imes were getting even more desperate in the greatest country that had ever been on the face of the earth.  America had stumbled to her knees, her economy had been broken, her power grid had been bombed, her borders were unprotected, gangs of thugs roamed the streets preying on anyone of opportunity.

Obama had proclaimed martial law, and had the UN bringing in foreign troops to aid in the confiscation of guns owned by the common man.  Each of those gun owners held fast to the Constitution for it was the Bible of the land.  It guaranteed the rights given to us by God.  Each would stand and fight to the death to not only retain their guns, but in doing so, retain their freedom and their country.

The UN was here in force, with their blue helmets signifying their authority.  A blue helmet anywhere was a target of opportunity.  Many of the imported troops refused to wear the hated helmet.  But with their uniforms being almost identical to the American military uniform, it was quite hard to keep track of who was who.  Still, to every red blooded American, each blue hat seemed to have a target circle drawn on them.

William and the Four sat around a table discussing plans, missions, alternatives, available ordinance and man power, as well as priorities.  Beau mentioned that the borders were of extremely high priority because not only Mexicans were streaming across, but ISIS, Muslims, and Hamas, French freedom fighters, and even Russian thugs as well.

Each group had their faction to which they were sympathetic and were competing for a slice of this great land of opportunity.  Obama deliberately held the borders open to aid in the complete destruction of America.  That is the ONLY thing the rogue president wanna be ever kept his word on; "that he would change America."  Hopeful voters helped usher him into the White House.  Congress was controlled by the Democratic faction, and it looked like he had free reign to do whatever he willed with impunity.

Even with the landslide victory of the Republicans taking over the house, the only threat to Obama was being sued.  That had to be rectified and it would be, soon.

Obama was bringing Muslims in and placing them in the highest of seats of National Security.  He had some of the absolute worst of people ever to be in the White House as reps in his close cabinet.  He used female Muslim communist, Valerie Jarret as his personal presidential advisor.  He was replacing American men true to the Red White and Blue, with weak, cowardly men who would fire on their own citizens as well as their own brethren in uniform who opposed the takeover of America and destruction of the Constitution.  Most of them wore lace on their panties, and were right at home with the abomination of Obama, his transgender 'wife,' and all their queer pals within the government.

It was a litteral Sodom and Gomorrah, and whatever they could do to further the destruction of America, they did it while the best that those of the weak-kneed Congress could muster was lawsuits and accusations.  Each one of Congress, had they had any intestinal fortitude whatsoever, should have carried guns on their person, and when Obama entered the room, each should have emptied the guns into him.  That would have been the Founding Fathers solution.  That's the least they could do; especially since they had allowed him in there in the first place.

Or, better yet, they should have brought him to justice, hanging him and all of his cronies as well as the Clintons.  Instead, their collaborative efforts would be rewarded with the fall of America.  The main reason Congress wouldn't block him or stop him, is most were in bed with him or guilty of some other crime usually which led to their pockets being padded very well.

Race riots were incited.  Guns purchased in America by the hundreds were run across the border and given to warlords, mafias, and drug cartels.  Firearms and ammunition given away by the truck loads.  The same in Benghazi, only they got caught, and then allowed the Ambassador as well as the Marines to be murdered by mob, all the time ordering to stand down all help that was ready and willing and able to go in and fetch them to safety.  They watched as this all went down, then one of the leaders of that particular scandal was in questioning, and blurted out "What difference does that make?"

That stupid woman had no idea as the effect that singular sentence had on the populace of True American citizens.  Middle class, those who had helped themselves up by their own bootstraps, those who held dear the Constitution, Freedom and America.  With that ignorant statement she showed how little she thought of them, the military and of America.

They also agreed the border was all but opened up to freely allow anyone and everyone to come in.  That was causing a very real hardship with all the violence they brought in, and there is no doubt, that is what the powers that be seemed to want. But the border could easily be secured.  Place a good sniper every thousand yards the entire length of the border.  Shoot anything that moves north.

It wouldn't take but just a few hours to staunch the tsunami of illegals.  But Obama would not allow anything to staunch the flow of illegals.  He not only wanted them, he needed those thousands because they would vote and fight for his cause, then they could easily be gotten rid of later.

While the FEMA camps were already full and overflowing to maximum, still others were being ferried in on train . . . since the government actually had no train cars that would be able to haul the thousand that were being moved, they called in the automobile haulers.  Surprise, surprise, surprise!!

Another Executive order the people were not aware of was #11004:

Executive order, #11004, empowers the Housing and Finance Authority to seize all housing and establish Forced Relocation of communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new locations for populations.

Could it be that Obama was actually working toward the goals set forth on the Georgia Guidestones?  It looked like that was exactly the case.

But even after all this, the stubborn Americans who owned guns were standing strong and determined.  Many 'policemen' had been killed while storming individual houses of those foolish enough to register their guns.  One could readily become a law enforcement officer would fight law and order - on the side of Obama.  Obama was for anything against what was right.

These 'policemen' were ill trained and recruited no matter what their background was.  It seemed the only thing one needed to become a law enforcement officer in this day besides desiring to fight on the side of Obama - was to have a rap sheet.  Many, many decent men and women who were serving honorably as LEOs had pretty much been eliminated by this time.

