eneral Sherman Randolph was transported to the bunker hospital where he was put into ICU.  A close examination proved what he'd been through.  Doc Lane Wilson was amazed that he'd been able to get off the bed where he was shackled, much less done battle killing a total of eight men.  Everywhere he went, he had left a trail of bodies.

If you're trying to harm his beloved America, you unleased a maddened crossbreed of a she-bear and a badger, and there would be hell to pay.  This was only the latest of many times he'd put his life on the line for his country.

George Gacy had died early on in the battle.  He'd chosen to breach the wall close to where several of the thugs were just getting ready to walk to their posts for the day.  Although he took three of them with him, the men of the Patriot Gentleman's Club carried his body out to the truck with forty eight bullet holes.  Old Joe had suffered a severe hit as well, and they didn't know if he was going to make it.

Hazard was going around stripping the bodies of firearms and weapons of any kind, kicking in doors, examining the entire structure for hidden entry doors to secret rooms.  He found three, and two of them were stacked to the ceiling with arms.  And yes, they were the French Rogue army which still held grudge against America for several ignorant infractions that only they considered were infractions.

Nothing but private contractors hired by the highest bidder, they claimed French Legion status, but they were actually more in line with the every day street thug roaming the streets right this minute.  They'd been hired by the Russians for delivery and guarding of ordinance, and they had failed, even getting some Russians killed in the process.  So the ruskies were not happy with them at the moment.

The authorities in the hierarchy of that small organization had no qualms about what they did on their own time, and many were conducting raids in the neighboring towns, bringing in more and more women with which to pleasure themselves until they were through with them.  At which time, they would merely take them out to the killing field of the Hanoi Hilton, unmercilessly commiting them to the earth from whence they came.

William studied the current goings on in Missouri and knew what would happen if the current race riots weren't brought under control.  Starting after the negative media raced to cover a shooting in a small Missouri town, a liar was believed, and the incursions began immediately.  Had the entire incident not been on video, the nation would have probably crucified the small town cop out trying to do his job.  As it was, the video saved him and proved the instigator a liar.

He was in close proximity to the incident when the 911 call sent him racing to the scene of a robbery.  A huge bully of a black kid was accosting the proprietor because the much smaller man was berating him for stealing cigars.  He walked out side and the cop pulled up with lights flashing.  The bully then attacked the cruiser on the passenger side making his way around to the driver door and attacking the policeman who was strapped into his seat, basically restrained from protecting himself.

The black kid pummeled the officer fiercely, all the while trying to get his pistol.  He did some serious damage to the policeman.  He then strolled away like nothing whatsoever had happened.  Upon extracting himself from the cruiser, the cop pulled his gun and ordered the man to stop.  Instead, the big bully bull-rushed the cop with head down.  The cop yelled twice for him to stop, and then fired five times killing the out of control bully.

The liar instantly started screaming "execution, execution, this white cop just killed this innocent unarmed black kid, shooting him in the back with his hands up.  It angered America.  That is until the true story started surfacing.  But the local black populace believed the liar and that night after dark, began rioting, burning businesses, cars, aa well as pelting police lines with bricks.

The Highway police were called in but did little.  Emboldened the riots just got rowdier and worse.  Then the National Guard was called in, but they did little.  Reports started surfacing that paid instigators were being discovered, that then Attorney General Eric Holder was paying instigators cash on the spot to push the riots.

Racial unrest was breaking out all over the US, and the whites had had enough of the burning and looting.  But when a black cop shoots Dillon Taylor, a white kid who did nothing; did not attack the police officer, did not run, did not resist, he winds up being shot dead.  The double standard of reporting of the media never mentioned race in Utah, but in St Louis it was always mentioned in every verbal exchange.  The whole Ferguson thing smacked of a setup to cause racial unrest.

But then, in the Utah killing, there's lack of media, the lack of rioting, burning, looting, even though the Utah shooting was nigh on to execution style militarized police murder.  But opposite of that, Ferguson was taking a turn for the worse, as more and more riots broke out.  The current administration (the obama administration), was consenting in the decision.

There was a revolution coming.  There was no doubt.  It loomed on the horizon: pushed, goaded and brought on after numerous illegal infractions by the current administration racked up higher and higher debt, spending, regulations, illegal Executive Orders, bypassing Congress, Congress allowing each and every infraction to go unchallenged.  Muslim sympathetic men were placed in extremely sensitive military positions.

