Ever The Procrastinator

Never do today
what we can put off 'til tommorrow
we laughingly say
knowing it will bring regret and sorrow

What is it about human kind
knowing of a certainty
this life will soon unwind
and then we'll enter eternity?

Why is it that we procrastinate
knowing we'll certainly meet our fate
knowing surely we'll meet Him face to face
whether or not His love we did embrace

Ever ignoring signs of coming doom
knowing we'll return to dust in the tomb
facing the end at any moment of time
sensing, seeing, feeling our time unwind

Yet we go about our mindless ways
oblivious to God, refusing His grace
pushing aside His Will for our life
trading His joy and peace for strife

Still He waits patiently for our call
to save our souls - to prevent headlong fall
into hell by our own inventions
overriding His loving intentions

Nevertheless we speed on in hapless pursuit
putting off His call, that still small voice
bidding us come to His bosom, the Truth
yet, for some reason we retain our choice

'Til one day we'll cross cold Jordan's tide
our time here run out, our ways and choices to face
knowing our preferences we took with snide
clutching the worldly pleasures instead of Grace

When that time comes for each of us to encounter
in plain sight and in tow will be our banner
whether for good or bad, truth or false
whether or not we stood for the cross

Will loudly display if to Him we did cling
or hold on tightly for worldly thing
will you be one who took care of matters; a testator?
or will you lose your soul being Ever The Procrastinator?

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2020
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Ever The Procrastinator
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2020
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