But if you had a record, you were instantly issued a badge, uniforms (although they didn't fit too well as the only uniforms available were one size fits all), body armor, a vehicle, and of course, a gun.  No matter what kind of record you had, you could become an 'Obamacop.'  These were mostly thugs who needed a badge behind which to hide while they raped and pillaged the country side.

Unlearned and unscrupled military, who were so ignorant they had no idea as to their rights or who the bad guy really was - would fire on their own countrymen.  They were roaming all over like rabid dogs looking for someone they could accost and take their guns.  It was an instant replay of Hurricane Katrina all over again.  They meant to take guns, or at least so they said . . . from everyone.

That meant the thugs who were always roaming and taking guns as they could, would keep their guns, but responsible, law abiding, God fearing and true Americans would have their protection stripped from them, and then placed at the mercy of the running gangs.  There was a reason for all of this.

William and the Four were locked in their job at doing whatever they could to aid the militias of ordinary, honest Americans.  They even coined the phrase to describe True Americans sympathetic to God and country; Truebloods.  Or, that their blood ran red, white and blue.

They were busy on a daily basis in some form of underground warfare in some way or another.  It seemed that they should continue what they were best at.  Assassination.  Because of their role in the removing of many a governmental thug, there was a fear of old men.  It was stated, and rightfully so, that you should never pick a fight with an old man.  Because he's probably not phsically able to fight, he won't run, so he'll probably just kill you.

"A good slogan I thought" said William to the group.  So, they resumed assembling a list of targets, and within minutes, a long list had been compiled.  These were then sorted again as to priority.  This was determined by "who needed killing the most."

The list of crooked politicians was unbelievably long.  The next filter through which the list would be run was accessibility.  Who could they get to?  What chance did they have of actually getting access to these 'blackbloods' to realize the success of their mission?

Another category of blackbloods added to the list were instigators, and one of the very last was those who had harmed, attacked or in someway hindered the work of the Truebloods.  This list was long, much longer than the list of instigators which ranged anywhere from Muslim sympathizers, to Mexican and drug cartel members.

It seemed the blacks in the nation were catching the worst of the deal without even realizing it.  First, most of them voted black.  Period.  It didn't matter who he was or what he stood for, if he was black, he would garner their votes.  Second, because Obama was black, and he was Muslim, then, that's what they should be also.  Thousands converted to Islam without even realizing they were becoming dhimmis, or slaves to the Muslims, and had no ownership of themselves.

Another faction that preyed on the blacks was their inability to stand on their own two feet and make a decision for themselves.  They would rather go along to get along with the crowd and do what the crowd was doing no matter how wrong or right it was.  It didn't matter to them that they were burning their own towns down, everybody else was doing it, so, that must be the right thing to do.  Their stupidity never ceased to amaze William.

They never considered the fact that the Muslims called them wide nosed slaves, or, referred to them as nappy haired niggers, or pug nosed slaves.  They never considered the fact the biggest slave runners in history were and ARE still Muslims.  They never considered the fact that even if you did convert to Islam, and vow allegiance to their pig prophet Mohammed, that they would still be a second rate Muslim: you were owned by someone, and only kept around as long as they were profitable to their owners.

They did not know that under Sharia law, they could simply cut off your limbs for small infractions such as letting a goat escape out of the pen, even though it was not even your fault.  The blacks of the Ferguson loot would all be armless because they would cut your arm off for stealing something.  Even something so insignificant as food to survive on.  I wonder what the Muslims would do in the case of the Ferguson lootings?  Perhaps they should have sent the Muslims in to restore order!

It was these types of instigators which should be dealt with.  And there was only one way in which to do that.  Death.  And, to make sure that Islam loving goat lover didn't go to paradise and receive his seventy two prostitutes, was to make sure that what ever weapon was used for their demise was covered with pig blood.

It has been said to stop a black riot, simply sprinkle the whole place with work applications.  To stop a crowd of rioting Muslims, just toss in a few sows ears.  Or spray the whole area and as many of them as you could with pig blood.  They would trample each other to death trying to get away from what they called defilement.  And they call Americans lunatics . . .

The top priority 'guests' of the list was chosen, and due to the fact that few restaurants or cafes were available now, or at least to the public, the mark would have to be de-activated in their own back yards.  This increased the risk exponentially, and the risk of the situations knocked the rate of successfully realizing their missions in the dirt.

These types of jobs were for young, well trained, physically able men.  The old men were getting knocked off right and left, and out of six missions, only one had been successful.  And only two others had managed to complete the assassinations.

Success to them was the successful carrying out of the mission and returning home alive and well.  They would have no part of suicide missions.  If a man with terminal disease and the real desire to die obliged himself of that very wish in the process of the mission, so be it.  But not one of the Four would even consider sending a man on a suicide mission, or if they suspected he meant to die in the process of this mission.

Each mission, before it was given, was detailed in such a way as to allow the men a way out in case of, whether or not the mission had been accomplished.  Few lacked the cowardice of backing out . . . they were real men.

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