Cuz This Is America

We live in a world ran and controlled by the elite
like they're almighty God they expect us to bow at their feet
We must trust what they say and not think for ourselves
but in just one day they can make toilet paper disappear off the shelves
They can create a virus then sell the cure
while we stare blindly at the TV taking the bait like a fishing lure
They manufacture hate and want to remove the police
while punishishing law abiding citizens
while at the same time releasing criminals into the street
They take almost half of your earnings and then tax everything you own
while seventy percent of Americans are in bondage to high interest loans
They want Trump impeached 'cause he's exposing their sin
that's why they frame innocent people like Judge Cavanaugh and General Flynn
But this America - we can't be pushed around anymore
and they'll soon find that out when they come knocking at our door
It's time we take a stand and take back what is ours
I mean, they made ya'll think it was Bin Laden who destroyed the Towers
When Americans find out the truth about what all they do
It'll be a hard pill to swallow for me and for you
But the Silent Majority - we've had enough
and I really think it's time we called their bluff
Come this November they'll know who we are
and they'll know where we stand with Trump and AG William Bar
Cuz this is America.  We love Jesus and freedom and guns
and if ya'll think we're scared of a fight just remember we hunt things for fun

Blake Turner

© 2000 - 2021
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Cuz This Is America
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2021
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