ntil they found out who the man was that shot the imposter this mystery would not be solved.  Whoever it was, he was a hero.  Just figuring this detail was going to be tough!

Doc. had received Ben Stodges into his office as was Beau leaving.  He bade him sit down and began to question him as to the mass in his rectum, did he know it was there, and if so how long had it been there.  Upon receipt of the answers Doc. advised him he should have the problem removed.

"Do you even know what it is Doc.?" Ben asked.

"At this point we do not.  Ben, we need to do a colonoscopy in an attempt to figure out what it is.  Only then can we start learning how it got there and how to remove it.  It is totally your decision, but at this point, since the circumstances surrounding this situation are so strange, I advise you to have it removed.

"How soon can this be done Doc?"

We'll put you on the table at two this afternoon.  You need to fast: no water or nothing by mouth.  We should know something by 1500 hours.  You will be placed under a mild sedative" he finished.

Ok Doc., I'll be here ahead of time to start getting this laid to rest.

Beau stepped back into the ready room seeking a confab.  William and Sung Wu were discussing damage the the big Vehicle door received in the Bunker attack.  He looked up asked "whatcha need Beau?"

I need to have the occupants from the Virginia Bunker who all served in the Storm foray sequestered there this afternoon William.  Andrea and I will be there at 1700 hrs" he answered.

"I'll arrange it post haste" he answered.  "Can you clue me in on the latest?"

Beau laid it all out for him.

"There is another possibility if you don't get any indication of who could have possibly been behind him to take him out" Sung Wu said.

"Sung Wu, I'm taking a look at this from every angle I can find and your suggestion is greatly appreciated.  What are your thoughts?"

"Suppose there was someone not within the foray . . . with glass.  Their trained eye could spot something that a fellow warrior running on pure adrenalin in the midst of a battle might not" said Sung Wu.

"A Reaper perhaps?"  Beau was studying on this.  We know there were four in the area."

"Do we have information on their activities, locations or kills during that time?" Sung Wu asked.

"I've yet to receive reports on their activities Sung Wu.  Also, they might not want to claim a kill like that."

"Looks to me like that would be an extremely heroic action.  To pull a shot like that off saving his companions, among his contemporaries with no harm to them . . .  I for one am impressed." General Randolph replied.

"Have the records of the battle by corpsman showing locations of the dead been reported yet?"

"I'm sure they are available because they wouldn't have moved the persons to the morgue without picts, wounds listed grid locations."  "Also, they way they fell will be shown in the grids.  If we can pinpoint the Reapers positions, we may have a real good idea as to the shooter."

"I'll see if I can get Reina and Sharon on that project as Andrea and I trip to Virginia."

"Sharon is already preoccupied with another project this afternoon.  Perhaps you can put Andrea and Reina here and have Amy go over with you.  She was saying this morning she either needed some more students or something else to work on.  This investigative project may tickle her fancy."

"Good idea William.  We hope to be back this evening to discuss the investigation."

After locating Andrea he suggested she ask Reina to assist in the case.  "We're interest in getting the grid layout of the area, and looking for a specific grid.  The block where the imposter of Ben Stodges fell.  Also see if you can get the placement reports of the Reapers within the area.  Seems like I remember four reapers there to take out officers.

"Will do!  It will be a tolerable respite from looking through death certificates" Reina said happily.

Beaus com buzzed and Amy said "ready in ten?"

"Affirmative Amy.  Headed that direction."

When he exited the tunnel into the terminal Amy was speaking with Andrea.  He'd used the Bell bringing in eighteen severes to the mash unit Ladasha commanded during the war of Storm.

"Going to learn to fly that thing Amy?  I know I intend to sign up for training as soon as he gets his entry sign up sheet hung up.  I hear we may be lucky enough to pick up a couple of Hueys.  That will be awesome.

"Absolutely.  Rotorcraft doesn't seem as exciting to me as jets.  I want to learn to fly the Sabre.  Exciting!

Beau and Amy loaded up and strapped in.  He'd already done his walk around.  With kneepad sporting his directions and speeds strapped on he went through the list, then called "clear" and cranked the engines one at a time.  In short order both engines were singing nicely.

Another two minutes and the were climbing out flying clean with engines synchronized.  Soon they were in the level by direction and cruising around two hundred sixty knots.  The talked over points of interest in the last few weeks and then this latest development.  All too soon they were descending to the Bunker in Virginia.  The door was closed behind them before the engines had stopped turning.

"Amy, could you have the camera data people start looking at the loading of the trucks and the people who were on there.  If something odd pops out at you, have that person escorted to the brig for questioning.

"After several hours of investigative work, they collected what they had and boarded the plane.  Amy sat left seat this time.  Beau was wanting to check out some of the performances she is famous for.  In record time they were home.

Beau was glad to see the DeHaviland returned to the hangar having been brought from the bottom end of the runway where it had been left during the attacks against the Bunker.  There was always risk of discovery.

They met Andrea and Reina in the Ready Room who had some good news to share.  It turns out that Carl Risenor was in the grid having the best chance at the shot.  He had really scored big in that campaign.  He's on his way in as we speak."

"Thanks Andrea and Reina.  Have you learned if any of the moslem army had survived the the onslaught?" asked Beau.

"As of yet I have not seen a report on that - nor the report of how many were killed.  So far the number of bodies was a long ways from the numbers observed before the Americans engaged the battle.

"Has a burial detachment deployed yet?" asked Doc. Wilson.  I'd like to look at some of the wounds on those bodies with the goal of learning more about what the Reapers to a human.  I figure most of those bodies will be found close to the river where they hoped to escape.

"I'd like to have four or five brought into the morgue for examination."

"I believe that can be arranged" said Beau.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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