Of all the men of old in the Word
to choose one to be like I'm spurred
so many choices, most so great
my life to pattern after; to emulate

Of all I've studied throughout the years
imagined their lives, victories and tears
how great to be like them I thought
to replicate the greatest I've sought

Of Samson, of Peter, of Paul
of these; none at all small
James, John and Bartholomew
their lives and what they went through

But the greatest of them all I feel
of living in the example he left
even though he acted like a heel
his heart was soft, and in repentance: deft

He recognized his humanity and lowness
over slightest of wrongs sought forgiveness
he danced before His God in worship
at chances to praise, would never skip

He knew how to keep sheep in the field
how to face a giant; how to God's Spirit yield
he sang praises with the softest of hearts
wrote songs of praise - tho thrust thru with darts

With his spirit and harp he could calm
demon spirits that possessed Ol' Saul
and in the face of death - break out in a song
then pour out the water for which he did long

It's David of whom I attempt to be like
though his whole life was not perfectly right
he did epitomize God's Holy Word
from the first to the very last word

How could it be imagined and actually so?
in the Word he was counted a hero
in his heritage of love and songs sang
from his loins The Messiah sprang

After Gods' own heart was he termed
by God's power in battle confirmed
through him God's mercies exemplified
his heritage and example multiplied

Lowly as a shepherd, profiled as a king
admonished himself in the presence of The King
abased and fasted, on Gods' power he leaned
strength of Him; and kingly trust gleaned

He considered himself to be the lowest of all
the mighty considerd him warrior most tall
born of a woman, full of trouble weighted
my hero, my example, my pattern: David

(Although my ultimate goal is to be like Jesus . . .
I'm striving to emulate his characteristics though
imperfect, a man after Gods' own heart, quick to
repent, and quick to worship)

George Cavaness

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Names mentioned in the Bible:
Name Mentions
line dot
Adam 31
Abraham 250
Barbabus 29
Christ 571
Daniel 83
David 1139
Enos 7
Isaac 132
Isaiah 32
Jacob 377
Jesse 47
Jesus 983
Job 60
John 133
Joshua 216
Moses 848
Paul 163
Peter 162
Saul 425
Alpha 4
Beginning 106
and the End 2
Creator 5
God 4473
Messiah 2
Saviour 37

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