ith each day of the Obama administration in the White House of We The People, more regulations, Executive orders, scandal, fraud, debauchery, taking over of the school systems with Common Core which teaches sympathy to Islam, Obama care, Gun running, giving aid to the enemy, Amnesty and now, signing of contract with the UN to come into America and confiscate her guns . . . . one feels the urgency to DO SOMETHING!

With the constraints of Political Correctness applying its chokehold on Freedom of Speech, this author is breaking out.  I no longer will be held back from my God given right which is guaranteed through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  I will no longer allow my speech to be corralled with political correctness nonsense.

Written in the current times of the last two years of the Obama administration, this story uses a brand new concept which attempts to see some remedy to the travesty of America, and, to give old Patriots a chance to die with honor for their beloved America.  The story winds through scenes of what experiences are to be expected to come when she falls.  Or, when any government fails or any country falls for that matter.

Starvation, lawlessness, thug gangs roaming the streets seeking any target of opportunity.  This story says it all.  But the men in this writing attempt to remedy the gaggle of spineless dogs rife with scandal of all kinds within our government . . . by whatever means necessary.

Step with me if you will, into a world much different than what most in America has known their entire lives.


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