esse had been able to get Amy involved, and Amy was ready for anything.  And she decided to let Lela come to her.  Lela would not be expecting her.

Lela walked in front of Sharon to "make sure there were no threats."  She opened the door leading to the Donkey tunnel and came face to face with Amy Rodgers.  Startled and off balance, she threw a blow aimed at the Amy's neck.

Sharon by this time was little more than a walking vegetable from the "relaxer" Lela had given her.  She would be of no help to Amy, neither would she be a danger to Lela.

Lela was about a half-inch shorter than Amy, but weighed in very close to the same weight.  They were closely matched in martial arts skills, so this would be a fight like neither had ever fought before.

Amy had the advantage over Lela from the start being forewarned by Jesse, and she had her feet firmly planted when Lela swung the first blow.  Lela was at the disadvantage not expecting anyone to be leery of her and Sharon.  So first blood belonged to Amy as she planted a straight up palm to Lela's nose, splattering blood everywhere.

Lela was dazed but continued her fight to disable Amy.  It was a vicious attack, Lela coming back at Amy with a switchblade, ripping a shallow gash in Amy's arm.  Spinning she dropped low attempting a sweep of Amy's feet, expecting her to fall forward and onto the blade ending the fight very quickly.

Amy saw it coming, jumped straight up, kicking out, the heel of her shoe catching Lela's' chin.  It would have been a knockout blow had it connected, but did not have the force required.  Lela dodged left, letting the brunt of Amy's' kick slide to the right side of her face.

By this time, Amy had her own Arkansas toothpick in her hand.  She slapped the new frontal attack of Lela's aside, her momentum carrying her past Amy.

Amy's blade sank home, catching the left carotid artery in Lela's neck.  She was done, and went to the floor, her heart pumping blood furiously with the adrenalin pushing her heart into a racing frenzy.  Amy saw the reach, the grasp and present of the Glock Lela was carrying.  She stepped in front of Sharon, taking the bullet meant end Sharon's life.

Amy fell on top of Lela, bleeding heavily.  Within seconds, Lela stopped breathing.  Amy was sinking very fast.  Sharon just stood there oblivious of her surroundings and the fight which just saved he life.  She was in a mist, simply standing, looking but not seeing, alive but not feeling, aware bu not knowing.

Hearing the commotion of the fight when it commenced, Ladasha was already at the door, flinging it open as Amy fell onto the body of Lela.  Amy would have died within a half-hour period had not Ladasha dragged her back into the light of the hall to quickly locate the entry and exit of the bullet.  She hastily stuffed a piece of gauze into the jagged holes front and back.  She had quickly stopped the external bleeding.

Rushing to the hospital for a gurney and her medical bag, Ladasha knew Amy's internal bleeding would soon cease as she bled out.  Picking Amy up and laying her on the gurney she hit the emergency code to Doc Adams.  Jesse answered his phone because Doc was working furiously on William.

There was no way he could leave William.  He was doing surgery on William to stop him from bleeding out internally, and they as well, were racing back toward the Bunker.  Quickly Ladasha hurried Sharon along as she pushed the gurney toward the hospital.  As sooon as she the hospital doors, she reached up and pulled the emergency lever to get some help from the Bunker.

The alarm started screaming and alerting the entire staff of the Bunker that there was an emergency in the hospital.  Before she was able to guide the gurney through the hospital doors two medical assistants stationed in the hospital with quarters next to Ladasha met her.  Joe came out of nowhere and took charge of Sharon.  Ladasha, being the senior Dr. there, quickly scrubbed while a third assistant began laying out the operating kit.

Ladasha was going in.  Amy was in deep trouble, and Ladasha was her only hope.  An anesthetist was already hooking up and a pulmonologist was in place.  This all within five minutes.

Her blood pressure and heart rate monitors were steadily decreasing.  Amy was prepped as well as she could be in a desperate situation like this.  Her right kidney had been destroyed and the blood loss was dramatic.

Within ten minutes Ladasha had the kidney blood supply tied off and the bleeding stopped.  Amy was in a bad way, and she could still possibly die.  She would be using a huge part of her own stored blood supply.  It was a regular thing for all the occupants of the Bunker to donate blood.

Doc Adams had created the largest blood bank in the arena of the private militias and it proved invaluable in the saving of many lives.

Joe stayed by Sharon's side.  She was still under the sedative given her by Lela.  He was keeping Jesse apprised of the situation, and during the conversation Jesse inquired of Andrea.  Joe sent a couple of orderlies to Sharon's quarters who quickly went in.  They saw Andrea on the couch but her color and her breathing was all wrong.

One of the orderlies rushed to get another gurney, while the first began trying to rouse her.  She was quite alive but had a heavy concussion.  How she was able to pull through was anyone's guess.

Within the hour Andrea had been admitted to the little hospital, William was just being wheeled through the door, Amy saw still in surgery.  It was crowded.  Sharon, still under a sedative, looked up and saw Loping Wolf tending to William.  Somewhere within the mists Sung Wu showed up.  Quietly she said "Loping Wolf is here."

Sung Wu smiled and responded with "I know . . . "

Again William was sitting on a log speaking with his elders of ages long past.  His great-(x4)-grandfather was speaking to him. "You have done well William Travis.  You will live to fight another day.  Your entrance into Valhalla is yet a ways off.

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