he next morning, the group was headed toward the compound where the ISIS leader was.  Supposedly, it was where the girls were being held.  Beau, Hazard, Curt, Gaylon, and Jesse all had six men each and they were to surround the compound at five points with their men spread out.  The compound was large enough that it was going to be stretching the small team mighty thin.  They had no idea as to the number of men they were going up against nor what kind of ordinance they had.

The dhimmi thought there was about sixty men there, and probably twenty more coming in with the leader.  Joe was already in place and was standing beside the fire close to the cart containing the bomb.  He had an idea as to how he could blow up the cart and still make it out alive.  He would set the IED on the cart and then head out the gate.  If someone saw him running he would be shot, at which time he would detonate the IED no matter how close he was.

Joe was not aware of any girls held in captivity in this location.  He had just heard there were some somewhere, but not the location nor their identities.  Jesse and his group had drawn the lot to be at the gate and the first in.  He had already spotted his uncle and seen him take out the guard.  Joe was not aware the men were anywhere around as of yet.  He just had to keep confidence in and work the plan.  At precisely four thirty one, he would detonate the IED.

There was no movement in the house that he could see nor any outside, as every one was still asleep.  He ran sprinted across the square away from the cart, hunkered down behind a large rock well casing and pulled his pistol.  He was out of breath, and still no one was stirring that he could see.  The guard placed to keep the contents of the cart safe was on the back side, still lying where Joe walked up on him asleep.

A quick and stiff slug to the head in front of his left ear with his big ol' 45, and his temple busted wide open under the impact.  When Joe hit him, he meant business and didn't want him waking up and making a noise.  Then a thrust into the heart with his pig sticker, a little twist to make sure it was really messed up, and the Muslim would sleep on no matter what happened.  And he made NO noise!

Joe opened the safety cover of the IED remote control, and at the appointed time, pushed the "Fire" button.  He was knocked down by the initial blast that came around the rock wall behind which he was hiding.  "Wow, Beau sure packed that thing!" he thought.  The cart was lit up like an ultra-bright sun, and began spewing.  Suddenly the cart disappeared along with the wall that ran beside it as well as the two old army jeeps parked close in.

The process had been started, and was gonna be quite a show!  After being knocked down by the initial blast even though he was behind the well, Old Joe decided he was just a little bit too close to the action even at about two hundred feet.  And that behind a strong abutment which surrounded the well.  If I don't get out of here I'm going to get my cheecharonies burned!  He jumped up scampered out the gate like a sixteen year old, diving over the side of the low drop-off, nearly landing on Jesse.

Another explosion, much more massive than the initial detonation and the side of the house closest to the bomb was leveled.  The part still standing was burning furiously.  Old Joe was instantly glad of the decision he'd made!

Surviving Muslims who were sleeping on the opposite side of the house were pouring out through windows like molasses.  They were running and clambering over the low portion of the fence and were met by withering fire from the teams placed there to make sure they met their maker.  The team surrounding the compound knew the cancer of Islam and what it did to any community or nation, and they wanted it dead.

Within five minutes, it was all over with, and what was left standing of the house after that tremendous explosion was still burning furiously.  Don't worry about it, there was not going to be a fire engine coming.  The only one to come out of that compound alive was Old Joe.  He had successfully completed his Last Accepted Mission.

After all the shooting was over they gathered all the bodies and threw them on the fire.  There was still enough wood to burn for the rest of the day, which would completely consume the corpses.  Throw on some pig guts and the result would be a lot of unhappy and very dead Muslims!  A case of the dreaded book of Islam, the Koran, was found in a truck outside the compound and emptied on the fire.

Jesse, Beau, Hazard and Gaylon stood talking and wondering where the girls were being kept.  They were all feeling sickly in that no one in the compound survived.  If the girls were in that compound, it was certain all had died.

Willie Bates was growing very antsy and wanting the men to "come on.  I'll lead you to the girls."  Willies' summons finally got Jesses' attention and he yelled "let's go!" with Willie leading off.

