ows of revenge mixed with a solid string of expletives issued from the mouth of Ben Stodges.  A small styrofoam container of water had been provided for him every hour, and a cup of soup on the odd hours.

It was quite obvious he did not comprehend what kind of trouble he was in and the list of charges to which he would answer was growing.  colonel Todd Lansing was leading the men of the Tanks squadron into battle.  Somehow he had lost a man but he showed up at the battle.  No one saw him leave the group, and it was plain to see no one saw him get on the truck.

There were no toilet facilities within the sealed room.  The output was monitored so the Doc could monitor his blood, urine and fecal samples, even samples from the air he breathed.  It's amazing what they can learn.  The gas with which Ben had been neutralized by the Bunker was clear of his blood samples, and he had passed nothing as of yet in his fecal output.

Nor had anything of danger shown up.  Like a ruptured condom releasing it's load of cocaine.  That was a common method of trafficking drugs through heavy security.  If he didn't pass the object within another three hours, he would be knocked out again and another X-ray taken.

It was quite hard to hide something of this sort in the room as there were cameras to prevent hiding something that had passed.  Plus, they had no access to their own fecal matter as it was immediately vacuumed into an airtight tube and stored out of danger to anyone else.

While these actions may seem quite abnormal, when one considers the "norm" of this day and age . . . well, safety of the Bunker and it's occupants is first and foremost.  This very Bunker had already experienced the abnormal and it had cost the lives of three good people.  They would take the dangers very seriously in the future.

Ginger had talked with Sharon for a minute at the Texas Bunker and yes, they'd had an emergency.  Andrea and Reina both had gone to the battle front each leading a detachment of fifty girls upon request of General Cadarette.  She had also made a request for the two ladies to be transferred to her command, but William was having none of that.

He made sure General Cadarette understood the ladies were temporary and loaned them because of her need of two leaders in the Paradigms

She had even bounced the idea of Andrea and Reina being transferred to her command off her ally, Sung Wu.  But he was of the same mind as William.  There were almost a dozen ladies who jumped at the chance to be a 'Paradigm', and requested a transfer to another group simply because 'there ain't enough action here!"

But it wouldn't take long for them to realize how cushy they'd had it at the Bunker.  Losing them meant losing nearly half of their female forces but William would not hold them against their wishes.  But he would not relinquish Andrea and Reina unless they told him personally they wished to transfer to the Paradigms.

Sung Wu wasn't budging and kept changing the subject, but she was still intending on acquiring the two ladies of choice.  And so eleven of his personal trainees were formally transferred to her command and went into the battle foray with her group, the Paradigms.

Within an hour after the last vehicle moved out in the direction of the battle to quell and destroy the huge moslem buildup, a rocket propelled grenade hit the door from which the trucks had left.  William and Sung Wu correctly figured the attackers were banking on the Bunker running a mere skeleton crew.

They were right about that.  But the part of the attackers believing The Bunker could not stand against an extended attack . . . well they learned different in a hurry.

While the door had sustained it's security from several blasts, the attackers had not attacked the camouflaged hangar door.  It would have been breached upon being struck by one of those blasts.  Sung Wu, Sharon and several others took positions in the 'airport' section figuring to defend it to the death.

Ginger and Amy had not returned to do the flyover leaflet drop so Beau and Andrea took the flight instead.  They'd left an hour prior to the last truck leaving so the hangar had not been revealed.  They learned they were in trouble and figured they'd be letting the fox in the hen house if they tried to get into the Bunker.  They did not have the fuel to divert to the Virginia Bunker and there were no airstrips close enough which were secure.

They decided to land on the southern strip, push it into some brush and cover it with camo.  They could easily walk to the emergency tunnel entrance.  They'd already learned that approaching the Hangar through the blind dark corridor could be hazardous to ones health.  Also, they had not taken the time to procure the password for re-entry because of the hurried emergency flight they'd taken in Amy's place.

Andrea brought the plane in low then slowed it with the flaps and upper air brakes doing a short field landing.  As soon as possible it was covered with a tarp then a net above that.  They waited for a few minutes just below the emergency entrance to learn if they'd been discovered bringing the big plane in.

Sure enough three guys on foot patrol came easing around the face of the rock behind which the emergency egress door lay hidden.  Crouched over, one cautiously walked right into the waiting headlock of Beaus  Beau cuts his wind off so he couldn't yell and Andrea stuck him.  Beau laid him face down close to the sheer face.  Within a minute the second guy was whispering loud trying to locate the first one.

His finger was on the trigger of his gun and his safety was off.  The full auto Russian spewed a short burst before Beau broke his hand.  He died within moments as Andrea also stuck him in the heart.

The third guy called out then Beau heard him on his walkie talkie.  Too far to reach physically Beau simply shot him with his XD then all three were quickly dragged into the corridor.  They searched the men for tracker bugs, located and smashed them, then left them laying.  They would be gathered up by the corpsmen later and incinerated.

They were on pins and needles as they came to the head of the corridor where it met the hangar.  They had not been challenged and were thinking the hangar door had been breached.  Beau called out quietly "the leaflets have been dropped" for lack of a password.

Stand forth soldier and identify yourself.

"Beau and Andrea reporting for duty Sharon"  We just dispatched three guys out at the emergency tunnel entry.  We carried them inside so we need to get some corpsman down there on the double."

"Whew, I was scared to death.  Sung Wu was summoned to another entry and I heard it being blasted.  I haven't heard whether or not it was breached.

"Why didn't they blast the hangar door?" asked Beau.

"Who can tell about the way a moslem thinks?  I have a feeling they didn't know about that door.  Do you think the DeHaviland is safe?"

"Hope so.  Heard anything about Ginger and Amy?"

"Yeah, they were attacked too.  Don't know the details yet but I did learn they're OK  Waiting for an OK to come home."

"Any word on the battle as of yet?"

The dropping of the leaflets and the pouring out of the pig parts had the desired effect.  The bulk of the armed forces began moving back toward the Rio Grand but were dropped well before they got into the river.  Like a net General Randolphs forces closed tighter and tighter.

By 1200 hours the largest part of the mass were dead or dying.  But counts were not adding up.  General Randolph learned why the numbers weren't there.  They had been going out unobserved in small detachments throughout the countrysides.  It was going to be a job searching them all out and cleaning them up.

The question with all that was where they'd strike next.  The moslems were in the country at least a million + strong.  There is no doubt they were here for the take over.

The unseen Storm is how they work in the background, silently, efficiently and ongoing.

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Chapter XVIII