ey Philibin!  How ya doin' man?"

William set his cards down on the table and said "I'm out" as he got up.  He shook General Philbins hand and said "You know everybody?" as he gestered around the table.

"Yeah not well, but I'ven been introduced to them all" he responded.

Philbins Sabres

General Randolph folded his hand and laid it on the table, stood up and shook the Generals hand.  "Been a while Philbin.  You still flying?"

"Yeah, I still fly when I can.  Not having the coordinates or numbers to your coms, well, I wouldn't take risk.  I've heard you guys get pretty salty sometimes and I didn't want surprise you all.  I want to keep my Sabre in the air for a while.

"We'll have Ginger or Amy to get you set up while you're here.  You know Generals Bradsher and Turschak?"

"Yeah we've met.  How ya doin' Joseph?"  He shook his hands and then turned to General Bradsher and shook his hand.  "General, you still got that Barlow?"

"Yes sir.  There ain't enough armies in Russia to take that away from me!  How ya doin' since taking that bullet"?

"Aw it was just a flesh wound.  Lost a lil red stuff but I'm good.  He then turned back to William and Sherman and said "I want to thank you for helping us out with the supplies and ordinance.  You saved Gene Batemas life.  He's up and walking around a little now."

General Randolph asked "What brings you up this way Philbin?"

f86 Sabre

"Well, I just got some information a week or so ago and didn't have much of a way to confirm the intel.  I sent out two details to put glass on and confirm and then took my little Sabre up and did a fly over.  Didn't have much of a camera but a lot better than nothing at all.  I came to see if you guys would be interested in coming down and help me take these goons out."

"That's we're here for Philbin.  What kind of ordinance are we up against?" Turschak asked.

"On the picts I have I've counted only a half dozen light tanks, about three dozen two-ton troop carriers, two dozen small Jeep like vehicles - and six Humvees.  I did see a couple of wheeled howitzers but they are not very big.  I'm thinking it's all old Soviet surplus.  By the way they've assembled they don't seem as if they're organized at all.

"You have any idea who's amassing an army like that?  Where would they get the money?  If it were the Ruskies we'd already have known about it through our little Radar systems."

"The best I can figure it with the limited nfo I have currently, I'm thinking it's a rogue bunch of ISIS.  If it were the UN they would have entered at some port somewhere.

I have information of several UN imports and they've been routed and ordinance taken, men taken interrogated and imprisoned.  I have no idea where those particular stashes are - but I do believe that the forces that took the ordinance were small American militias."

William glanced at Sherman who had a glint in his eye.  "We might have an idea about that . . .  Did you by chance do an extended range flyover?  I mean to learn if there are more along the road who have not made the staging area yet?  Any air support?"

"To both questions, none that I could detect.  I didn't even see any Mexican planes even though I ventured fifty miles inside their air space" replied General Philbin.

"How long has this contingent been there Philbin?" asked General Bradsher.  "I had a contingent all the way down the border a month ago but we didn't see anything from the ground."

A knock at the door broke into the conversation and Beau stuck his head through the door. "Yes colonel."

"Sir, General Caroline Caderette and colonel Pamela Forristall have just arrived.  I've shown them to the Officers lounge to freshen up.  Want me to send them in?"

paradigm patch

"No, I think we should meet them in the Ready Room colonel.  Show them there in about ten."

"Yes sir."

William turned to the men in the card room.  "Looks like our visitors have arrived early.  Have you met these ladies yet?"

"I know them" responded General Randolph.  "Tough lot and quite a dish of eye candy . . . both of 'em!"

William laughed and asked "Philibin, do you have your intel with you?"

General Philibin slapped his briefcase after picking it up and said "right here William.  I'm ready."

"General Randolph lead over?  I'll stop in and inform Sandra and Sung Wu of the Paradigms arrival.  I figure they probably have a reason for being here early.  I'll be right there."

"Sure thing William."  At that he started for the door and the others followed single file.

Within ten minutes William entered the Ready Room with Sharon and Sung Wu in tow.  "I knew better than to show up without Sharon and Sung Wu" he said as they entered.  Good to see you.  I have to apologize for not meeting you.  We were expecting you tomorrow morning."

General Caroline Cadarette had met Sung Wu in his restaurant prior to it being destroyed and they had enjoyed the compansionship of a few visits together.  When he joined the Old Patriots, she figured he'd died in the explosion.  When at a later time she visited the Bunker she seemed overly happy to be reaquainted.

"The pleasure is ours Commander.  And we apologize for being early.  I have a detachment of ladies on their way here.  Can your guides get em in quickly?  I trust you have sufficient room for them but if not they can bivouac close if you don't have facilities in which to house them.  We just need to get them out of sight."

We certainly do have room for them.  I'm sure colonel Adams is seeing to their arrival as we speak.  He glanced at Sung Wu who immediately said "Excuse me" and exited the room immediately.

"Thank you Commander.  I extend once more our apologies.  My troops were not supposed to follow until I'd made prior arrangements with you, but we were forced to find shelter ASAP from the border.  General Philbin and I are probably here for the same reason.  I have with me some intel to share that I feel is of utmost importance.  That's why we flew in."

Sharon spoke then.  We certainly do have a place for them and we can get your vehicles inside as well.  Beau is absolutely marvelous at taking care of these things.  Have you been assigned personal quarters as of yet?

"No, we were met by Beau at our request of utmost importance.  Our personal effects are still in the Cessna.  Perhaps I could burden you for some personal needs after we finish here?"

"By all means.  Sung Wu and I will assist you with everything.  I'll see to your personal items and quarters while you talk.  Excuse me."

William and General Randolph had shown them to the huge round table which stood in a private conference room off one side of the Ready Room.  "Smoke em if you got 'em gentlemen."

Commander Philbin pulled out a couple of folders from which he produced a stack of pictures.  "You meet up with my scouts?" he asked of General Cadarette.

"Yes we did" said colonel Forristal.  On their way back in they located a group of men about one hundred strong all under camo net.  Their ordinance wasn't vast but their organization setup was kind of puzzling.  The people driving the trucks look as though they were off the streets of the poor section of Baghdad.  But the troops under camo were all in uniform."

"Two different detachments?" General Randolph asked.

"Could be" General Philbin agreed.

"This setup sounds like the one we learned of some weeks back.  They drop the uniforms in under darkness and separate from ordinance.  To drive the vehicles across country they give street urchins the promise of freedom in America.  If they get captured so what?  At least they have the vehicles delivered to people who is intended to use them" exlplained General Cadarette.

"At this point they have not crossed the border yet so there's not a lot we can do.  But we do need to keep them under serveilance."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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