he months passed and Sharon was busy with her charges.  When the complex in which General Randolph was imprisoned had been re-taken, there were some two dozen young ladies that had been freed, some, mere girls.  In the search of the property for caches of food, munitions fuel, water etc., no less than fifty bodies of females were found, mostly in their early teens, rotting in the killing field of Hanoi Hilton.

There was one corpse of a pregnant female aged about twenty.  Other than that, the rest of the bodies were of young boys and men who would not yield to the wishes of the militia within the complex.  Why they were even there was a mystery until one of the young girls who had been rescued explained the situation.

It turned out the complex was originally a school of education and higher learning of privileged children, sort of a finishing school.  William had an idea it had originally been something else, and the "finishing school" moniker had been added to draw attention from something perhaps a little more sinister.

When the first men began to show up that would overthrow it, the men of the complex rallied to fend them off, but were easily overcome as they had inferior rifles and those, few in number.  The schoolmaster, or dean, was against guns whatsoever and loathed the men who fought to protect the place.  The pregnant woman they'd found was the schoolmasters wife of three years, being only twenty two and pregnant with their first child.

She had befriended all the kids at the school, and the girls adored her.  When the school was overrun by the thugs, the men poured into the auditorium where a play was being performed for the entertainment of the entire school.

Suddenly rifle fire was heard but only for a minute or so.  The men who had tried to protect the school were quickly overcome and put down - executed - military style.  Then, more shots were fired as men poured in from every exit of the huge edifice, and the men decided to have a little play performed for them.  They would direct.

First, they were all made to strip of all clothing whatsoever.  Those who resisted were simply shot.  Then, they were paraded upon the stage.  Those that resisted were shot.  The next order of business was to have the boys all sodomize the soldiers.  Those who resisted, of course, were shot.  After the ordeal, the boys were shot anyway.

Within the first forty five minutes of lockdown, over one hundred of the souls in that building were dead.  Then, it came the turn of the young girls.  First up was the schoolmasters wife, already great with child.  She was told to lie down on the floor while one of the brutes dropped his pants.  She flat refused and her brains had been splattered all over the wall.

Then the girls were brought up row by row.  By now the stage was flowing with the blood of those who'd been shot and bled out prior to being dragged out to the growing stack of bodies.  The girls were ordered to lie down in the blood, many refused and were shot and their own blood added to the flow.  Those that lived were rewarded by having their virginity stripped from them that day, and, many were impregnated.  Most of those that would turn up pregnant were shot simply for being non-mslim.

The ones who'd been shot were the fortunate ones.  For the next two weeks, the girls had been raped over and over and over again.  The men of the rogue militia played and toyed with them.  More than once a girls throat was cut simply because she cried when a man hurt her.

By the time the complex had been taken by the Patriots, the remaining number of girls was twenty four.  Had the thugs not grabbed the General, they undoubtedly all would have perished as well as others who would have also been captured during raids of the countryside and brought in for the entertainment of the men.  As it was, many of the brutes never realized payment for their capture and torture of General Randolph.  But the remaining girls would be the most fortunate as the Patriots saved them much more heartache and no doubt a bullet in the head.

The girls were beginning to open up and talk as they gained confidence around Sharon and the men of the Four.  No less than eight of them mentioned several times about being taken into the basement where there were stacks and stacks of guns.

Hazard began thinking about that and asked many questions of the girls.  It wasn't long before he had a good picture of where the guns were and how to get there.  Ordinance was always welcome and a good thing to have even if you had plenty.  Sooner or later it would come in handy.  Plus, it was even better if they were not in the wrong hands.

Soon plans for another foray to the Hanoi Hilton was under way.  It was named that in reference to the torture the General endured while there, and for lack of a better name.  Careful and detailed intelligence was gathered, and sure enough, as was expected, another group had taken up residence there.

Plans were made to storm the complex again.  Only this time would be different as the brush had not been kept down around the place and one could actually get close enough to look through breaches in the wall.  After careful study and count, it was determined a rag tag team of Mexican nationals had claimed the complex for their headquarters.

Hazard had been listening into their conversation via a bug planted by the tables where George had breached the wall and had died so valiantly.  They were planning a foray of their own on a large house with a block wall around it.  There was munitions there as well as foodstuffs, water, medical supplies and women.  Several women.  The men would all be killed.

Quickly a dispatch was sent out to warn the complex and see if they were supplied and could fend off an attack.  It turned out they were short of men and the women would be doing a lot of the fighting.  They had been in heavy training learning as much about guns as they could.  Loading, firing, cleaning, clearing.  Mention was made they could use some help if it could be spared.

