Old Patriots
Last Mission Accepted

Olde Patriots
William Travis
Sharon Combs Travis

The Original Four:
Joe Armstrong
Curt Stallings
Randal Williams
Leonard "Hazart" Diamond

Later additions to the Four:
Dale Hamlin
George Gacy
Sung Wu
General Sherman Randolph
Juan Orozco
Joe Orozco
Jesse Orozco
Ginger Rodgers
Willie Bates
Randal Weatherford

Wayne Stevenson
Wanda Hamlin
Miriam Williams
Gaylon Hamlin
Reina Watsel
Daniel White
Charlie Rodgers
Amy Rodgers
Daniel Combs
Lane Wilson
Beau Adams
Royce Harrington
Penrod Grant
Rod Harrington
John Randolph
Laura Randolph
Edward Randolph
Stephanie (Randolph) Lansing
Rodney Lansing
James Blakely
Rhonda Blakely
Reina Watsel
Dean Watsel
Sarah Watsel
Ryan Grayson
Stanley Harrington
Jaime Spurlock
James Fisher
Eric Pearson

Sea Train Survivors
Maria Orozco
Amy Rodgers

Stacy Necrossi
The Dentons
Attorney General Bolder

Muslim capture of blacks
Keywon Jones
Lemond Stokes

Willie Bates
Ringleader of the Club
Spouse to William Travis

Old Joe
The man with the plan
First of the Four to die
Nicknamed Hazard

Third of the Four to die
Second of the Four to die
Saved Wills life from ruskies
Lifetime friend of Williams
Blew up Muslim bomb in (brothers (Juan) stead)
Nephew to Joe Orozco
Charlies daughter, pilot
Marine survived kidnapping shooting
One of last inductees into The Four

Chief of Police - friend of Sheman Randolph
Dale Hamlins' wife
Randal Williams' wife
Nephew to Dale Hamlin
Indentifies Royce Harrington
Young soldier under the General
Ginger Rodgers dad
Ginger Rodgers daughter
Little brother to Sharon
Doctor of the LMA group
Lifetime friend of Doc Wilson
aka Tracey Peterson - crooked lawyer
FBI mole - (App-0101e)
Uncle to William Travis - maternal side
Bunker builder - father of Edward Randolf
Spouse - John Randolph
Son to John Randolph, father to Sherman Randolph
daughter to John & Laura Randolph
spouse - Stephanie Randolph killed - App-212a
Principal of Finishing School - (Hanoi Hilton)
Pregnant spouse to James Blakely
Hanoi Hilton survivor - led tunnel group
Father - Reina Watsel
Mother - Reina Watsel
Hamas mole - mission: expose the club
uncle to William, (mothers side)
on mission with Daniel White
on mission with Daniel White
on mission with Daniel White

Jesses' sis
Jesses' cousin, daughter to Juan Orozco
Daughter to Angela
Mother to Rachel
Sister to Willie Bates
Girlfriend of Willie Bates
Daughter of Ginger Rodgers

Nancy Pelosi of CA.
Bill and Hillary Clinton
Attorney General Holder

converted to Islam. dhimmi
converted to Islam. dhimmi

Marine survived shooting - inducted into Old Patriots
sister to Willie Bates, survived Sea Train
girlfriend of Willie Bates, survived Sea Train

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Red Eukrana

The Red Eukrana
Donny Clyborn
Marguerite "Rita" Bennett
Leonard Adams
Captain Charles Ranier

1st of four people to scuttle the Red U
2nd of four people to scuttle the Red U
3rd of four people to scuttle the Red U
Panama Canal Pilot

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet
William Travis
Sharon Travis
Crazy Eights
Rita and Donny
Killed Crazy Eights and delivered truck with bomb
Spouse to William - drove the jimmy through the gauntlet
Inside informat for HRC
Main characters of the Red Eukrana story
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Awakening

The Awakening
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Greg 'Gino' Means
Talbert Cabot
Link Hollins
Lela Clyborn
Axel Rod Lyons
Angeline Lyons
Angel Lyons
Lebo Lebaron
Bighton Securities Services
King Crow
Raul Lyons
top spy planted in the bunker to take it out
2nd spy, attempted to take out Beau, died instead
low spy on totem pole inside The Bunker
unknown 4th spy - Angels' ace in the hole
burgaled the Travis Estate, Gale files
descendant of General Lyons
Grand daughter to Angeline Lyons
bodyguard sent to assist Angel in her suicide
Subsidiary handling Soros and Clinton sercurity
vagrant who helped deliver Axel Rod Lyons
Williams Arch Enemy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Drone

The Drone
Keith Roberts
Slick Willie Clinton
Hayden Maxwell

Tasked with ridding the burden of the drones
One of the girls sent to retrieve - - - -
(Serpent) Leader of the extration team Governor of Arkansas / 42nd POTUS
Vasillisa Utyosov aka Corey Sue, akaTralana, aka Lorraina
Aussie in the spy retrieval group
Girl in the spy extraction group
Sharp communications guy

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The King Of PIG

The King of PIG
Andrea Cummings
Firoz Ahmed
Lola Lansing
Harry Sprinter
The Baliff

Serves recompense to murderer of her family
PIG King
Best friend to Andrea, rescued from Hanoi Hilton
Pilot of the C130
Alonzo Adams, CIA whistleblower

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette
Aisha of the house of Saud
Doctor Duard Nikhul
Lisa Wilson
Eduardo Fernàndez
Carlos Eskobar

Temptress, Wife to Dr Nikhul
Doc Adams personal freind
Doc Adams estranged wife
Old Man that captures Beau
Informant & guide

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The Grim Reaper

Lieutenant Carl Risenor
Dante Lowe
Hector Villarreal
Jorge Chaves
Leutenant Ramos

Main Character
Female Sniper Carl killed
Mexican Field Commander
Guard sent to watch Carl as he siesta'd

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The Storm

Robert "Bob" Dawson
Sigrid (Rubinstein) Wimberly
Henry Cassel Wimberly
Anna (Rubinstein) Autman
Daniel Autman
Carl Autman

ex-Vietnam POW, the leader of the neighbhorhood militia co-op Auschwitz survivor
eldest sister to Sigrid, contracted polio, at age 13
youngest sister to Sigrid, died in car crash
Husband to Sigrid

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