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ost people have heard the saying "you reap what you sow."  They understand that principle.  What you plant will bring up like kind of what you sowed.  This simple fact is called "The Law Of The Harvest."

But they don't realize that there's more to the Law of the Harvest than what they've heard all their lives.  When one plants a seed, a multitude of seeds are produced from that one single seed.  You will reap mulitples of what you are sowing.

Wisdom to these facts are everywhere.  The results of these facts are everywhere.  How to change and plant seeds of a different nature are everywhere.  And if you change and commence planting seeds of a different nature, you will still reap from the bad seeds.  Sometimes for the remainder of your life.

Nowadays, few there be that sit down with a book of any kind.  Instead, with hardly enough education to flip the on switch, one can be transported to see wonders of the world: both vile and rewarding.  Right from the comfort of their favorite chair.

One can be mesmerised by what's on the screen and influenced by factors that do not have your best interest in mind.  Things which are bad, wrong, incorrect and harmful are made to look good; look good for you, or that it's OK to act and do as you please - never mind the consequences.

We see confusion everywhere.  We see people who will not work and feel the government owes them everything.  On top of that they kill, rob, maim, steal and burn . . . never once feeling remorse, never once feeling as if there would be any consequence.  They wind up with no or very little education and willingly allow themselves to slip into ever deepening inpropriety.

We see our great and beloved America in such a great flux today than in the day when her government was advocating the outright theft, murder and attempted extinction of her original citizens, the indigenous American Indian.  These people suffered horrendously at the hands of the US Government.

And now, today, we see the deliberate overrun of the white man, again by the US Government, by tsunamis of Mexicans, moslems and illegal aliens of all nationalities; lawless, moraless with greed and control imprinted in their minds.

We see a government so corrupt and working in such inpropriety, working hand in hand with anti-moral entities, that a huge portion of the lower class deliberately take advantage of and sink themselves into an ever deepening slimepit.  Below I have included a special definition base of words synonomous with impropriety.  Mouseover each word to bring up the definition of that word.


a failure to observe standards or show due honesty or modesty; improper language, behavior, or character:

synonyms: wrongdoing misconductdishonestycorruptionunscrupulousunprofessionalismirregularityunseemlinessindelicacyindecencyimmoralitytransgressionmisdemeanoroffensemisdeedmisconductcrimeindiscretionmistakepeccadillosocialismtrespass

In the Congress of the United States Government are found the people who advocate these traits along with hollywood.  This is what people who have been raised up under common core era see and immulate.

This is the manner in which they raise their children.  Thugs from the get go.  There is no warning on the screen that screams "it's not ok to do these vile things: you will reap what you sow.  It is evident that America has lost her way.

It is my hope that one can get a 'whole picture' with these words within this short work.


George Cavaness

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In my early days, I was eager to learn and to do things, and therefore I learned quickly.
— Sitting Bull

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