The Eagle

I wandered in darkness
tossed to and fro
hampered by weakness
strong winds did blow

My direction was all wrong
in my soul rang deaths song
All around me the lightening flashed
the rains on my soul so bitterly lashed.

Cast about no rock to which I could cling
being lured by the newest shiny thing
In sadness and darkness did I roam
no place to really call home

Then one day I saw a shaft of light
coming down from heaven so very bright
A sense of promise, a sense of hope
but surrounded by a berm, a slippery slope

How could I reach that place of safety?
what in my self did I possess?
How could I make it, so shaky?
how to make it to those shores of rest?

I cried out to God, please, if You're real
I ask You come, and my situation heal
but I foundered praying accept me with all my bags
for all my righteousnesses are as filthy rags

Then the man of God preached if I would see help
I'd cast off my pride and humble myself
Ain't no need to pose for almighty God
all my secrets and ideas to Him - fraud

Fear gripped my heart
I wanted safety, but only in part
But with God, it's all or none
so I dropped my old life and to Him I did run

Repenting of my ways, my sins, my blights
laying aside all my secret sinful delights
I knelt and went in His direction
the only way to salvation

I repented like the Word of God teaches
baptized in Jesus Name, just like Peter preached
I lifted my heart, clean, washed by His blood
and suddenly His love over me did flood

My bones came alive with a fire
my body tingled from head to feet
my whole being I cast before Him with desire
with my whole heart I cried and did seek

Suddenly it happened as in days of old
as if I stepped into sunshine from the cold
my sin and old life were to Him completely sold
my feet set on a new path, courageous and bold

My tongue was speechless, as if completely tangled
and began to speak in another, and unknown language
God gave me direction, took away the anguish
no longer directionless do I languish

His Spirit gave direction
the compass of His Word correction
a life in which I find my way by the Compass
leads to new life, the old abolished

Compass of the Word

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2018

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© 2000 - 2018
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