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God Didn't Need A Son

Gen_22:8 And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering: so they went both of them together.

God didn't need a son
He needed a body with pure blood,
a Lamb . . .
Because God is a spirit
a spirit hath not flesh and blood

sin required blood
justice required blood
washing required blood

equal to or better than Adam's blood
to redeem His fallen, created son

So God Himself
Creator, Redeemer Kinsman
the only wise God and Savior
took on the form of man
having no sin,
His blood was perfect and pure
the vessel clean and holy
and as the Door He was
hanged to provide us a way back to
Himself . . . .

His side was riven
to open the fountain of crimson
for which we needed desperate
from the sin that did brutally separate
His creation from him
it is the cleansing tide
white as snow any and every sin
and make us worthy to be called His bride

We didn't need a son
we needed a sacrifice with pure blood
a Lamb . . .
because mans' blood was tainted
cast out from the garden
outside of God's grace
by sin
what can wash away sin?

The sacrifice of bulls and goats
could only roll the sins forward for one year
but never redeemed fallen man
the curse of sin still bound
him in fetters strong
from which he had no relief
still outside the Grace of God
no, we needed a perfect sacrifice

We needed a Lamb:

without spot
without blemish
pure, clean and holy
wherein was found no guile
free from sin
worthy of God
a firstborn Lamb
to sacrifice,
      to bleed
              to redeem

Who could produce such a Lamb?
from whence would it come?
who could satisfy the requirements of justice
who could have blood perfect and pure?
how could mans' blood be pure and holy?
with which to ease the sting of death?
would God send someone else to die in His stead?
would that be any different
than common human sacrifice?

What would be difference
of women sacrificing their babies
to the pagan god Molech?
seeing their flesh and blood innocents
burned alive while the drums beat
drowning out the screams and cries
from babies as they died
no! God is not a murderer

There is a very simple answer to all
the questions and queries above
Abraham told Isaac when his son
inquired of the sacrifice
Abraham simply said
"God will provide Himself a lamb"
Abraham had no idea
as to the weight of that prophecy

God would indeed provide Himself with a Lamb
if the verse above is read closely
in that one verse are seen the answers
amazing that it took one answer
from the one God
Who could provide the Lamb needed:
Period.  End of story

God didn't send someone else
He came Himself
He provided Himself
He gave Himself
had He gave His own flesh
not to be guilty of human sacrifice
instead, providing Himself as the Lamb

He was the Chosen One
He was the Spotless One
He was the Pure One
without sin, clean, and holy, perfect . . . worthy
He was the sacrifice
He was the Lamb
No, God didn't need a son

He needed a Lamb . . .

George Cavaness

© 2000 - 2018

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God Didn't Need A Son
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