t was quiet in the room with the exception of the voice of the man in the corner.  There was no doubt he was a learned man, and obviously a man of distinction.  What he was going to say to William would be somewhat of a shock to him.

"You've been asking questions of General Sherman Randolph as to the identity of the owner of this facility, who built it, when it was built, and a myriad of other questions.  Let me say this to put your mind at ease.  General Sherman Randolph knew somewhat of the answers to the questions you posed, but, to answer those questions, would be to give away a lot about him you do not know."

The speaker took a breath and began again.  "Sherman Randolph was an heir to this place, and has only within the last week, become the sole heir.  He has not even been notified as of yet.  The man that commissioned the place to be built was one of the last great Democrats, one that was true blooded, one that was totally devoted to the furthering of America.  His name was John Randolph.  You would refer to him as a Trueblood.

With his fortune he built several of these facilities, two of which are owned by the US government (ill gotten of course), one owned by the Clintons, two more identical to this facility, one in Virginia, and the other is just outside of Washington DC.  John and Laura Randolph bore three children, one of which died as a small child.  Left was one boy and one girl.  The boy, Edward, studied and planned to become a politician and statesman like his father, and prior to embarking on his career in politics, sought to finish his military training.

His dad had polished him from his youth, and he entered West Point.  His love of flying saw him pursue that love and he graduated West Point with honors, and started training as a Navy fighter pilot.  He was killed within a year of stationing on the USS Harry Truman.  Old John Randolph was heart broken over his son, and soon succumbed to a broken heart exacerbated by diabetes, or that's the story from the coroner anyway.

"Edward had one son, the man you know as General Sherman Randolph, whom you have known most of your life.  Sherman has no heirs at this point."

"The daughter of John Randolph was the last to die, and that quite suddenly only a week ago.  Her husband, Rodney Lansing, claimed Old Johns fortune for his own through his link up with Stephanie Esther Randolph after Edward died.  They had no children."

"Lansing was a typical democrat of todays' ire.  His tenure in Congress was rife with scandal, debauchery, fraud and was a close ally of Hillary Clinton, wife of ex governors Bill Cliton of Arkansas.  They were close friends and it seems some old gentleman was able to assist the U.S. in ridding itself of him and his crooked life a few months ago, leaving Stephanie alone.  She did not re-marry."

Williams mind was whirring with thoughts and trying to make sense of what he was being told.  The name Rodney Lansing meant nothing to him, and he wondered if one of his operatives could have been responsible for this service to the U.S.

"The man that offed Rodney Lansing was one of your operatives, App-212a.  I do not know if you are aware, but he died soon after performing his duty flawlessly even through the weakness that plagued his body.  He was really good in that last mission.  He performed a valuable service to his country, but alas, he will never receive recognition for it."

"Stephanie Esther had been a sickly all her life, as was her mother, Laura.  Upon the death of her husband, she withered away quite quickly.  I was obtained as the family lawyer a few years prior Johns death.  I took over our family firm after my father passed away, thus leaving the firm to me.  I am here to turn the property over to General Sherman Randolph."

"Any questions so far?"

"Only about a million."  William responded,  "What does that have to do with me?  Why are you here telling me this instead of Sherman?"

"I anticipated this question and what I am about to say will hopefully connect all the dots for you.  Old John Randolph was an extremely patriotic man, not well liked because he was not a yes man.  He held to the Constitution.  Anyone that would do something that did not line up with the Constitution, or harmed it in some way, he was against, and that, in a very staunch and abrupt manner."

"If you did something adverse to the US, he would become your bitter enemy.  I feel that is probably where Sherman gets his patriotic feelings.  When the Clintons moved from Arkansas to the White House, John had him investigated thoroughly, and he was extremely upset that someone so purely vile and evil could actually pull the wool over the eyes of the people."

"He was livid, and he brought multiple law suits against them for the Waco burnings alone and also more for Ruby Ridge.  He felt threatened when Vince Foster died.  Vince had confided in John about his fear for the safety of his life because of what he knew.  He stated to John that if he were to die, it certainly would not be suicide.  Charlie and Vince were the best of friends, and he knew John as well, and took care of his planes for him.  When Charlie got up in years, Ginger took over.  She is quite the pilot."