General Randolph quickly assembled a team of twelve men including himself, and at midnight, made the fourteen mile trip on foot each carrying an extra rifle and ammo to bolster the defense.  In the meantime, William took several of the Four, and enough of the men of the Bunker complex to round out his own twelve, and they moved out simultaneously.  Theirs was only about twelve miles, and could easily be reached in less than four hours.

Their going would be slowed as they hit the woods from the hill side of the complex; far away from roads or any place where their arrival might be detected.  Beau, who was second in command took a third of Williams group and headed to the eastern side of the property, Hazard took the remaining third and went to the western side of the property.  Zero hour was set at 05:16, and the attack would hit simultaneously.

A patriot spy had seen the rogue group leave that was to attack the other complex where General Randolph now waited with his own men.  That entire complex was ready and waiting.  The group of rogue thugs was well out of earshot before zero hour hit for William and his three waves of men.

On the precise second of zero hour, twelve flash bang grenades were launched, and men poured over the walls illuminated by aerial flare.  Within three minutes the chaotic resistence from the Hanoi Hilton was silenced and the complex was secure.  Rooms were being searched, captives gathered together, and men of the complex were stripped and searched.

Hazard located the basement rooms spoken of by the girls, and sure enough, the arms were still there.  But something else was too. A huge cache of drugs - cocaine and weed.  And a complete communications system, having no less than twenty four remote systems that were keyed to this particular system as well as areonautics communications.

Several huge containers of fuel were found, a tunnel leading under a hill and outside then to an outside entrance.  The tunnel was big enough for the small gas powered mules to drive through, but would quickly kill you with fumes.  Beau and Hazard quickly organized a cadre to load the mules, and several sets of drivers and shot gunners to tote the find to their own bunker complex.

It was mid day before an alert was sent that the attack team was returning.  Everybody soon fanned out on each side of the driveway behind brush.  As soon as the group had all passed the farthest guard, William stepped out from behind the wall in front of them.  All the men from each side of the drive instantly appeared with guns at ready.  All of the attack party instantly dropped their guns, and stood with hands up with the exception of one guy.

One guy stood stubbornly holding his rifle.  Several of the guards aimed directly at him, and he, obviously wishing to die, shouldered his gun.  Several of the men who had clear shots without hitting one of their own men in a cross fire, fired instantly and the man got his wish.  He was dead before he hit the ground.

Hazard took command of the group of returning thugs while Beau resumed the loading of the ordinance.  A runner came up and gave the report that the attack had been successfully repelled, losing no one, but had killed seven of the attackers.  There were fourteen who got away.  That meant that another six men were somewhere else.

Hazard had the men strip down and their clothes searched.  Little or no identification nor tracker bugs were found.  Then they were separated, and questioning began after they had redressed.  Where were the other six?  According to the varied reports, two had died on the way from wounds received in their attack on the complex.  Another two had gotten in an argument over the way the leadership was leading, and both had been shot and left, one died before the group got out of hearing distance.  The others' fate was unknown.

The others parted company with the group slinking away in the dark one at a time.  Where they were was anyone's guess.  By midnight, a tribunal had been set up and the men were tried for war crimes.  All had been accused of the girls prior to their being removed to safety.  They had seen the group commit many murders, and three of the girls parents, had disappeared.

This was after being taken captive by the thugs now on trial themselves and used as slaves to carry the thugs' spoils of war back to the nest; the Hanoi Hilton.  As soon as they were through with the wishes of the thugs, they were herded into the field of bodies and mowed down as the thugs laughed and joked of the killings.

A search proved out the girls' parents had been killed and their bodies added to the many that were rotting away in the field.  It was a killing field, and all the dead were thrown there to rot in the sun and feed for the animals.  As near as they could tell, another forty + bodies had been added to the field from the time they'd rescued the General and the girls.

The tribunal found all the men guilty and they were tied to poles in the midst of the killing fields.  A firing squad was assembled, and within an hour of the guilty verdict, all were committed to the dust from whence they came by firing squad.

Two sisters were reunited upon their arrival at the Patriots Bunker.  Taken at different times, both had passed through the Hanoi Hilton, arriving whole and well as a result of the work done by the Patriot Gentleman's Club.

No, he and his men were not fighting in the revolution eyeball to eyeball in a line of military skirmish to re-establish order in America, but, they were certainly playing supporting roles.  It was a good feeling.  A feeling of a job well done.  William was proud of his men, and he was even prouder to be a part of them.

Sharon had played a huge part in the success of this mission as well.  But not near as big as her plans for the near future were.  "I've something to discuss with you William.  I'll need the audience of the Four there when I introduce my idea."

"OK lovely Lady!  How about ten o'clock in the morning?"

She smiled her gorgeous smile, and walked back down the hall with William watching closely.  William certainly enjoyed the eye candy.  He then turned back to a new project of his own.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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