About a block away behind a fire gutted house was a sea train shipping container.  Jesses big forty five spoke several times knocking the locks off.  He threw open the door and the stench that emanated from the depths of the container was horrible.  There were thirteen women and girls in the container but it was immediately evident that some, if not all, were dead.  They had been in that horrible place in the heat for five days, the water running out two days ago.

Willie was the first in, then Beau and Hazard.  They were stepping carefully in the attempt to miss the rotting corpses, excrement and vomit.  Flies by the thousands covered everything and they could barely breath.  He picked up the first girl that moved and carried her out of the container and laid her in the shade of the house.  He went back in as Beau and Jesse each emerged with a girl.

The girls were laid side by side leaving enough room for the rescuers to stand between and work on them.  Other members of the raiding party were arriving and began soaking rags with water and wetting their lips, washing their faces, all the while coaxing them to suck the moisture from the rag.  To give them a drink would have killed them instantly.

Doc began setting IV's immediately.  They needed electrolytes as soon as possible as well as the cool of the shade and grass.

They carried out two Mexican girls and a Mexican woman of about thirty or so.  Then came a black lady, another Mexican, another black, and then three white women.  The last girl carried out had auburn hair.  She was very close to death.

Ginger, Sharon, May, Julie, and Lorraine, the party of last nights foray showed up at the compound within five minutes of the find.  Ginger had her M4 and an XD as well as the cherished 38, her dads gun.  She was ready to execute some stinking goat lovers when told the girls were not there.  Joe, still there when they arrived, informed the women the men had went to see about the girls.  Ginger grew tearful and asked "where?  Which way did they go?"

Old Joe Orozco, still tending the fire pointed in the direction the men took to the shipping container which was only a block.  The women started hoofing it down the block in a hurry and soon came up on the scene.  She spotted Amy right off and went to her, assisting in reviving her.  She was crying in happiness that Amy was alive and began washing her face, arms, hands, legs and her feet.  She was cleaning her hair with a cloth, all the while talking soothingly to her.

Had any sized group of Muslims happened by at that moment, all the anguish, hurt, loss, fear and vengeance would have come bursting out the top of Gingers head like a volcano, and she would have emptied every gun on the lot into them.  The Muslims had destroyed her life, like they do with everyone and everything they come in contact with.  She wished a big group would come along, a BIG group.  She was one fired up mad redhead!

Jesse was working on one of the Mexican girls.  She was a mess, nearly dead, filthy, with face unrecognizable, when she spoke his name faintly.  He thought she was praying at first and calling the name Jesus.  But she called it a couple more times, and Jesse leaned over closer to hear.  Then, he recognized her.  It was his sister, Lupe!  She asked about Maria, which was Joe's daughter, their cousin.

Jesse looked at the other Mexican girl next to her and recognized her.  She was smiling faintly.  He said, "ask her yourself," and nodded toward her.  Maria reached out to her and their hands met.  Jesse was elated!  He had thought his entire family was dead.

He wondered who the lady was next to them.  She was beginning to respond to the water being used on her, and suddenly screamed "Rachel!"  The other Mexican girl struggled to say something, and Angela, her mother, upon seeing her, lay back down and began sobbing.

The two black ladies, Moesha and Ladasha, were the ladies in the Willie Bates group taken captive.  Moesha was Willies sister, Ladasha was his girl.  The third black lady was a friend of the family and she did not survive.  Willie had been shot and left for dead when the girls were taken.  In all, they'd spent nearly two months in the camp of the Muslims before being placed in the container and left to die a horrible death.  They were not Muslim blood, and according to their pig ruler, mohammed - they deserved to die.

The group arrived back in the bunker complex well before dark that afternoon, and all girls from the shipping container were checked over thoroughly.  All would survive in short order, that is, physically.  Mentally they would feel the anguish the remainder of their days.

