The Eagle

Chapter XXII

he wedding was getting closer even faster and faster.  Carl and Rose were both stretched to the max as far as trying to get all the accomodations, the construction, all the vendors lined up . . . .

But there was one thing Carl took time out to do: propose to Rose.  He knew from the moment he first laid eyes on her that she was the missing component in his life.  By the time they parted from the very first meet he had already learned she was a widow, and his heart was doing handsprings in his chest.

Unbeknownst to him, Roses' heart was doing the same thing.  But both of them had no idea that one of the security whom was in Roses employ saw the signs of blooming love and felt extreme danger to his own plans.  Carl must be gotten rid of.  Period!

On the way to the meet at the motel that night for dinner Beaureguard fumed over the situation and knew it had already gotten out of control.  Whatever his end intentions were had suddenly been brought to the forefront and dealt with much sooner than he anticipated.  Rose had to die, Carl must be inplicated, and if that wasn't possible, then his train must be wrecked allowing his death.

That was one thing about Beauregard.  He didn't get riled, he didn't get panicky, he didn't make fast decisions, he didn't get shook up and under no circumstances, he did not endanger his true identity.

For some time now Tobias had wondered if he'd actually gotten the man who was the Kingpin for the Osborn gang.  He had thought that Manny Osborn had been the Kingpin, but, Manny was merely the Posterboy.

Sure, Manny lived it up, was exceptional as the showboy, gave all the orders, had killed who he wanted, but, there was someone who was giving him orders.  And, there were a few things that he had caught on the sly that even Governor Burnett bowed to someone higher than him.

And one more thing.  There was no doubt in his mind that 'General' Lyons was under the command of higher-ups in the military, but, there was a certain something he had not caught onto about General Lyons.  But, it seemed as if he even was under the influence of some big wheel that was calling all the shots and it was NOT President Lincoln.

It would bear out some thinking.  Tobias would chew on it a while.  One afternoon while in his office a slight knock on the door and he looked up to see Carl.  "Mind if I take a little of your time for a confab Tobias?"

"Come in Carl.  Since when do you have to ask for some of my time?" Tobias responded.  He noticed that Carl shut the door then sat down and went right to it.

"Tobias, I've been around Rose and her security team for a few days now and I've had every one of them investigated.  The Pink I've used goes by the name of Landon Lowell and he's a good man, or was.  All of her team are pristine clean and of highest integrity.  That is, except one man.  His report was missing out of the package delivered to me.

This package was sent by private courier and before I opened it, I looked at the seals very closely with a magnifying glass.  They had been tampered with.  I'd noticed that the man who delivered this package was different.  Never before had my packages been tampered with.  Care to take a guess who's report was not included?"

Tobias sat there just thinking it all in.  If one of Roses' security team was compromised, then his team had been compromised.  "Well, Carl, the only one I would even consider as possibly being dirty is a man we know very little about.  And that would be Beauregard Knight."

Carl just sat there shaking his head yeah at Tobias.  "Is this the only detail that makes you suspicious?" Tobias asked?

"No, far from it.  But I got a few extra pieces of news that relates to the whole matter.  Landon Lowell was found with his neck broken and his office ransacked.  The courier I usually use has disappeared.  And another Pink, who was rumored to be dirty, was sitting not forty feet away from Rose and I when we first met for the bridge commission.  I have yet to learn what assignment he was on."

"My number one man, Eddy Philips was in sight of me as was Roses' number one man, Beauregard.  Eddy saw Beauregard "accidently" trip over the Pink on the bench, and when the man responded negatively, Beauregard killed him.  He used some kind of hand move and Eddy thinks it was training of a Russian flavor."

"Beauregard reached into the mans shirt pocket, retrieved something then put something back from his own pocket.  In his haste to catch up with Carl and Rose, Eddy did not have the time to check what Beauregard had placed in the mans' pocket.  But Beauregard laid him on the bench as if he was sleeping, then simply walked away."

"Eddy said the way that he killed the Pink on the bench was ruthless and very quick, and silent.  The man didn't even grunt when Beauregard dispatched him.  Eddy does not think Beauregard realized he was seen; nor that he (Eddy) was anywhere around."

Carl paused a minute to speculate and then added "I think Beauregard is playing up to Rose for only one purpose: for her fortune.  The reason I believe that is, he has been appointed the power of attorney for Rose.  That leaves Rose in a very dangerous position."

"How did you learn that?" questioned Tobias.

"She told me when I began to question her of someone who might be dangerous.  We all know there is a bounty on her head, but I can't figure out how she would have given Beauregard her power of attorney."

After another pause, Carl mentioned that "I have proposed to her and she has answered yes."

A slight knock on the door which opened after Tobias had bid the person come.  "Sir, I have a very important telegram for you" Monte said quietly handing it toward Tobias.

"Thank you Monte.  Please wait for just a second."  Tobias scanned the note quickly then handed it to Carl saying "I think you may be on to something . . ."

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