Breakfast In Heaven

I awoke one mornin' so bright and fair
enjoying that air so cool and frosty
washed my face and combed both hairs
then sat down for a big cup of coffee

The homemade biscuits smelling like heaven
the gravy was about the same
in my mind was forming a question
taste buds were drivin' me insane

Is there bacon and eggs in heaven so grand?
how could it be heaven without sausage?
or fried potatoes crispy and brown
butter and jelly, homemade in the cottage

Now surely there has to be good eatin'
chocolate gravy, fried wieners and biscuits
so good that it will make you be cheatin'
on that thing called your diet ticket

I just can't imagine sitting at that long table
and wonderin' when the eggs and 'taters'd be passed
I'd hold out just as long as I was able
then feel foolish at the question I just asked

Oh Lord, I'm beggin' you please
let there be a bounty of breakfast things
please let there be pancakes and cream cheese
blackberry jelly, milk and potato strings

All the other meals I can get by without
but if I don't get breakfast, I feel put out
so when I get breakfast with waffles and pancakes
syrup, honey, and coffee, well, it just makes my day

So again I ask, Please let there be Breakfast In Heaven

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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Breakfast In Heaven
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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