Purge after purge of high ranking military officials who were not for the POTUS, continual scandal after scandal, the giving away of Alaskan Islands to Russia, the signing of business deals with China, the supplying of arms to Muslim nations and nations opposing Israel.  The purchase of many, many armored vehicles for FEMA, the militarization of the police with weapons that came from the military, that would be used in war . . .  In one purchase he government had bought five hundred million rounds of .40 cal pistol ammuntion.

Somehow, the military "lost" some Ground-to-Air shoulder-fired missiles in Benghazi.  It was later learned that the Benghazi incident was nothing more than a cover-up of running guns to the Muslims in which, of course, Hillary Clinton was involved up to her eyes.

But supplying American military ordinance to enemy nations was done more than once, and reports are still popping up.  The leaving of military might in Islam controlled countries, the giving of some twenty of America's top Air Force fighter planes to Egypt, the refusal to deal with the Iranian buildup of nuclear weapons.  The UN was now flying our air space "protecting" us, and they were also pushing gun confiscation.

William knew if the situation escalated, We The People, the believers in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, would rise up.  He also knew the Presidents Executive order giving Amnesty to the five million + Mexican illegal aliens was pushing the We The People crowd into the corner.  Neither would he protect our borders.  It was all adding up to a revolution.

And William knew it would begin in one of two ways: Gun confiscation attempts, or the placing of America under Martial Law.  Martial Law has it's place.  But after the modifications made by inept, lying, thieving, scandal ridden, debauchery plagued presidential administration, things were going to get real bad, and immediately!

He thought about the article he was reading on Marmatt.com, and considered the ramifications.  He read on:

Under the Executive Order signed on sixteen March two thousand twelve, "President" Obama signed an Executive Order claiming full authority over all activities within the United States.

These activities include all transportation, energy, agriculture, Homeland Security, as well as the authority over all resources within the United States and their specific allocation.  The Executive Order further creates additional bureaucracies delegated to his immediate Cabinet members as well as a new National Defense Executive Reserve (NDER) "composed of persons of recognized expertise from various segments of the private sector . . ." [Section 501]

This Executive Order by Obama draws on the original "Defense Production Act of 1950", [50 U.S.C. App. 2061] This was an act of Congress, which is why it is called an "Act."  It is legislation drafted and approved by Congress, and signed into law by President Harry Truman in 1950.

Now armed with the original Congressional intent of the "Defense Production Act of 1950" as amended, what does Obama's Executive Order do that he signed on March 16, 2012?

1. Obama's Executive Order completely bypasses and ignores the Congress of the United States in direct violation of the "Defense Production Act of 1950!"
2. Obama's Executive Order completely ignores the prohibitions of Presidential authority in the "Defense Production Act of 1950!"
3. Obama's Executive Order creates Presidential authorities that do not exist in the "Defense Production Act of 1950", and not authorized by Congress!

In short, Obama's Executive Order claims Presidential authority over all resources and technology of the United States reserving that authority strictly to the Executive Branch of our American government.  The frightening part of the Order is that it intends it to apply "in peacetime and in national emergency." [Section 102]

The Order further extends its authority over all "subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel." [Section 103(b)]  As previously prohibited by Congress in the original Act, Obama now claims the authority to force "action or compliance by any private person to assist in any way in the production of or other involvement in chemical of biological warfare capabilities . . ."  If Obama decided he wants my aviation repair business, he can take it under his new Executive Order, as well as force me to continue my ownership under his specific direction! (relegating me to nothing more than a slave - a dhimmi- if you will).  He can now demand this either in peacetime or in the case of national security emergency.

It was plain as the nose on your face.  With the influx of Mexicans coming over the borders by the hundreds of thousands who would be sympathetic to the Democrat vote, the placing of Muslims in high places of national security and high places of command within the military, the purging of Patriotic officials in high places, it was very plain.  Obama was getting ready to make his move at taking over the United States.

And traitors to the Constitution; the Clintons, Democrat controlled Congress, and like manner of the dog family, had deliberately placed America there with their communistic agenda.  America was going into revolution, and soon.  Obama would declare martial law and unleash all his wolves of hell across the land to commit all the thuggery they could accomplish, and that, with impunity.  And, he could do that by simply feeling "threatened . . .)

Yes, America was at war.

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