Is the most beautiful scene of eathen atomosphere
admired and enjoyed while living here
as beautiful as the moment when we see
Him, from Whom all darkness flee

Is the sparkle of a childs' eye
or to watch a bird fly
the arc of the colored bow
able to thrill ones' soul

As the thought of seeing Him
personally; face to face
knowing salvation does trim
damning sin with Grace

The loveliest sunset or sunrise
mystifies our finite minds
earths' beauty; continual surprise
reveals humanly mortal blinds

But one day with immortal vision
we'll see Him in all His glory
from Him forever, no division
as we hear and understand His story

From where did He come?
from what did He create?
for what purpose the sun?
His thoughts to fabricate?

With human tongue one is unable
to put words, lowly minds - unstable
only through faith and His Word
can we understand Godly verb

The splendor and unending delight
is far above human might
but in that great glorious day
when we look upon His face

Twill be joy unspeakable
brightness unquenchable
love and glory unstoppable
Grace and mercy unfathomable

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2019
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© 2000 - 2019
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