ueer.  That's what it was.

No!  A thousand times no.  It is NOT queer.  It is the deliberate process in the takeover the entire world.

And No!  The solution is not queer.  The solution to annihilate them is of their own design.  Total destruction of the entire race, every last one of the population.

colonel Forestall had experienced a change of mind concerning the moslem that few have.  She could see now that the open borders for which the government was fighting was not in favor of the 'poor Mexicans wanting a better life. . .'

The open border was to help in the migration of the moslem warriors posing as war torn or poverty stricken refugees.

When she looked back at countries in which they rule she sees nothing of the beauty of the world.  Only terrorism, burned and bombed out cities, the living in extreme poverty for the masses.

She now understood the role of the dumb pig president placed in the seat of the POTUS.  His actions, his verbiage, his way of life, who he entertained; all moslem.

Billion $ giveaway
Note: Not fiction . . . actually happened

He literally gave billions of taxpayer $ to places of this ilk - pallet loads at a time.

The combined forces of the few in number had all but eliminated the mass of moslem fighters who had come to take America by one large Storm.  It was the few Americans who fought with passion - who'd won that battle against an army much larger than their number and won.

And it was the few individuals militias, few in numbers, that fought the continual fight all over America.  The problem was that few Americans had failed to realize the alarm.

Most Americans stayed on the course of their daily lives, working their jobs, staying with day to day ruts to raise their families, pursue happiness, and live and let live.

Note: Not Fiction . . . actually happened

It was ironic that the country from which that phrase made popular by the successful James Bond movies was now over run with moslems taking over whole neighborhoods at a time.

It was time Americans pushed back against the tide.  Against the Storm.

The battle to eliminate the mass of invaders had been an extreme success.  They used excavating equipment to bury the rotting pig corpses.  Moslems.  Deliberately kept stupid by their higher ups. Deliberately kept loyal to the moslem way by inducing fear, promising heaven with 72 virgins upon martyrdom.

They were kept in line with threat of death by the stoning of those who could not defend themselves.  They were given promise of multiple wives including the taking children as young as six to wife.

They could rape a women then accuse her of seducing him in some way and she had no recourse of remedy.  Stoning was her only way out.

And now, the Texas Bunker was getting back into order.  Corporal Ben Stodges had been transferred to the Texas Bunker, had his rank stripped and was now considered a traitor.  His story was always the same.  He didn't know how he had failed to get on the truck.  At his tribunal he was sentenced to death; execution by firing squad.

He had never passed the foreign matter spotted in his person by Doc. Wainsboro.  Doc. Adams had studied the X-rays and decided the only way they'd learn what it was . . . was to remove it.

Amy was flying the DeHaviland over to the Virginia Bunker delivering some supplies and was to bring two of Bens colleagues back to Texas Bunker to visit him and to accompany his body back to the Virginia Bunker for burial with his family.

Corporal Jerry Sprigs met Ben as they jumped off the truck to bivouac before the battle.  He couldn't figure out how he'd gotten back to the Bunker from the battlefield.  He'd been transferred from Virginia to Texas before he came back from the battle of The Storm.

When the MP delivered him to Bens cell he stated "I came to visit Ben Stodges."

"Soldier, this is Ben Stodges.  His fingerprints, his retina scans - everything all match.  This is Ben Stodges."

That's when Jerry raised the alarm.  "That is not the Ben Stodges I met at bivouac just before going into battle.  Similar in size, but this is not the one I went into battle with."

The MP called colonel Beau Adams.  Beau simply said "entertain Jerry within the Brig.  I'll get somebody over there to see him."

"Major Cummings, I need someone to go find out who Jerry Sprigs is.  He's inside the brig as we speak.  Claims the man we have is not the Ben Stodges he fought in battle with."

"Be right there" she answered.  "Do we have any information on Jerry?"

"It's on its way.  Should be able to pick it up off the computer."

Andrea sat studying the information on Ben, Jerry and Sam.  She found it strange that they had both been in the platoon but had never met.  Then she saw where Jerry had been transferred in from a unit from Missouri two days before the storm.  He had requested and 'active duty post" claiming he wanted to fight, not rot while doing pushups and planting daisies.

"OK," she thought.  "That's feasible."

Some questions began forming in her mind about Jerry Sprigs.  She picked up the receiver and had the MP seat Jerry in an interrogation room, unrestrained.  Make him comfortable.

Andrea shook Jerry's hand as he stood upon her arrival into the room.  She began by asking about his home state, his home town, education, patriotism, friends, interests and hobbies.  Just normal stuff.

Then she asked how he'd come to be in the militia, his transfer, where he'd been on the truck that carried them into the battle array.  Then she asked a question to which he had no answer.  When did 'Ben Stodges' get on the truck.

"I never seen him get on the truck." he explained.  "I met him after we'd gotten off the truck.

The phone buzzed and Andrea answered.  The other guy Corporal Sam Upton was there to visit Ben.  "Let him in and seat him in room three.  I'll be finished in short order here."

In less than five minutes she told Jerry, "thanks for your time.  And thanks for the description and testimony" she finished as she shook his hand.

Before she stepped into the room three, she buzzed Beau and asked for the records to be sent for every man on that truck including the driver, shotgun, communications.

She addressed the MP.  Send a runner to retrieve the records I've requested and deliver them to room three."

"Yes ma'am.  On the double!" he snapped as he saluted.  Andrea stepped into room three.

Asking almost the same questions but leaving out the personal stuff she asked if this was Ben Stodges he met.

"No ma'am.  The man in the brig was not on the truck."

Andrea couldn't figure out how this was missed at Ben's tribunal.  "Here's a man that is about to get executed for something of which he was not guilty" she thought.

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