjoy."

"Hear hear!" echoed Turschak.

"What have you got in mind Bradsher?"  William thought he knew where this was going . . .

"How about a good fight?" he sat studying the cards in his hand without meeting the gaze of his contender.  He added "like an MMA fight.  The troops would love that!"

"You have some contestants in mind?"  William was in no mind to risk any of his men in fight which could be deadly.  He had in mind to take care of his men no matter what ribbing he would take over the matter.

General Bradsher took his time in what he wanted to say.  He knocked the ashes off his stogey and sat studying it for a second then he continued.  "Now the men of the Nines are all good men.  All excellent fighters with whatever comes to hand, or, even hand to hand combat.  I don't think they can be beat."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with my man knocking your man out in the Ready Room that day would it Bradsher?" William responded with an edge to his voice.

"Well I don't think there's a man among us that wouldn't like to see who's the best of the best - or at least the best of the two" he replied.

Bradsher was speaking again in an attempt to stifle the anger in Williams voice.  "Who do you have in your group Arny?"

"A fight amongst our own men.  Bradsher, I don't hold with that" stated William.

"You afraid your man will lose Travis?"  Without giving William a chance to respond he turned toward General Randolph and asked "you got some men who you think can fight Sherman?"

"Bradsher I have some good men I'd put against anything you got.  But stop baiting us.  I don't hold with putting up our men to fight - especially in a wire cage like animals.  Change the subject."

"Hey I didn't originate this idea.  Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard . . . all had their champions.  Plus they all have football teams, basketball teams, bowling teams . . . and, they had boxers - fighters" Bradsher finished.

"I'm well aware of that Bradsher" William stated.  "If a man in my group wants to fight, has trained to fight in these modes of contest - well, that would be different . . .  That's his choice.  But to put my man into a ring like dogs because one of your ill-trained Banty roosters got cocky and braced one of my men and got owned by him . . . well I don't think that constitutes a rematch.  I just think your guy needed a good lesson and Beau gave it to him."

"Careful Travis.  I'll personally have you in the ring on challenge if you keep talking like that."

"Bradsher you never saw the day you could whip me, and I will honor your challenge.  You want to make it to the death?"

Suddenly it was deathly quiet in the room.  Everyone except William was extremely interested in their cards.  His continued stare at General Bradsher did not go unnoticed.  A knock on the door and after several very uncomfortable moments said William said "Come."

Beau stuck his head in and said "Commander Travis.  General Philbin is here."

"Send him in Beau.  Make sure his entourage is well taken care of.  How did they get here Beau?

"Ginger had a final round of supplies and ammunitions located in the Virginia Bunker to be delivered to their place.  She had the room so he and an aid came in with her.  He has some vital information he feels you should be apprised of and then a new project he needs several peopel to assist.  Called The Join."

Very well, show him in.  And get the man some java and a stogy.  Thanks Beau.

"Yes sir."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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