uring the early years of my life I played in the lush green woods of Arkansas.  I chased butterflies across fresh plowed fields of rich loam with my dog, chased fireflies in the warm summer nights.  I ate watermelon fresh from the vine, and played war with a passel of cousins using as ammunition Easter eggs, corn cobs, hickory nuts and cotton bolls.

We said the Pledge of Alligiance every morning in school, got our cabooses paddled for not getting home work or being too fidgety to sit still.  Walked to school with no fear of something bad happening to us.  We learned of war, patriotism, and Veterans.  We watched as men, women and children lining both sides of Main St. stand to salute the flag of our beloved America as she flapped in the wind carried with honor by the Color Guard of marching soliders who had fought for her.

I was a young lad when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and even at that tender age, I felt the loss of something of our great nation die with him.  A sad loss of innocence of our nation was felt.  And I watched as she lost the honor and respect for our returning veterans of the deadly Vietnam police action.

Something burned in me to somehow turn our nation back to God, back to the patriotism I once felt.  In that America, we felt confidence in our ability to stand and defeat any power that would come against us.  Instead, I saw her turn further and further from God, as Hollywood, the hippy-movement, drugs and sex led the way to demoralizing a nation.

I still hold that deep burning desire to see our nation the proud bulwark of Freedom she once was, but I fear she has went so far over the cliff, that she will never recover until we have the corruption in government removed and punished, with God and the Constitution put back as the basis of our foundation.

May all who read these words come to feel that urgency, and stand in the fight, shoulder to shoulder with Patriots all over the beloved land.  Men not afraid to call out the wrong - and not afraid to do something about it!

Liberty Tree

It's true.  I am an old blood and guts Patriot.  But without any kind of doubt, I know it will come to blood and guts one way or another . . .  Either we stand and fight in a blood and guts manner - or we'll experience it as we're bowed in front of those who have taken us over - in a blood and guts manner.

Blood is never pretty - but it does water the Tree of Libery.

George Cavaness


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