t seems as though adversaries, once made, will fight each other in following generations.  In his tenure as an FBI Agent in his early years, William had made several.  Those outside the law are always offended at those who uphold the law, and they will continue doting on retaliation while both in and out of prison.

Some of the time these offended will forget about retaliation and attempt to go on in life without this offense directing their course.  Then, sometimes retaliation becomes a cancer.  They forget the reason they were apprehended and punished, replacing that knowledge with bittiness at being caught in their crime.  That they were breaking the law matters little.

According to the law, punishment is to be commiserate with the level of the crime.  Many of those who have died in prison, or executed cannot relate to the law, or that they've even comitted a crime.  They see legal justice as an attack on their liberty.  And their offspring often picks this up and carries it forward all the while enlarging on it.

General Lyons of the Cavalry had a grand daughter who listened to him talk before he died.  Grandparents have no idea as to the weight of influence they have over their grandchildren, many times surpassing that of the child's parents.  Most parents want their children to be law abiding people and attempt to teach them this.  But that door swings both ways.  Crooks raise crooks.  Criminals raise criminals.

This daughters name was Angeline.  The meaning of Angeline is "She knows."  And General Lyons made sure of that.  But of course, it was a one sided view, and, it was all bitter.  The only undertaking General Lyons had failed at was the taking of The Post."  It rankled.  It was an affront to his reputation as a General who got things done.  It ate at him until he died.

Part of that bitterness stemmed from his own actions one morning in front of a restaurant full of patrons.  Clanking around amongst chairs, generally making a spectacle of himself as well as his two cohorts with him that morning.  It became a laughing matter in and around Smile as well as amongst his own command.  It became lore and legend spoken of around campfires for ages.

As an old retired General, it festered, and ate at his self-dignity and ego.  He would go to his grave with this being his last thought on this earth.  The final and worst indignity he'd brought onto himself in his quest to bring down Ornotobe and the "great Marshall himself;" US Marshall Tobias Gale.

But the night General Lyons went after Tobias Gale, he had been captured by one of Tobias' men, marched to the meeting already in place, and marched right up to face not only Marshall Gale, but Tobe Ornotobe, and the Generals own superiors who had ordered him to drop his self-appointed mission to apprehend Gale and Ornotobe and bring them to justice . . .his justice.

At that meeting he faced several of those he had wronged, refused to hear the testimony of or respond to the testimony of those witnesses.  His surperior then bound him over to the judge, another US Marshall retired who filed charges

He was then bound over to a military tribunal which cashiered him on the spot and sentenced him to hang.  He was hung at first light the next morning.  Hundreds of witnesses to crimes by the companies he lead were there to see the great justice awarded him.

In time, his granddaughter - Angeline, had her own granddaughter.  Whom shared her grandmothers' namesake - Angeline, heard of all these proceedings and recoiled in shame for their respected and revered - although crooked - Grandfather General Lyons.  Angeline repeated her and over her own grandfathers words in her own granddaughters ears.  Angel, as the granddaughter was called, was the mother of Raul Lyons.

So Raul was born with the seed of this bitterness and hate in him.  He was constantly in trouble with the authorities and had a rap sheet a mile long.  One day he hoped to right this horrendous wrong so his great-great grandfather could rest in peace.  It drove him.  He could not get away from the scene which had been so vividly portrayed to him.

Angel had something that had been of great value to Williams family.  General Lyons son came into ownership of a cache of reports and history which had been stored in an old trunk.  The bloodlines of all the characters and their descendants were all neatly and correctly recorded on these ledgers.

With the knowledge of great wrong committed against his father fresh in his mind, he knew one day he'd be able to right the wrong suffered by his forefather.

All he had to do was keep up with the current gossip about who married who, the offspring and their activities.  It hadn't been too hard since some of the opposing group, the Lever clan and associates, pretty much had an ally within their group down through the times.  And it was no different now.

There was an ally within their own group currently.  The problem was in learning the identity of that person and ferret them out.  Deal with the situation.  But who's to keep allies away in the future?  There had to be another solution.

Sharon and Sung Wu spent most of the morning at the breakfast table.  It was soothing to her and a significant boost to her healing.  She still had dizzy spells, but this morning would be the final one.

Raul's' nephew was the one who'd fired the .22 shot which had punctured Williams' lung.  But it was from a rifle.  Raul was wanting a .32 caliber shot, the same size which had killed old man Lever.  But it was not such a significant matter that he would pass up an opportunity to appease his life's' goal.

But Raul had no idea that his luck was gonna change.  It would be such a welcome addition to his arsenal and become his most prized possession.  It all came by way of a burglary of one of his forbears.

Rod Lyons, was a grandson of General Lyons.  In his existence on this earth he was known as a thief, a liar, a cheat - just an all around no account thug.  He was born out of wedlock; but a prized lady in a house of ill repute, the father an escaped convict who had been recaptured and hung prior to Rods birth.

Upon learning she was pregnant, which was a huge no-no, the bar above which worked, threw her out on the street.  A wagon-train heading west believed her story of being a victim of an Indian attack and gave her a ride westward.  When her time came to deliver, she was in a wagon on which a rear wheel had broken leaving it at a bad angle.

By this time her lie had been discovered and she was left with the broken wagon.  A hanger-on traveling with the wagon train sympathized with her and removed her from the wagon, placing her on the bed he'd made on the level ground under it.  It wasn't much but at least it provided some shelter.

She was nigh on to death when she delivered.  The man doing all he could to help her, crudely wrapped the baby boy up, begrudgingly having to learn firsthand how to take care of an infant.

An hour passed and the little feller was crying fiercely.  She took him to her breast, and lookin up at King Crow, the only name she knew of the vagrant and stated "His name is Axel Rod Lyons."

A few minutes later she had grown still and quiet and he looked at her.  Her eyes were open, fixated and unseeing on the axle above her head and surmised that's where the name came from.  As far as the last name, he correctly figured it was her maiden name.

King carried the newborn back to a little shack of a stage coach shop explaining the situation about the mother leaving off her background using the story she had concocted.  He mentioned the baby's name, gave a young girl the boy and a pistol, some ammo and a silver dollar for his keep, then disappeared.  King kept up with the toddler from a distance, never getting to know him.  But he knew his reputation.

Rod had been rescued from the little shack and a miserable existence by a well to do woman by the name of Angeline Lyons, also the granddaughter of General Lyons, Indian genocide expert extraordinaire.  She reared him as her own, planting in him the seed of hate for the Arnholdt, Gale and Travis down lines.

Rod would die young in life for theft.  One of his last burglaries netted an old trunk full of papers, pictures, Deeds of Trust - financial papers that meant little to anyone else.  He had not even looked through the trunk.  Having little education, the scribbling on the paper meant nothing to him.

But his granddaughter did go through the trunk.  It was what she found at the bottom of the trunk that was so priceless.  She was the granddaughter of the first Angeline and Axel Rod Lyons; a result of incest.  To keep them separate, she was called Angel.

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