Change Begins With Me

I look around and wonder why
so many come to church and just sigh
I wondered why many depart unchanged
remaining so very heavily restrained

How, when the Spirit was so strong and beckoning
did they seem to sit back, as if reckoning
Whether the cost of this worlds goods
was worth heavens' gain and likelihood

Refusing beckoning Spirit with life to give
only to leave like they came, and continue on still
With the sentence of sin upon their head
considering not the blood that was shed

Why can't they be changed I cried?
is no one longer dissatisfied?
With the torment and shackles of sin
Lord, save them from worldly din

The still soft voice came through
in stillness of the night so true
you can make the difference
ready to act in sufferance

Helping others of evil blight
Me?  Lord, you're the light,
God only you save from sin
"it's with you the change must begin"

I lay weeping in the floor as changes He made
with new direction I sought God and prayed
Longing and hungering for more and more
and from this mortal being He lifted and tore

Bitterness, hardness; replacing it with love
none I could do without help from above
But in me He placed such a great fervor
to be more than just an observer

To lead and guide, and an example to be
to pray, to fast, and to work, for you see
If ever we're to see change in extended family
surely the Change Begins With Me

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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Change Begins With Me
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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