ung Wu was never one to let things go with inaction.  He was a man of action!   To let something go was to let it spiral out of control.  And this situation was going south and at a high rate of speed.  Something must be done NOW!

Beau had caught the goings on in the midst of the noise going on, and was already heading toward the back of the room which led out into a secret hall.  Within two hundred feet, it would intercept the hall down which William was being escorted against his will.  Hazard caught the look in his eye, and saw Sung Wu by the door.  General Randolph felt the alarm as did Gaylon and Doc Wilson.  Curt simply picked up his bag and headed for the back door beside Beau.

Sung Wu was now heading toward the back door.  It was quite hard to get through the press with so many bodies in the room but they were soon through.  The back door opened and six men intent on deadly battle slipped through like ghosts.  They knew of a narrow passage that the Lugers would have to pass to get William to the outside, and they meant to be there first

Sung Wu apprised them of the situation as they slipped quickly through the opening, and stepped into the hallway ahead of the Lugers.  There were corners there that gave them a place in which to hide behind until the Lugers brought their charge through.  All of a sudden the Four sprang into action, and within a few seconds, the Lugers were disarmed and on the ground.

With the exception of one.  He had William in a hold and a Luger was at his head.  William had been handcuffed early on, and this man had his arm under the hand-cuffs which had secured Williams arms behind his back.  In this manner, with the cuffs up around his upper arm and his hand on Williams head, William was bent over at the waist and unable to move or wrest himself out of the mans control.

"The next move is yours guys," the man with the Luger at Williams head said and cocked the hammer back.

"I disagree with that," Sung Wu said lowly and plainly.  "You see, if you shoot William, we've only lost one man.  But, you will lose nine including the mole.  Are you ready to allow all these to die as well as yourself?  So you see, the move is not ours; it's yours."

One of the things the Lugers Of Freedom had not done was become proficient in hand to hand combat, nor the martial arts.  They relied strictly on their proficiency in the use of their firearms.  It was quite obvious they'd never heard the term 'never bring a gun to a knife fight,' or if they had, had never made the connection to the current situation.  But the Four were learned and skilled in all phases of hand to hand combat and trained continually as well as with weaponry.  Sung Wu had taught them an extreme amount about martial arts, and all were of exceptionally high quality.

Suddenly one of the men the Four was holding cried out as pressure was put on him.  The guy with the gun to Williams head never winced.  Another guy screamed with pain as his arm was twisted up and back, then the loud crack as the bone was heard to snap.  Another guy screamed.  It was enough of a distraction to allow William to stomp his captors foot then to sweep his leg, and then threw his weight into the Luger holding him to the wall momentarily while Sung Wu disarmed him.

In the act of disarming the man holding the Luger to Williams head, it discharged striking the mole in the neck ripping out his jugular. He fell to the ground and gurgled blood until he died.  This whole scene had only taken less than three minutes, and the mole died within forty five seconds of the shooting.

At the sound of the gunshot, heavy footsteps were heard running down the hall full out, and several of the Four came into view with guns drawn.  They took control of the men instantly cuffing them and heading them off to the brig as soon as they were stripped.  Doc Wilson was attending to the mole and looked up and shook his head.  He began to go through the pockets of the man methodically stripping him of his clothes.

Sung Wu was doing an intense search of the clothes of all the men.  He soon found in them what he was looking for.  A bug.  Beau had followed the men to the brig and before they were put into separate holding cells, had them cavity searched, then when satisfied none carried a bomb or guns, locked them in with nothing but their skivvies.

All their possessions and clothes were taken back to the ready room to where William and the Four had repaired.  He had stepped inside the hall where all the men were still excitedly talking, and stepped behind the lectern once again.  He held up his hands for silence and the room was instantly quiet.  All eyes were on him.

Men, details will be given, assignments handed out, and the command for the Last Mission will be announced at zero six thirty tomorrow morning.  Get some rest.  Move out!

Instantly the crowd began to disperse and started moving to the door.  The entire group of men stationed at the Bunker were in the room, all in one accord, one mind, one goal, one mission; take out the rogue thug sitting in the presidency of the United States thereby restoring order to America.  And this included his cabinet as well as everyone in his administration.  There was going to be some tyrant blood spilled with which to water the Liberty Tree.

Within ten minutes, the planning room was empty of all except the Four.  Forty eight battle hardened men sat clustered around the long conference table.  Beau had came back with a satchel which he sat down on the table in front of William.  William thought he knew what it was as to the way it clunked on the table.

