From Whose Well You Been Drinking

Like the body, the soul needs sustenance to survive
without water, your kidneys will fail in three days
so without fail, you naturally will seek mositure to stay alive
and you search for it in so many ways

Jesus spoke of living water
pure, water of refreshing
water of life, works as a blotter
clean, water of cleansing

But the devil also has a water hole
evil, filthy, damning, dooming
viciously addicting ones' very soul
offering the pretty - with damnation looming

The Lord gives peace and love freely
the devil hooks with sparkling entity
God offers goodness and life
the devil addicts with damnable strife

The Lord gives life forever and eternity
the devil gives laughter for only a season
The Lord gives joy unspeakable into infinity
the devil justifys his ways with lying reason

So when you get cold in the Lord
your soul seeks something to replace the pleasure
you look because with Gods' labor you're bored
and you long for something to richen life's treasure

You'll soon find something to occupy your mind
the sewer of Hollywood will soon be your find
never mind the filth, and what it does to your soul
soon you'll be hooked: under devils' control

Deep you'll go, deeper than you planned
sins multiplying, more numerous than grains of sand
not even realizing the damage done each day
as you drink from the putrid swell along the way

Gossip about this one, lie about that one
sowing discord amongst those hanging on for dear life
killing those around you darts from your blowgun
crushing your conscience with deepening strife

Causing nail holes which can never be filled
conspiring with fellow demons the filth
of your opinions of what you think
death from your mouth you openly speak

Yet you continually justify your wrong,
leading others to join in your song
all the while corruption builds and grows
while your own harvest swells with each seed sown

You're right in your eyes; everyone else so wrong
you weep and put over your lying song
only the devil knows what you're thinking
and from Whose Well You've Been Drinking . . .

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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From Whose Well You Been Drinking
May she ever fly in Freedom!!
© 2000 - 2019
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