ung Wu sat there in stoic silence as he pondered on how much he should reveal to her.  He thought it best for William to inform her of what he knew.  But he did decide to answer her questions, but would not venture beyond those questions.

"Yes."  He sat there wanting to reveal a lot more to her, but decided to wait.

"I'd never seen him before Monday night" she said lowly.  I was in sleep paralysis, just coming out from under the sleep relaxants.  I have wondered how I could see him.  I hadn't even moved my head nor were my eyes open.

At first I thought I was just hallucinating, but found myself attempting to yell and scare him away because I thought he was going to kill William.  I know I must have been further under than I thought."

"I didn't know until you confirmed him that I didn't just dream it.  I've not mentioned this to anyone but you.  I was afraid I'd become the laughing stock of the bunch.  And I won't mention it outside of you or William.  I may not even mention to William."

Sung Wu took another sip of his coffee which was cooling, got up and walked over to the cabinet, picked up the carafe and refilled both their cups.  He didn't respond to her statement.  He felt she needed to talk some more and to respond at this point might throw her direction off.

She began by talking of an article William had read while in an airport of the Alamo.  In it were some characters, one of which was a William B. Travis.  He had been a colonel in the Texas army and commanded the small army attempting to ward off Santa Anna and his huge army at the Alamo.

He was the man that became famous when he drew the line in the sand with his sword and stating "anyone willing to fight to the death step across this line."  Also he penned the plea for help stating, 'we'll fight to the death.'

"Then, there was a piece about a town in the west called Smile.  In California somewhere, the location William failed to get.  This man was also a lawman.  If my sources are correct, William is blood kin to one Tobias Gale, the son of Yancey Gale.  Tobias Gale married a full blood Cherokee by the name of Golden Fawn."

"These were ancestors of William.  Tobe Ornotobe was another ancestor as it was his son, Fighting Eagle and the daughter of Tobias who married giving birth to a son and a daughter by the name of her mother, Rozene."

"That's all very interesting Sharon.  What is the source of your information?"  Sung Wu inquired.

"From the Desert Gazette.  I found it in a search using the keyword 'burned.'  I was following a link about a western gang called the Innocents who were located in Robbers Roost out from a little town called Bannack.  The leader was actually a Sheriff and several of his gang were deputies.  They killed and raided almost with impunity.  That is, until Tobias Gale went after him with a posse."

"Tobias hung those men, Sheriff and all on their own gallows.  Tobias was a US Marshall and wore a badge his grandfather, Lloyd Franks was wearing when he was ambushed from cover.  The badge was quite famous, and while there were many such badges, this one was the only badge with a bullet hole it."

"There was also a trading post known as Smile Of The Gods, later referred to as SMOG."  It was there Tobias Gale and William Travis, nephew of the famous Alamo Colonel who died with his whole command, lived.  The post had been built by Tobias' father and mother, Yancey and Sarah (Franks) Gale.  They were a trusted ally with the Indian population round abouts."

"Yancey purchased the land and properly registered it.  Because of that, the Land Office was unable to sell the land as they'd done several times prior.  What the law did not know was the land owners were killed by 'Commancheros,' a group of white thugs who preyed on Indians as well as other whites, wagon trains, and settlers.  To hide their antics they dressed as Indians."

There really was a tribe of Indians called the Commancheros.  They were a mild mannered and docile group, half Mexican and half Indian, who traded with all the plains Indians.  But the rogue whites would dress as Commancheros and gave them a bad name.

Sharon took a sip of her coffee, regathered her focus and continued.  "The draw in which the Trading Post was built had the only water for miles around.  One day the Commancheros raided a village close by killing the chief, a good and trusted friend of Yanceys.  The same band of thugs later shot and killed both Yancey and Sarah Gale."

"The squaw of the chief killed by the Commancheros had escaped but lost their son.  She was in the house caring for Tobias.  She heard the shot that killed Yancey, then Sarah as she screamed and ran to his body.  She was shot and fell beside him.  The squaw of the chief they'd just killed had come to Yancey and Sarahs for help, was peering out of the port hole of the house leveled a .50 cal Spencer at the man who was carrying her husbands scalp."

"The group scattered at the sound of the big gun.  After dark, the squaw left the little post built-in-the-mountain and disappeared.  She raised Tobias as her own amongst the Indians.  Later Tobias would be rescued and after becoming a US Marshall, was the target of an assassination by the same people who killed his grandfather, US Marshall Lloyd Franks.  Seemed as if the crooks of that time targeted US Marshalls."

"One of the nephews of Yancey's arch enemy placed a bounty on the head of Tobias Gale.  He then went and registered the Gale land in his own name, then promptly sold it to the Cavalry for a fort to be used as a hub in the killing of the local Indian using "uprisings" as the excuse.  The Cavalry thought they had the right to go in and commandeer the post, having paid for the land.  What makes all this so significant is the Generals name."

Sharon paused for a while as if considering whether or not to continue.  She took a breath, quietly said "The Generals name was Lyons.  Whether or not Raul Lyons is related or a descendant of this General Lyons I haven't a clue.  But the coincidence is rather strange and quite unsettling."

Sung Wu felt there was a connection.  And it had something to do with the guns.  He ventured a question; "was there any mention of guns, particular guns - in the article?"

"Yes.  There was a mention of a small caliber derringer.  It was Sarah who shot the old man Lever in his botched attempt of robbing and killing her and Yancey for their gold stash.  The gun changed hands a few times taken off her body when she was shot, but all trace of it was eventually lost."


Sharon then asked, "Do you think there's any connection to the small derringer, the dueling pistols and this fight?"

"In my mind there is no doubt about it."

Sharon then ventured in a seemingly distant path.  "Do you know who Angel is?"

"Now that is one question to which I do not have the answer" responded Sung Wu.  After considering the matter a moment, he replied, "but I am sure she is woven into this story a multiple of times."

Sharon wondered at his statement when he called Angel a 'she.'  Did he know something he wasn't sharing?

They would soon learn the identity of Angel, and it would surprise the whole lot of them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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