Beau then held a hand up, then one finger to his mouth as a warning of silence.  Out of the bag he lifted a wand and began to sweep the room, the table, the chairs and then each man.

Not being fooled and knowing of the bugs that would only transmit when someone was talking, he held up his hand said "all clear fellows."  Beau looked at William and William knew something was up and he thought he knew what it was.  So, William, began talking and reiterating some stories of past successes which all were very interesting to the men.

Within a couple of minutes, Beau, who was busy re-scanning the room, stopped, reached under the table, and finding nothing, scanned it again.  All the while William kept the speech going.  Beau motioned for the men to slide back away from the table keeping his finger to lips to maintain silence.  He then lifted the satchel down setting it beside William at the lectern, and instructed the men to turn the table over.

He scanned it to a point where two joints in the manufacture of the table met.  He took his pocket knife out and while William continued talking, pealed the veneer away to reveal the bug. He carefully lifted it out, and laid it on the lectern in front of William.  He went back and scanned the room again, and found two more, all of these while William was talking.

Each were brought to rest on the lectern.  They could be utilized at a later date to throw the listener off their trail.  William had not stopped reminiscing of past exploits.  Beau went to the whiteboard and wrote "all the men to meet back in the room in ten minutes."  At that William dismissed the meeting and said, "OK, we'll meet back here at zero six thirty.  Dismissed!"

Chairs were heard being pushed into the table.  Men talking quietly and filing out of the room and standing outside single file along the wall.  Left in the room were William and Sung Wu, Curt, Hazard, General Randolph, Gaylon, Beau, and Doc.

Beau stepped to the front of the room, and picked up the satchel.  He walked around to each of the men, and gave them out of the bag. Each received a Luger of Liberty pistol, with holster, magazine holder which contained two extra magazines for the guns.

They were beautiful works of art.  But many preferred the XD or the Glock and probably would not carry these firearms.  If they did, it would be as a second weapon.  There was one more pistol remaining, and William hung it on the wall by the list of names of Patriots who had been part of the Last Mission Accepted detail.  It was to honor them.

The men filed out of the room after concealing the weapons on their person, and Beau placed the bugs carefully in a wooden box separated from each other.  Then, that box was placed inside a steel box and placed in a floor safe.  The listeners would think the room had emptied out and there would be no more planning that night.  Soon the all clear sign was given for the men in the hall to return.

The Four later retired around one AM.  The plans, details, and other instructions were ready to be given to the entire Bunker group with the exception of the men on duty as staff.

William had resisted the offer of women joining the group Last Mission Accepted, holding strong against it simply because the girls were much too young.  Only a handful were accomplished enough to actually compete with the men, but still, they were very young.  William did give them a detail though.  They were to guard the place while the men were on missions away from the Bunker.  Also, they were to be Sharon's own detail of body guards on her various forays into town.

They were to be issued their own pistols, caliber of their choice, the next morning prior to the first group pulling out.

Sharon had stepped up to the plate and was learning martial arts, shooting, and weaponry just the same as the girls were. She hardly needed a bodyguard, but, every once in a while, she did go out into the local areas which had some supplies for sale and would buy mainly foodstuffs or medical supplies to bolster what they had.  But she sure felt much better with a few of the girls along which were extra eyes and ears for her.

Williams mind was on the mission, and he was totally unaware of his surroundings.  There was no doubt that several of the Four would not return, and indeed, it would be their Last Mission Accepted.

After he had retired, he napped, but couldn't seem to go on over into full REM sleep.  He sat up in bed without turning a light on, and soon realized he had a visitor in the room with him.

He spoke softly, "so, here you are in my quarters.  I would not come to you so you decided to come to me . . ."

He did not recognize the voice, but the words were well vocalized, no accent, no-mis pronunciation of words, was a white man, and used no contractions.  The voice was deep and rich, probably one that could sing opera.

"What did you expect?  You have been wondering about the owner of this facility for some time now.  I have come to speak with you of matters of grave importance to the country, to your organization, and to your mission."

William reached over to turn the light on.  The voice quickly spoke again, "You will not need that.  Just listen to what I have to say.  And do make diligence to remember all for I will not repeat.  Do not try for the 45 in your drawer.  It is trained on you as we speak.  If you try to get out of bed I will kill you.  The XD always was my own favorite pistol, and the 45, my caliber of choice.  But you ought to change your choice of ammunition."

William leaned back in bed thinking to himself, "this is getting old . . ."  Then, he responded to the man in the corner, "Say on."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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