specially good news awaited the team at the Friday morning.  This particular meeting was a 'Slacktime.'  If a Friday morning meeting was referred to as "Slacktime," you were allowed to come in casual dress.  All other meetings one was expected to be in uniform.

The emergency was lifted and although there had been several deaths connected with the terrorist attack the overall mood of the Bunker was elevated.

William usually gave reports of good news before handing out new missions.  The #1 GNI (Good News Item as they called them was the lifting of the Emergency and an all clear had been given.

That was great news and the people applauded.

GKI #2:  The Party was ON!

The whole crowd erupted into cheers and immediately someone asked "who are you placing your money on?"  It was loud enough to hear and suddenly the crowd went silent and all eyes fixated on William.  That was something he hadn't planned on.  All of the extra Individual Militias had all went back to their respective posts so only the Bunker was present.

William was stunned.  He had made up his mind he was not about to let Beau fight.  In order to prevent the fight, he decided on the spot that he would challenge General Bradsher.  As an item of interest he'd asked Sung Wu his opinion but Sung Wu hadn't said a word in response.  Instead, he just got up and walked out . . .  That's the first and only time he'd ever done that.

William had to do something - had to say something . . .  But he didn't.  He just let the ordeal drop after informing the group that all contestants were to be chosen via drawn ballot.

GNI #3:  William had received a report from Bob Dawson organizer of many blocks of resistance in the civilian arena.

He reported that about thirteen different attacks from obvious moslem groups ranging from the smallest at six men to the largest which was eighteen men,  That was within a two week period.  Almost one per day.  But the civilians were so organized they shot every one of those groups to doll rags!

Each group was led by a blue hat (UN representative.)  The rep was usually French, and the moslems were mostly raggedy ruffmuffians.  They had poor weapons, they lacked any kind of organization and most of the time they never had a chance to shoot back.

The groups would walk up the street and before they even had a chance to spread out, were blasted into oblivion!  Several tactics had been employed by the terrorists but the results were the same.  Not only that, in the whole of Bobs sixteen square block area, not one house had been accosted by street thugs.  If a single person walked up the street, they were stopped by loudspeaker and demanded their identity.

If someone within the civilian coop didn't vouch for that person they were given to the count of three to start running.  If they didn't start running, they would be persuaded by a shot at their feet.  The third shot would bring blood.  Two incidents happened like this, but they got the message before blood was let.

But one thing for certain.  Those salty Americans had enough and they meant business!  It was high time to water the Liberty Tree!

God Bless America

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