Alone But For The Throne

When the last tear falls down my cheek
dear loved ones o'er my bier bitterly weep
don't weep in sadness because I'm gone
rejoice in gladness! Because - I'm gone!

When my smile has fallen to the ground
and my loved ones gather round
know I'm now above this physical pain
unable to describe the heavenly gain

When my last step on earth has been taken
with Him at last will I joyfully awaken
my earthly treasures here I no longer claim
His praises with trumpet voice exclaim

When I pass the torch for so many years born
my heirs to receive and though hearts are torn
run on; sustained onward by tears on altars alone
cannot be carried without the Power from His throne

Advice to my progeny I leave; pray for His guidance
repent your mistakes, press through to His radiance
so your own offspring can be ready to receive
teach them, love them, tear for them, so they too perceive

Through the darkness of confusion the enemy spreads
stay bound in unity with prayer; as cloth of multiple threads
there's only One Who can sustain to your journey's end
maintain your trust of Him around each deadly bend

So remember, many times you'll feel so all alone
friends, loved ones seem to have forsaken - you groan
but there's one Who stands, solid: the Chief Cornerstone
on Him can you always depend - Him alone

Your accomplishments will in prayer be grown
thru the time you spend alone before the Throne
alone in your closet - can His depth be fully known
yes we can stand alone: Alone But For The Throne

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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Alone But For The Throne
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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