illiam wasn't real good when it came to handling grief over one so close.  He hated to have anything to do with it.  I don't know that he is different from anyone else, in that we all pretty much hate grief.  Some let it drive them for days, others just stash it deep and busy themselves with distractions or work.  But, seeing how hard George and Old Joe fought in their Last Mission Accepted, he felt he ought to have somewhat of a little memorial for them.

He had no ideas as how to put together a funeral, but he had some of Joes' ashes from the kiln and asked the Four to meet him in the little garden just outside the door of the deep woods entry tunnel at ten.

He had the same bottle from which they'd all taken a shot the night they formed up the Four, and named their organization, Last Mission Accepted.  Of that original four, only two remained besides William:  Curt Stallings and Lenoard Hazart Diamond.

George Gacy and Dale Hamlin had joined later, and Dale had died soon after.  George had died just two days prior, and now, Old Joe had passed from wounds suffered in the same fight as George.  Sung Wu the last to join the actual Four, was considered one of the originals but was not one of the four who created the group.  Curt and Lenoard stood to receive their shot of whisky from the cherished bottle.

The door opened and Gaylon Hamlin, nephew of Dale Hamlin and General Sherman Randolph stepped into the garden.  The men set their shot glasses down and cheered.  William slapped Sung Wu on the back and said "you were right old man!"

"Who are you calling old man, old man!" Sung Wu retorted jovially.  He had become a cherished friend to William, and actually stayed in Williams and Sharon's' quarters even after the move into the bunker.  Sharon absolutely adored him and counted him her trusted friend as well.

General Randolph was weak and still a little peaked, but he was walking just like Sung Wu promised.  He was about to speak, when the door opened again and in strode Doc Wilson and one of his trusted friends, Beau Adams.  Beau was a big guy, about fifty or so and the only one younger than him in the room was Gaylon, who was pushing forty nine.

William quieted the group and said, men, we would like to have you drink a toast with us, but first, allow us, the remaining originals of The Four, to pay our respects with the first round.  With that, he poured into three shot glasses, and Curt Stallings, Leonard Diamond, and William held their shot glasses up.  William said, "to the memory of Old Joe Armstrong, we offer this drink in respect and honor of them and their sacrifice to our beloved America.  Salude."

"Salude" chimed Hazard and Curt as they clinked their glasses together and tossed the stiff drink back.  And now, we want to salute George Gacy and Dale Hamlin."  He motioned for the other men to step up and take a shot glass. William said, "to the memory of George Gacy and Dale Hamlin, we offer this drink in respect and honor of them and their sacrifice to our beloved America.  Salude."

"Salude" chimed all the men in the group as they tossed their drinks back.  Then Hazard ventured a question.  "Are we going to continue on in our conquest of working toward the freedom of America?"

"Absolutely, if we can find some men who will step up to the challenge.  Sung Wu is our newest member of the Four and has made an admiral addition, serving with distinction and valor.  His type is what we need.  Do you have anyone in mind?" William responded.

The room was very quiet, and humbly, Beau Adams stepped forward and said "I'll serve."

Doc Wilson stepped forward and repeated, "I'll serve."

Gaylon Hamlin stepped forward and repeated, "I'll serve."

General Sherman Randolph struggled weakly to his feet, stepped forward and said, "I'll serve."

William said quietly, "I call to order this impromptu meeting of the Four, of the Last Mission Accepted.  Do I hear a nomination from members to accept new members on this short notice?"

"Mr. President, I move that we accept members in this meeting of short notice."  Hazard stated.

"Do I have a second?" William asked.

"Mr. President.  I second the motion."  Curt responded.

"Are there any questions as to the integrity of the men who have stepped forward to volunteer for service in the Last Mission Accepted organization in our quest to restore America?"  queried William.

"Yes Mr. President, Doc Wilson we know, and trust to be of highest integrity, General Randolph we know and have served together, Gaylon Hamlin we know and have served together.  These men have proven their integrity time and again.  I would like to know a little about Mr. Beau Adams."  Hazard stated.

William said, "fair enough.  I think that question is in the minds of all here.  Mr. Adams, you will step forward and state your name, where you're from, your connection here, your military status, and what experience you bring to offer this group."

"Yes sir.  Beau snapped.  He took two steps forward and stood at attention."

