A Bowl Of Chicken Is Like Tv

Which of us humans do not like chicken?
country fried, finger good and lickin'
just a settin' on the table all by itself
cast upon by wanton eyes including myself!

But, wait! There's surely something missin'
gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and biscuits
how can we enjoy something so wonderfully blissen'
without all that, can we truly enjoy that fried chicken?

I've surely just now done some revelatin'
it's not the chicken that makes our weight go elevatin'
it's all the goodies, and pie that sets my mouth to salivatin'
keeping me from diggin in is beyond desperation!

But then I got to thinkin
it's not TV that's so horribly wrong!
Why no! Having that thing set there on that shelf
who wants just a purty box settin lonesome all by itself?

Now comes the expense and the temptation!
cable network, wiring, satellite dishes
more and more channels to compliment the damnation
'I just wana see how this guy fishes'

Soon you'll be happily surfing the channels
what not to watch, what is ok to funnel
into your mind, your psyche, your character, your life
pushing aside the warning; danger and strife

Why, it's OK just to watch the news and this little story
you defend, while attempting to hang on to Gods' glory
but soon things that so easily did offend
you now shamelessly defend

It's not the box sins' weight quickly elevates
it's all the fixin's, all the extras that associates
our lives, our outlook, our hope, our lives
polluted with vile evil, sorcery, lifestyles and lies

Our boys hear language vulgar and nasty
our girls see ways and emulate the bratsy
mimicking dance movements of wicked Beyoncé
who herself, raised in church, singing of 'the way'

Now hopelessly bound and demon possessed
our children mimic, with her obsessed
all brought about by a little rebellion you see
when you pumped in hells cesspool over your TV

Yeah, TV is like a bowl of chicken
it's not the the entity alone that destroys
those who watch and dine - it's what they see
and are turned to take sides with the enemy

In desperation the temptation will grow too much
to stay in Gods' will with vile things as such
sooner or later you'll grab a leg or a wing
and too late to see - A Bowl Of Chicken Is Like TV

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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A Bowl Of Chicken Is Like Tv
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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