A Alpha

John, on the isle of Patmos
suffering unspeakable pain and misery
allowed for a moment to transcend sadness
to encourage with a vision of victory

Now a mere broken wreck of a carcass
saw past the veil of life; that death was harmless
when the Master rolled back the curtain of time
for a glimpse of the sublime

He spoke of beauty of which to envision
causes fools to mock with derision
for how can human vision enfold
gates of Pearl, streets of glassy gold

How does one without hope
with the grand visions to cope
of what John carried away saw
one can only wonder in awe

Of that city which God for us built
with precious blood on the cross He spilt
turning past from scarlet to pure white
washing from sins total blight

God Who from the beginning of time
had a plan with results to be of prime
pefection beyond human compare
with hope to rise above despair

He is from forever to forever
as the East is from the West
beyond time - eternal endeavor
to comprehend - eternal quest

of His eternal plan and existence
comprehension untold distance
His beginning unable understand
deeper than numbers found in seas sand

The only map on which to believe
is His Word if we'll retrieve
but only through a glass darkly
details of His glory come sparsely

It's only through divine intervention
do we dodge contravention
seeking understanding without intention
of inserting human invention

Thrust into Revelations' bright Light
only by which to glimpse the Omega
still yearning in darkest of night
to comprehend the beginning - A - Alpha

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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A Alpha
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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