my opened her eyes and looked around the room.  It was quite dark and she could hear heart monitors, muffled shoes hustling by, men talking nearby and Sharon asking questions of Williams prognosis.

"He was doing excellent' she heard Doc. Adams responding.  It has been quite a day.  "He will surely be awake within a couple of hours

She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked into the face of a very grateful mother.  "I am so very proud you're my daughter Amy.  You were a hero tonight.  You saved the life of Sharon, stepping in front a bullet meant for her.  You took out the last internal spy, you saved Andrea's life, and you pointed a finger at the identity of Angel.  You are quite the hero."

Amy smiled and asked if Sharon was OK, and William.  "And what's this about Andrea?"

"Andrea was hit from behind almost identical to Beau.  She's lying there on her side looking and smiling at you.  She probably wouldn't have lived if Lela had gotten away with Sharon.  As it was, you stopped Lela.  The girl whose place she took is in very serious condition and Doc says it is iffy about her."

"The message from Jesse was extremely critical in preventing Lela from kidnapping Sharon.  There's no doubt she would have been killed to make up for Raul's death at the hands of William."

"Jesse and Beau have Angel cornered, and are about to begin the attack on her location momentarily."

"Angelina Lyons, aka Angel, went to Princeton with Hillary Clinton.  She was part of the Clinton Foundation Administration.  She took orders from Hillary only and had been assigned to infiltrate The Old Patriots militia to destroy it from within.

Two reasons: they wanted all the Bunkers back in their possession, and to recover several nuclear warheads.  Hillary is about to be arrested as we speak."

Through tears streaming down the side of Amy's face dripping onto her pillow she said weakly, "Thanks mom."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Chapter XVII