aul instantly spun and fired.  Too fast.  William felt the ball sink deep into his upper left shoulder.  Not an instantaneous kill shot, but one that would kill nonetheless without immediate medical attention.

William spun quickly, but not so quickly as to chance a miss which is what Raul had done.  But even though he was first to shoot, and his mark sank home, his opponent was not down and still had a live, loaded pistol.  William on the other hand had deliberately made himself turn slower forcing himself to obtain front site-center-mass before he pulled the trigger.

All this was done in fluid activity in split seconds.  William performed admirably although severely wounded.  Raul performed hastily, and had missed taking out his opponent.

The shot sank home taking the third button of Rauls shirt through his heart.  Raul, knowing he had but seconds, dropped the pistol as he drew his SIG, and using his last strength, brought it up to front-site-center-mass . . . but saw another blossom as Williams own XD spoke a split second before Raul squeezed the trigger on his backup gun.

Neither man were supposed to use a backup.  And William had not drawn his until he saw Raul dragging his regular carry out.  But that is where he failed big time.  William was a professional.  He practiced daily and was extremely adept at presentation of his XD almost as if by magic.

Raul had been the first to fire, and had been the first to draw his main carry.  But William was much faster in his drawing of the second firearm and it saved his life.  He saw a dirty spot appear on Rauls forehead, saw him stiffen then fall like a plank straight backward.  Then he promptly passed out.  He was bound for another stay in the hospital.  Man! . . . this was gettig old.

William had won this round.  But he was not foolish enough to think it was all over.  He figured it was far from that.  Raul had figured this thing out from the get-go, time and time again . . . for years.

And thought he had taken advantage of every scenario.  And he thought he had the advantage over William.  But this sure had not been Williams first rodeo!

William's team had played Raul's game of chess and their strategy of being prepared to the point of taking advantage of every situation had saved them many, many times.

William had also planned for Sharons safety and had a contingency of girls around her.  Williams men had played every scenario they could possibly think of to get at her, then plug those gaps.

But there was one hole they'd failed to plug.  The last spy.  She had worked beside William and Sharon in more than one mission, had saved countless lives, had trained with Sung Wu, was a master martial artist, excellent in weaponry, but she was still a bur of the enemy's camp.

She was the only person on the inside of Williams camp to report only to Angel.  She was the one who reported all the activities of Angel's other plants, all of them men  But no one knew of this spy.  And her correspondence was right under the noses of the computer geeks of Williams group.

Angel thought she was to be apprehended when the two girls met her.  Had General Sherman, Sung Wu, Jesse, Joe, or Beau recognized who she was, they would certainly have captured her.  Since no one recognized who she was, she simply turned around and left.

Angel was sick with disappointment.  Raul had failed her, Talbert, Link, Gino . . . all failed, captured or dead . . . but there was still one.

And now, it was time to use her Ace in the hole.  Her Ace had become one of Sharon's trusted girls.  She was one of the 'rescued' from the Hanoi Hilton, had gained the trust and the position to protect Sharon.  Although she knew the three other plants, they were not aware of her as a plant.  So far, no one knew it.

At some point or another, being someone you're not - will expose itself.  It may take years, but sooner or later a spy will slip up.  Hopefully, no one catches it, and if someone happens to catch the slip up, one has to be able to explain it off or switch to plan "B" in mid-stream.

And she had slipped up by leaving her fingerprint where it was not supposed to be.  And someone caught it.

Her name: Lela Clyborn.  And she was in the room with Sharon.  A simple thing like a finger print.  But she was everywhere.  Evidence of her presence was not a hidden thing; it just didn't need to be.  Well, almost.  She had no business in William and Sharon's personal belongings.  After she handled the gun case she carefully wiped it down.  But she left a single print on the inner edge of the rim.

It was Jesse who caught it.  He was turning over every last bit of possible information to learn the identity of the last plant.  He had begun to suspect one of the girls, and since he knew Amy and Andrea so well, he had made sure one of them was with Sharon at all times.  Sure, there would be other girls with her, but never by themselves.

Since the pistol had gone missing without Williams knowledge, and a new note had been placed in there, it had to be someone with high security clearance and close access.  Just out of curiosity, though thinking if someone that good would be careless enough to leave a print . . . . . it was just too much to ask for.  But he carefully checked anyway.  And the print, although merely a partial, was enough to identify her.

Now everyone at the Bunker was printed, picture and DNA registered.  And as a precautionary measure, if an order came through to move Sharon, Beau, Randal, Jesse, William, Joe, Willie, Doc Adams, General Sherman, Sung Wu . . . while they were incapacitated or under heavy security, the order must be confirmed through two sources.

Andrea and Lela were with Sharon when an order came to bring Sharon and meet at the football stadium.  Lela informed Sharon, and she began to make ready.  Sharon knew the protocol as well as Lela and Andrea, but she made ready.  Her worry over William had distracted her enough to simply overlook the precautionary measure.  But Lela had slipped her a mild sedative to be on the safe side.

But Andrea had not received confirmation as of yet.  She padded in to talk to Sharon that it would be a little while before they would leave as she had not received confirmation.  Lela was pushing Sharon to hurry, let's go now.

Andrea thought Lela was acting a little out of the ordinary, but just marked it down as jitters over the battle William would fight and, there was always the possibility that he could lose.  Also, from whom had the original order to move Sharon come?  Andrea went back to the living room of Sharon and Williams quarters and texted Jesse.

Jesse informed Andrea of the wound William had received and were now enroute to the Bunker as they spoke.  NO ONE was to take Sharon anywhere!  Although her cellphone was on silent, Lela sensed that Andrea was leery and that she would attempt to get confirmation.  If she learned contrary to what Lela was saying . . . . Lela could not let that happen.

Andrea never saw it coming.  It was almost identical to the move Talbert had made in an attempt to kill Beau.  Andrea hit the floor as if dead.  Satisfied she had killed Andrea, Lela moved her to the couch, turned her swollen temple to the pillow, and covered her body with a throw to look as if she were sleeping.

Lela walked out the door with Sharon in tow and headed for the Donkey tunnel which led to the airport, intending to exit through the PBX room.  Jesse did not know Lela was on watch with Sharon.  She had switched places with another girl for the evening, that girl having a serious headache, again, compliments of Lela.

Jesse was going berserk.  Andrea suddenly was not answering her texts.  She had gone silent right after he told her NOT to let Sharon be moved.

Lela would disappear with Sharon in less that six minutes.  Although Sharon was awake and walking, she was sedated to the point of not having a clue as to the danger she was in.

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