Life is humorous as we see one who's terrified
as they grip the rail of some crazy wild ride
we'll laugh till we burst our sides
at the looks of one so wide eyed

But another side of the death grip described
is how hard we hold onto things so wrong in life
seems we can't let go of something we hold dear
no matter how wrong and sinfully drear

The problem we can't seem to understand
is how easily and wholly sin can take command
and though we have released it from our grip
it now has turned, and on us, its own deathgrip

Your soul from God the enemy rips
at every occasion your feet he will trip
and your redemption he'll quickly strip
searing your soul with his vicious whip

But God is the answer to the grip of death you suffer
call on His Name and you'll soon discover
His is the only saving power that can stop the accuser
heal your sin sick soul and save from the abuser

Call on His Name, confess and repent
be baptized in Jesus Name, stop the torment
be filled with Gods Spirit and let Him strip
from your life the hold of satans' Deathgrip

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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