"At ease soldier.  Please state the information requested."

"Happy to."  Beau took the stance of a soldier at ease, legs apart, arms folded neatly behind him and began.  He spoke clearly and crisply.  He was no stranger to speaking to groups, and the comfort with which he stood in front of the group, showed he had probably stood in front of much larger groups.  He began.  "In a nutshell, I'm from the same little town in Arkansas from which Doc Wilson hails.  We attended school there from kindergarten to graduation of High School.  We've been best of friends all our lives."

"We lost contact with each other for a few years as he headed off to medical school, and I went into the Marines.  I served in Grenada, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom.  I've been wounded twice, and re-upped twice.  After Obama took office, I wanted no more of his military so I could join in the fight to bring him down.  Only a month ago I came in contact with Doc Wilson, and we met and talked.  This was right before I was discharged from the service.

I mentioned to Doc my intentions of gathering a militia just so we could fight to restore America.  He mentioned about this group he'd heard speak of, a militia of a General who was a victim of the military purge, and wondered if that would be something of interest.  I was over-joyed at the being able to join a militia and only a couple of weeks ago, was able to make it here."

"When Doc Wilson told me about the group he was connected with, I knew I had to be part of that group.  He did not say anything about the Last Mission Accepted, but I'd already noticed it in the newspaper which was an ad for old Patriots to come to the aid of their country.  While I felt it was corny, it had a ring to it that I couldn't get away from.  When Doc told me about the Generals group, and from what I'd heard about old men actually doing assassination hits from an internal secret society of militia, I was positive there was a connection."

"I got here as soon as I could by driving all night.  I got here in time to join in the fight to take down the complex in which General Randolph was being held.  Now I am ready to offer my life in service to my country of origin, and I am also ready to lay down my life for any of you.  I offer you my military training, my sniper training, my munitions and explosives training, and my knowledge and experience of IEDs."

When he finished, he again snapped to attention, saluted, and back stepped in line with the other recruits.

"Any more questions?" William asked?

"Yes.  One more."  Hazard said then continued.  "I'd like to hear a word of support of Beau from Doc Wilson."

William said "Doc Wilson.  Will you step forward?"

Doc Wilson came to attention, stepped forward and remained at attention.

"At ease Doc," William said.  "What are your thoughts on marine Adams?  Can you vouch for his integrity and authenticity?"

"Yes sir!" Doc Wilson responded.  "We've been the best of friends since childhood.  I count him as my most trusted confidant, my fellow soldier and Patriot.  He saved my life twice, once while we were children caught on a train trestle, he grabbed me and threw me across the tracks at peril to his own life.  Then, right before he went off to Basic Training, he knocked a guy down who was about to knife me in the back for talking to his girl.  I would trust my life, my fortune or my wife and daughter with him."

"Will that suffice sir?" he ventured.

William nodded.

"Is that all sir?" he asked.

"That's all Doc," William pronounced.

At that, Doc Wilson snapped to, saluted, and stepped back into line.

"One last call for questions."  William said

No takers.

William then ordered the prospective members "About Face, and step to the wall" while the vote was taken.  Instantly all the recruits spun in unison on their heels to face the wall.

William asked "All in favor signify by the raising of your right hand."

William then asked, "All against, raise your right hand."

William then stated, "The vote has been tallied and the ayes have it.  Will the prospective members of the Four, please step forward and raise your right hand.

Signify by verbal 'I Do' to the following questions.

1. Do you understand that the Four is a lifetime membership?

"I do" they all responded.

2. Do you freely and of your own free will accept the responsibility to fight for the freedom of, and willingly lay down your life for America or fellow Old Patriot if need be?"

"I do" they all responded.

"Repeat this Oath after me please:"

"I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice - so long as they adhere to the principles set down by the Constitution of the United States of America.  So help me God."

"Will the prospective members of the Four, of the Last Mission Accepted organized to fight crime, scandal, fraud, and debauchery in our government signify your acceptance of the terms of joining the Four, of the Last Mission Accepted organization, if so, step forward and receive a shot glass."

From a new bottle of whisky, William poured the newest four members of the Four a shot, then poured each of the existing members a shot.  Last, he poured his own glass.

He raised his glass and said "to the Four.  To America.  Salude."


A new day was dawning in the fight for freedom and the restoration of America, and her Constitution.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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