"Because of the extremely close connection between my dad and John, there were some stipulations placed on the transfer of the property.  With Edward and Stephanie's Esther out of the way, I am clear to transfer the property, with the exception of the stipulation to Sherman.  That is where you come in.  In order to make the transfer five people must not be alive."

"Man, this is getting crazy," thought William.  The look of puzzlement was on his face, and the speaker stopped.

After a few seconds, he continued.  "Perhaps it would be better if you would not interrupt me.  John Randolph was distantly connected to some property in Arkansas.  During a land scandal connected with an agency called Whitewater Rapids which went bankrupt, John was only one of several investors who lost quite a bit of money."

"That was the commencement of the investigations.  Perhaps you've seen them?  Called the Clinton Chronicles.  Look it up and watch it sometime.  Many people were killed and the coroner, in the pocket of the Clintons, proclaimed them as dying of natural causes.  One man had been beheaded, natural causes.  Another shot five times, natural causes.  Another stabbed, natural causes."

"A couple of young boys hunting in the woods within a mile of the Mena, Arkansas military base disappeared.  They were found on the railroad tracks after an extensive search. Their body's mangled after the train ran over them.  Problem is, they were dead long before they were placed on the tracks.  Natural causes."

"Two of those people who died of natural causes were old friends of Johns.  Because of this, the stipulation was placed of the ones that must die.  Now, why must the ones die that have been named?  Simply this.  There are some legal issues tied to some other properties owned by these people.  If the last heir dies prior to passing this on, those legal connections causes the property to revert to them."

"With them dead, the legal connections are no more.  Now, there is some scuttlebutt going around that Edward, Stephanie, Laura and John all four were assisted to an early grave by the powers that be.  The evidence I've found is weak and certainly will not stand up in court, especially, the crooked courts of today when scumbags like the Clintons can unfairly influence them.  Your Last Mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to make sure of those five deaths."

"Wow, this is heavy Mr. Peterson." William said quietly.

"Ah, so you have done some paperwork Mr. Travis.  Well done," the lawyer said.

"But why the secrecy in getting in here, and holding me hostage, and why the attempted hostage grab earlier today?  None of that was necessary."

"I will not respond to those questions.  You will discover the answers to them in short order.  Now . . ."

William interrupted him again.  "Why are you holding me hostage in the dark right now?" he asked.

"Because I do not want you to be able to recognize me visibly at a later date.  My identity must remain as secret as possible.  My own life is in danger.  Let us get back to the business at hand."

"I have the blue prints of many buildings in the Washington DC area.  There are tunnels leading from the White House terminating in many buildings to allow safe escape of the White House inhabitants in case of attack."

"I stated earlier that the Federal Government owns two of the facilities built by Mr. Randolph's construction arm.  One of them is in close proximity to the White house.  It is an active facility.  The other owned by the Feds is in Arkansas.  What they do not know, is that there is another one in Washington DC, identical to this one, that is connected to tunnels leading to the White House.  The entrances are cleverly sealed and you will not find them without the blueprints."

"Of that particular facility I have the blueprints with me tonight, as well as the blueprints to the White House and all her escape tunnels, where they terminate, the whole ball of wax.  I would not have them had not Mr. Playboy Slick Willy Clinton made a deal with a pimp to bring women into the house for him and his wife.  She loves women more than he does.  That is why she does not care what he does."

"The facility of which I speak is not an active facility.  It has been years since anyone has even been in there.  But, it is a way through which the preparations needed to take out the president of the United States can be accomplished.  Then a means of safe escape.  And yes, those were my bugs you removed earlier."

"Man, this guy is pretty smart," thought William.

"The plans have all been delivered to your ready room for your perusal.  I trust the work and the missions will commence right away?"

"The plans are to commence work in the morning, early." William responded.

"OK, good night Mr. Travis.  I will be watching you very closely."  He then added. "I've only just now released a sleep agent under your pillow which will cause a deep sleep to descend upon you.  You will be quite unharmed.  Goodnight Mr. Travis."  But William had already been overtaken with the gas.

There is one thing Mr. Peterson had not calculated.  And that was an extremely close ally of William Travis: Sung Wu.  Sung Wu knew of his entry, and had recorded the whole conversation.  Also, Sung Wu had gotten a look at Mr. Peterson and that, without the knowledge of "Mr. Peterson."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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