William had debriefed the men of the raiding party.  He was very proud of Old Joe Orozco and Jesse as well.  Old Joe became part of the Patriot Gentleman's Club, and was soon inducted into the Four after his tumor was removed. And he would live several years, serving his God and his country with distinction and valor.

Sung Wu and the General both were well advanced toward full health again.  The plans to go to Washington DC., were nearly final.  They still needed the plane Gingers dad Charlie had cared for.  They belonged to the late John Ranolph, and, was actually now owned by the General.  They figured the Muslims would have moved them.  If so, they could be anywhere.  But they would soon find out different.

Willie had become part of the group working from the bunker.  He was an excellent soldier and did the Marines proud.  He was not quite old enough to become a Patriot Gentleman, but he still served in the group of military men in the bunker with distinction.

Moesha had been a nurse and Doc Wilson quickly commandeered her services.  Beau and Hazard were still searching out the hidden caverns of the Hanoi Hilton.  Sharon was the one who located the door in the bunker complex which led to the tunnel to the Hanoi Hilton.  In that tunnel they found the tracked mules.  These mules were electric and could be used deep under ground without spewing noxious fumes and using up the oxygen.

Batteries were replaced in a couple of the mules, and a search party headed off into the darkness on the little train.  One of them held a compass and another marked off the distance.  The tunnel was some seventeen miles long being a part of an extensive salt mine.  Somewhere along the line, they missed the switch that would take them straight to the section of the Hanoi Hilton for which they were hunting.

Within a week though, several mysteries had been solved.  There was a huge cavern with a door that opened up to a huge airplane hangar.  Arranged closely in the hangar were two bright yellow Cessna 172's, a sleek little one place experimental, and a 21 passenger DeHavalind cargo, twin turbo.  Ginger had been informed of the airplane find and wondered about them.  She couldn't wait to see if they were airworthy.

She would ride the electric shunt through the tunnel to under the Hanoi Hilton hangar.  Then she would take the elevator up to the level of the planes, and step into the hangar.  All the planes belonged to the General but had been cared for by her dad who also flew them.  And she had flown all of them, had checked out in all of them, and had used the DeHavalind to gain her Instrument rating.  She was overjoyed as to the wonderful direction in which her life had turned.  She would be forever grateful to the Patriot Gentleman's Club, to William and the Four.

That afternoon was spent readying the planes for the transfer to the Virginia Facility.  Instructions would be sent back as to what was to be moved there from the Texas bunker facility.

William and Sharon talked about the move, about all that had been accomplished the last month.  D-day for the White House strike was coming upon them much too quickly.  It was decided that six men and four women would be flying to Virginia where they would bail out at low altitude and reconnect once on the ground.  They would locate the Virginia facility, and begin readying it for use.

The Virginia facility which was immaculate, was actually a newer facility.  Within two days they had it explored, located everything, and had it running.  The landing strips were cleared of debris.  Also the hangar had been located and the folding door was working perfectly.  The way now to the DC facility was open and beckoning.

Ginger was flying in men and goods on a constant basis making two complete round trips a day from Texas to Virginia, each time laden to the max with ordinance.  Amy was flying right seat and was in training after having recovered nicely from her ordeal.  Within eleven days, of flying they felt they were ready to open the DC facility.  A couple of weeks and the DC move would commence.

The plane needed bigger capacity fuel tanks.  The trip to the DC facility would be much longer trips limiting the expeditions to one per day, and the loads would be smaller.  But flying them in was the most secure way.  When it came to some of the bigger guns, they would all be trucked via surface routes, and that under heavy guard and at night.  The lawlessness was still in a downward spiral, and if you stepped into public, you probably wouldn't be coming back if you were alone and weren't armed.

The move to the DC bunker would come down almost identical as the Virginia move.  The DC facility was even newer than the Virginia facility, but the trip was further from the Texas facility.  To prevent handling the ordinance twice, they decided they would fly direct from Texas.  The DC facility was the last hurdle to conquer before the final push into the White House.  Within nine days, the ordinance out of Texas would be stowed, and ready for clientele.

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