A Hell To Shun

I awoke in the dark one early morn
sweating, shaking, fearful of the dream I'd born
of the torment, the heat, the darkness, the burn
of hell, a vision of that which I'd failed to spurn

In my dream I could hear the screams
the torture, the pain, unending waves of fire
but the memory was the worst it seems
because I'd failed of His Name inquire

The fear of being alone without His presence
remembering His look when He passed the sentence
of sadness and sterness when He pointed and said
"your judgement shall be in the lake of the dead."

My body trembled as I bowed low before Him
I felt the heat as the fire swelled o'er the brim
I now understood the scripture plain and clear
I screamed and prayed — now condemned to the sear

The smell of burned flesh made me vomit
as memory served up the words of the prophet
warning time and time again it was preached
I'd fought well: my wall of resistance not breached

As my realization reached through that it was a dream
I was sickened at the reality of the enemy's scheme
on my knees I now called on His great Name
to save me from such demonic torture and shame

Suddenly, the opposite swept over me and again I cried
following the Book, from my old self I'd died
with baptism in Jesus Name, such undescribable
joy, peace, comfort — relief . . . inequitable

Non-deserving of the redemption He bought
with pure, sinless blood, salvation He wrought
on the rugged tree of Calvary
for worthless you and me

But the sin for which man will ultimately face
will be the sin of slander against Grace
and will face Him: the Judge in dazed stupor
at continued decision to live in sins sewer

Erasing the truth of Him Who was hung like a Door
through which one must pass to reach heavens shore
Sure, heaven will be joyous beyond compare
perhaps, but: the joy of missing hells nightmare

Will certainly be as rejoiceable;

For we've a heaven to gain . . . but A Hell To Shun.

The Cauldron of Hell

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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A Hell To Shun
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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